Major UK Retailer Tesco Put Up Nintendo NX Page And Price At £350

Major UK retailer Tesco has created a temporary page for the Nintendo NX platform and as of 8am UK time they had the system priced up at £349.99. The temporary page is still there, but the pricing has gone. We know that retailers descended on Nintendo headquarters in Germany last week for an unspecified reason so perhaps they were one of the first retailers to see Nintendo’s next generation platform. We won’t know for sure until Nintendo unveil the system which is due to be released in March 2017.

Thanks to Jason for the tip.


      1. I paid $250 for a 3DS back when it was first released. Then the price cut came in and the 3DS Ambassador Program gave m 20 free games.

        I couldn’t care less about paying that much.

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      2. most people i know buy iphones for 500 euro or more and tablets and they got a normal job so 400 for a console aint much if you ask me. That said 300 euro’s is usually my max price aswell cause i dont think its worth more.

        For 400 euro’s I expect new tech though like when the ps4 and xbox got released, so no shit we already got for 3 years.

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      3. I agree that it can be hard to have $3-400 available for a toy, but, that doesn’t make it unreasonable. As for PS4. My PC video card cost about half a PS4. Then add the HD, XBOX controller, MB, CPU, RAM… you get it… Consoles are an epic value, HARDWARE wise. Software is where pricing needs to change for the better. Put some cash away now, a little at a time, and it adds up by March. That’s what I am doing.


      4. People pay it mate, that’s why.. I wait for a few years then buy everything cheap, I just wanna play not argue over who got new things first. I have a massive nintendo collection, I’m poor, it’s called patience 😊


      5. If the NX is a dedicated home console hybrid device with a mobile unit and is more powerful than the PS4 then the rumored price is greatly justified…a steal even but if it’s a dedicated handheld device that just docks into your tv via HDMI then yeah……I can understand your frustration. £350 for a handheld is too goddamn high regardless of what it can do and as I always say….will be a very hard sell

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  1. Some rumour I heard suggested that there would be 3 models of the NX, the basic going for 350 whilst the Elite model (High end model) was going to be around 450. Plus, those rumours suggested the NX would be a Home Console.

    So this could be evidence towards the NX being a home console.

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      1. After a quick search a Wii U costs £250 compared to $300 and the exchange rate would actually be $323 or something so maybe the NX is actually $400. That could potentially be a good price if it’s a PS4/XB1 level hybrid handheld but I think $350 would be better.

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      2. You must ask yourself this one question, will the handheld cost that much on it’s own or does it include the docking station that improves the graphics on a tv? I always think about that which isn’t asked or thought of because companies are beginning use tactics like this to cut cost, I’m looking at you New 3ds without a charging cable.


      3. ||That’s not even comparable, if the NX’s purpose is to be some sort of Hybrid or Mitosis/Symbiote machine then excluding a vital part of it would be the most absurd thing ever in our history…||

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      4. If the whole gimmick is that it’s a hybrid I highly doubt those components will be sold separately. Also, is it impossible for this thing to work like a reverse Wii U and have the handheld stream to the TV? I’d honestly prefer that over the detachable


      5. As I noted in my earlier post, that budget price point YOU want is too low and VERY unrealistic for the tech. How much is a New 3DS again? Given the NX specs as reported on a few industry sites and the innovation the system is supposed to privide, NX is going to be (and needs to be) a premium priced new console probably closer to the $300 – $350 range, but not $400.

        Well, unless it’s bundled with extras as many retailers will do to try and push any bonus gear like carrying bags and any third-party peripherals (should Nintendo license those out), plus those oddball launch titles that seem to plague launch windows. That said, I also expect to see the return of the surprise smash Just Dance series, as it seems to exceptionally well for reasons I still don’t get other than people REALLY like to dance at home, lol…

        I’ll say it will sell with Zelda as a pack-in game so Nintendo can say they have a 1:1 attach rate (which looks good in fiscal results) and possibly some free eShop bonuses just to get people using digital right out of the box. Granted, the system will still work offline as it needs to. But I’m also betting any detachable device is small enough to carry into a wi-fi spot to get patches and updates in case users don’t have access to a home network.


      6. what exactly are you getting at? i’m also questioning that the NX will be a home console that Reggie mention a year ago. they are still discussing about the price for the mysterious NX console. once they show the brand name of that console we will see what it is. and we will see what features it might have dude.


  2. Well if this was true that would be horrible. I fully expect the nx to be underpowered so if that’s the case and It releases at this price I think it would have a tough time selling. Of course I don’t believe this price to be true but just in case it is, it better have something amazing to justify that price. At this point that’s the cost of a ps4 pro with 1tb storage.

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  3. £350 seems very pricey to me – that’s going to be an immensely tough sell whatever the product is. I have never bought a games console for anywhere near that much money. If it’s true (which of course it might not be) then either Nintendo are extremely confident or extremely foolish.


      1. It seems like it is, but placeholder prices are set by the retailer so they do whatever they want. The wii u had a placeholder price of £280 on one site if I remember correctly, which was about half way between the actual basic and premium prices.

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  4. My guess is probably $299 US, if not $349.99 with some sort of pack-in (Hi, Zelda!). Remember, consoles cost more in Europe than they do here, but $350 with Breath of the Wild and maybe a bunch of freebie mini-games to show off the possible portable device part’s power should move units quickly.

    IF you want to speculate your brains out of your heads, let’s say that that page/price point was deliberately floated just so people online can chime in on whether or not it’s too expensive and/or start saving up. THAT said, come on, people. It’s a new console and allegedly innovative. Nintendo isn’t going to sell it for under $200, as that’s New 3DS territory. Even $250 is too low, but again, we shall see.

    Finally, as Tesco IS a legitimate retailer, the page was legitimate… but I’d bet a dime that this was a planned “leak” to gauge interest in that price point. Now, let’s see what happens next month, as it seems as time slides ahead, bits and pieces of info start to gel.

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    1. well what are the odds. we are just here to wait for the NX news but instead they don’t want to talk more about it. i’m basically aware that nintendo will put the NX up to 400$ it will fail bad.


  5. Well if that’s true guess who’s buying refurbished. I almost bought a Wii U from the pawn shop near me it was like 100 bucks.
    The downside is you have to wait to get one refurbed.


  6. These early and too high prices are always made up. It’s common practice, and just proves that the retailers don’t know the price of the NX yet. They did that with the Wii. They did that with the Wii U. And now they’re doing it with the NX.

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  7. If the thing ends up being that console-portable hybrid it’s highly rumored to be, and if all development efforts go to it, $350 is a great price, and not even half of what I spent on my custom PC.

    What I would be more concerned about is the price for software, which could range anywhere between forty to sixty or even seventy dollars (don’t know the euro equivalent).


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