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Rumour: Nintendo NX Production Estimated At 9.5-10m Units Per Year

DigiTimes is reporting that Nintendo is aiming to manufacturer 9.5-10 million units  of the Nintendo NX system per year. Foxconn is said to be the main manufacturer of Nintendo’s next generation platform with Misumi Electronics, who provide camera modules, also apparently helping out. The publication also reports that a trial production run of the system has already taken place. The NX is expected to launch in March.

Annual production of Nintendo NX is estimated at 9.5-10 million units, the sources said.

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49 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo NX Production Estimated At 9.5-10m Units Per Year”

  1. Not really a rumour as ‘Trail Productions’ usually happen around the time of a reveal.
    So this is more of a indicator that the NX is readying up to be revealed in Early October but Emily Rogers and all the other Hybrat Fanboys aren’t going to be pleased by what they’ll see.

    Rumours (None of these have been proven or disproven, so take them with a pinch of salt):

    From what I’ve gathered from sources,they have said that:
    – The NX will be a Home Console that is the power of the PS4 and Xbox One (Meaning yes, it will use older tech, but won’t be weak).

    – The Home Console will feature three models:
    NX Basic
    NX Premium
    NX Elite (This NX will be the more expensive model as it will feature mass storage)

    – There will be a handheld device included with the system but it’s more ‘barebones’ compared to the Home Console and will really only play basic app games.

    – The “Handheld” will be “Mandatory” for the system but some has stated you can use a regular controller without the need for the “Handheld”.

    – Another source claims that there will be a Limited Edition Breath of the Wild NX at launch as well as many other bundles.

    – NX will feature over 18 games at launch.

      1. Who is the source? I would like to see some of those things come true (Wildlands on NX would be awesome and makes sense), but other things I can’t quite get behind. (i.e. HH that only plays app games and NX being closer in power to PS4 Pro than base PS4)

        1. That wouldn’t make sense you know… from a consumer perspective that will only add extra euro’s to the picetag… because, you know, people have smartphones, they really have…

    1. Will Tekken 7 be one of the 3rd party multiplats on the NX? Will Luigi’s Mansion 3 be one of the 1st party titles?

      1. I hope so, paid. Tekken 7 on the NX would be an awesome choice. Not just that, I also want Bandai Namco to launch a new Soul Calibur title and a new Super Smash Bros. title for the Big N’s platform (family) of systems.

    2. If those rumors are accurate, then the NX is a slightly more powerful WiiU, but with a thinner gamepad that runs apps if taken away from the console.

      That doesn’t sound like something that has learned lessons of the mistakes of WiiU at all. With Miitomo, Mario Run, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem on Smart Devices by the time NX launches, Nintendo CLEARLY knows you already HAVE a device to run Nintendo Apps on. Packing in ANOTHER tablet that only does what the WiiU gamepad does At Home, and only does what your Smartphone/Tablet already does on the go …

      That doesn’t even make any sense? Who is That for? Nintendo fans that don’t already own a WiiU? Gamers who don’t already own a ‘Basic’ smart device?

      If the portable does not play Breath of the Wild, the next (non “Runner”) Mario, the next (non “Go”) Pokemon and the next Monster Hunter ‘On the Go’ … what is even the point?

      If the only thing the tablet/portable-component does is play Mii-plaza style minigames and streetpass for Rupees and scraps of concept art puzzles for games like Breath of the Wild … I don’t even know what Nintendo is Thinking.

      I’ll buy WHATEVER it is, regardless, because even if the hardware features are worthless, I know it will get good games (and isn’t that what REALLY matters?)… but I can’t see why any Non-Fanboys would have reason to CARE about owning such a thing.

      If it could AT LEAST run 3DS quality games at higher than 3ds screen resolution (why is 3DS less than 480 vertical? WHY??), I would be satisfied … but if it only runs apps akin to Miitomo and Mii Plaza games …

      I REALLY hope there more to it than that.

      1. Please, stop posting comments that act like any of the rumours and speculations are an indication of what the NX is going to be. It’s all nonsense! The only credible source in the last months was that Ubisoft interview. That guy said Nintendo learned its lessons from the Wii U, and that’s the only thing that you can believe right now. So, every rumour that contradicts this statement is proven bullshit!

        1. Stop replying to comments and conversations about rumors if you feel that way.

          Seriously … complaining about other people discussing ideas you don’t want to be exposed to the conversations around is incredibly pointless.

          A more appropriate response is to not insert youself into the conversation and just browse some other page on the internet.

    3. “power of PS4 and Xbox One” is just the usual wishful thinking Nintendo fans want when everything points in the direction of a woefully underpowered product at a less than pleasing launch price.

      In other words, probably bogus.

      1. What if it’s true? If the NX DOES have new processors and a Vulkan API (easier for developers to port PS4 and Xbox One third party games) that surpass the Wii U and the HD twins in one fell swoop, then you’re looking at the NeXt generation platform.

  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||We will consume all of Japan our Homeworld until there is only Nintendo left…||

    ||Then slowly but surely we shall eradicate the disease that infests the other worlds and build better ones…||

  3. Nintendo stop toying with us and just show the NX please. I think I speak for all Nintendo fans when I say we really wanna know what this thing is and what games will be available and coming in the future


      Because it’s not like we have games to keep some of us patient since you pulled the plug on the wiiu. Or don’t have one.

      I’m not a 3ds owner so I basically I’m missing out on y Nintendo fix. But tbh I really control care Nintendo burned me on their support/attention to the wiiu. And how it was all 3ds this and that from the get go.

      If anything I’m hoping it is a hybrid, because from what I saw they dont know how (or can’t) support two consoles. I hope it’s powerful enough to get huge multiplats so I won’t have to buy a competitor company’s system.

      1. Bullshit. If Nintendo spills the beans on their NX, companies like Sony and Microsoft would steal Nintendo’s innovation and ideas and get away with murder. That’s not the case since the NX remains in NDA.

      2. yup, it is probably just an over clocked Wii u with a pinch more horse power and android game compatible but the moment Nintendo go to mobile fully i’m done with them as i’m against phones with console games.

  4. If this is true, either Nintendo is being cautious or Nintendo doesn’t have faith in the NX. *shrug* Well as long as they restock them when the 9-10m stock runs out & there is demand for more within that year, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. It just means some people are going to have to wait til the thing is restocked if they weren’t lucky enough to buy from the initial stock.

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