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Official French Nintendo Website Apparently Says Zelda Breath Of Wild Amiibo Coming March 4th 2017

Eagle eyed Redditors have apparently spotted that the official Nintendo France website had The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo figures listed with a March 4th release date. Now we know the Nintendo NX is coming in March and that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is also coming in the same month, so there’s speculation online as to whether or not March 4th is the date the NX system and the game will be released.



Thanks to Ryan S and emc99 for the tip.

49 thoughts on “Official French Nintendo Website Apparently Says Zelda Breath Of Wild Amiibo Coming March 4th 2017”

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  2. P3. Ok I’m officially spent. I need NX news. Nintendo is taking way too long with this, and they’re giving absolutely no indication of when we can expect something. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m looking up news about the PS4 Pro simply because I want some kind of news about a new console; and I have absolutely no interest in Sony.

    1. Galactus The Planet Devourer

      Haha I’m doing the same thing. I agree. Nintendo is taking too long now. I’m a hardcore fan and even I’m starting to feel, “over it”.

  3. Game? You guys are forgetting it’s games. As Breath of the Wild comes out on both Wii U and NX. Unless you’re just saying game cause they’re mostly going to be the same on both systems but with stepped up graphics on NX, then OK. I just want the Wii U version released early in 2017, like around March 2nd or 3rd.

      1. Hey, Nintendo said it. I meant slightly stepped up visuals, same graphics. Oh and higher frame rate. But I know it’s the same game, just two console versions. Anyway, so looks like it you guys are still counting the Wii U version. I still hope for an early March release for the Wii U version.

    1. well, this cannot happen because they’ll release both versions the NX and the WiiU at the same time (you can google it).. so if the date here is correct that means we’ll have the NX console,Zelda(NX and WiiU versions) and their amiibos out by March 4th… I’m only concern about the day Saturday? I mean it could be Saturday no problem but why not Friday as they usually do with their video games? or maybe Sunday like the release of the WiiU? I just find it weird to make on Saturday but if the console is gonna release on March which is first then it could be a Saturday launch! everything seems weird about the NX as of right now lol

  4. OK the Amiibo figures will potentially be released on 4th March (what the big deal with Saturday??!!!!) .It does not means the game will be out the same day. In fact from a business and logical point of view, it would make sense to get the Amiibo out before the game just to gauge the sales figures then release the Wii U version a week or even a month before the NX version but two week after the Amiibo.

  5. Well… Zelda BOTW is coming out on the Wii U as well. No one said that both versions would be released at the same date. So… No big deal here.

      1. Actually, I just found a tweet from NoA saying both versions are coming out simultaneously. My previous information was imprecise and I apologize for that. However, on building hype in advance, you’re right — so, there is still a possibility that date is not BOTW release day.

          1. No. The Midna & Wolf Link amiibo was released alongside TPHD. In fact, you can’t buy that amiibo without also buying the game since they are bundled together. And vice versa if buying the physical release of TPHD, you can’t get it without the amiibo. Of course, I could be wrong & this bundle bullshit is just a North America thing. :/ Fucking NoA almost always ruining a good thing.

      1. Precisely. I had found the tweet earlier today – – I totally overlooked that piece of information when it was first announced.

  6. If the NX by chance does release at the very beginning of March, they definitely need to announce fucking SOMETHING this month! Hurry the fuck up, Nintendo! Everyone wants to know already! At least give us a god damn reveal date, damn it! And it’d better not be a late November one! Late November reveal & the console releases March 4th!? You better have the Second Coming of Consoles coming out if you expect that little time frame between reveal & release to actually get people to rush out to preorder it!

    1. In fairness, This Year’s TheGameAwards, will be the one place where they NEED to show it off. Like I said on a Previous Article. September/October Reveal for the Nintendo Fans, TheGameAwards for the rest of the Industry.

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