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Dragon Quest 8 On Nintendo 3DS Will Feature Voice Acting But No Orchestrated Music

A couple new details have been revealed regarding Dragon Quest VIII on Nintendo 3DS. The forthcoming hand-held version of the classic role-playing title will feature voice acting, but orchestrated music will be a no-show. Originally released in 2004 for PlayStation 2, Dragon Quest VIII is scheduled to land next year on 3DS in Western territories. Meanwhile, the 3DS port of Dragon Quest VII recently launched in North America, Europe and Australia.



  1. Only thing Dragon Quest of interest to me would be seeing the official announcements of the NX versions of X and XI.

    Yes, I know I’m getting impatient ;)

  2. How many of these things do they have in development at a time? At some point they must’ve been working on xi and Heroes 2 while also working on ports of vii, viii, and x.

    1. Well, it absolutely shows. Because this is one of the most horrendous ports of a classic game I have ever seen. Instead of porting the original PS2 version with visual upgrades, they ported the Mobile Version, and actually have downgraded visuals. The colors are bad, the shadows non existance, and the textures all but gone… What a lazy cash grab… Maybe they shouldn’t work on so many games at once, they obviously cannot handle it.

    2. Actually, Omega Force, a division of Koei Tecmo, did the developing of Heroes 1 & most likely did the developing of Heroes 2. So Square Enix only have to work on these ports & DQ11. Of course, they probably didn’t even do the developing for the ports & had someone else doing most of the work so they could focus on DQ11.

  3. Booooo! The orchestrated soundtrack was one of the best things about the game. That’s a real let-down. Even Xenoblade Chronicles 3D still had its orchestral soundtrack.

  4. Ok, I just saw footage of the DQ8 3ds port, and I have to say.. It looks like complete garbage. What a half assed lazy port of a masterpiece. The problem is they didnt port the PS2 version of the game, they ported that ugly mobile version. One of the best games Square has ever produced and they half ass the 3ds port. The colors look neon, and all the detail, shadows, and most textures are gone from the original.

    I will absolutely NOT be buying this half assed, cash grab of a port. I am so disappointed in Square, they would have been better off not porting the game at all. Don’t waste your money on this shit, seriously… Just go buy the superior PS2 version.., Sounds strange saying that… The Superior PS2 version… geez..

  5. Can we have a date? If NX launches in March, I don’t want to end up not playing this because I’d have to dig out my 3DS and not use my shiny new purchase. Unless, NX is back comp with 3DS stuff, and thats why we’re still getting so much?

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