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EA Cancelled An Online Only MySims Game For 3DS

The MySims series has been absent for the past few years. While it seems EA may have retired the series, there was a plan to bring MySims to the Nintendo 3DS. Titled MySims Friends, the game entered development at the end of 2010.  Unlike other games in the series, Friends was to be built around new multiplayer mechanics. This would have included both StreetPass and general online play. However, the game was later cancelled. While trying to renew the larger Sims franchise, EA decided to retire the entire MySims line. Despite being cancelled years ago, these plans and some initial concept art only recently surfaced online.

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  1. 3DS dodged a bullet. While I’m sure the game itself is fun, no one should ever support online only games. Unless it’s an MMO you can only access through the internet, online only doesn’t make much sense. ESPECIALLY for a handheld. Newsflash, EA! You can’t get a wireless connection from a fucking phone pole!

    Ugh… EA sure does have a hard-on for online only & always online bullshit, huh? If you fucktards think it’s the future of gaming, You. Are. Idiots! Now if internet always gave a 100% reliable connection & could be accessed anywhere in the world and was accessible to 100% of the population, you’d have something here.

    1. So unless you know something the rest of the world doesn’t, EA… KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF WITH THIS BULLSHIT!!!

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