Nintendo Pokemon

Pokémon Uranium Development Has Ceased

According to the official Twitter for the fan game Pokemon Uranium, there will be no more updates and patches for the game. Pokemon Uranium development has ceased completely, including online services and downloads. The team says that the reason for this is because “Pokemon Uranium is a fan game, so there is a limit to how far projects such as these can go”. If you want to see the entire message, we’ve embedded the tweet for you down below.



  1. they really shouldn’t use the name pokemon. If they had changed up some things they could have been in the clear. With sun, and moon coming it was going to happen

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    1. Wrong. They shut themselves down. Stuff like this is extremely common with fan-made stuff. Look at all the unfinished sprite and machinima series!


      1. Wrong wrong. Nintendo slapped them with a DMCA takedown notice which is why the game was no longer being distributed. I’m sure if the DMCA takedown notice had not been issued, it would still be supported. If you look at the Sonic community, fan games and hacks of Sonic games are an every day thing, Sega doesn’t care, and Sonic games still sell regardless of how terrible they are. Fan made projects don’t harm sales, but negative actions towards fans from a game company just might…

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    1. They were issued a DMCA the next day. They had already shut themselves down, so it meant nothing at that point, but they knew starting back up would be more problematic than a simple DMCA.


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