US: Donkey Kong Country Returns Comes To Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow

Good news for fans of Retro Studios and the Donkey Kong Country franchise as Nintendo has confirmed that the terrific Donkey Kong Country Returns will be arriving on the North American Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow. The game will no doubt be announced alongside of the rest of the games that make up the Nintendo downloads tomorrow. Keep an eye out for those!

Donkey Kong Island has been taken over by the musical Tiki Tak Tribe! Jump, swing, and blast your way through over 65 levels spanning eight worlds. There are many hidden items to uncover in each level, and collecting them all will unlock something special! Invite a friend to take control of Diddy Kong for two-player cooperative play!



    1. I would suggest the 3DS version. No motion controls and some extra levels. Also if you’re like me and for some reason enjoy sidescrollers better on a handheld.

  1. The music on there is really nice. My favorite is “Palm Tree Groove” song.
    I love that kinda Jazz. It sounds like what they play in New Orleans. I waw hoping that song was going to be on Smash Bros. BRAWL or Wii U. But no such luck.

    1. Great music in a Donkey Kong Country game!? Stop the presses! This is unheard of!

      Joking aside, I’m partial to the Returns version of Aquatic Ambience. In fact, I just finished opening a tab to that track using youtube.

    2. Wait! Scratch that! That was the Tropical Freeze version! *opens up a tab of the Returns version* Ahhh… Much better…

  2. Its good DK missed the GAmecube. Because for some reason the eshop is avoiding that generation of games. But Why? Pikmin 2 would had been perfect on the eshope.

    1. if they announce gamecube vc for the nx i would buy it even if the machine had to draw blood to function

      which shows how far gone i am in this given that gamecube vc was supposed to be on wii u

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