Michel Ancel Appears To Be Teasing Beyond Good & Evil 2

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is one game that we would all love to play. The game mysteriously vanished from sight but Ubisoft has confirmed over the years that it hasn’t been canned. Now the game’s producer Michel Ancel has teased fans by posting some Beyond Good & Evil 2 artwork on Instagram further stoking the fire that it is still in development. With a NX reveal hopefully imminent perhaps we shall hear more in the not so distant future.

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  1. This is going to be multiplat unless Nintendo money hat’d Ubi — which I highly doubt. I’m not 100% sure, though.

    Anyways, in the end, who cares which platform this is gong to be available? This is BG&E 2 shaping up to be ready for the party!!! :D

      1. Exactly. So tired of this blah-blah-blah on this console war thing. We should care more about the games, and less on the company tag is stick to the console’s box. I know it’s funny to make jokes on the gaming industry here and there, but there is a limit for it and people often cross that line. We can’t have all the games we want to play in one single console nowadays — this is a fact. Instead of whining on the internet and keyboard war’ing, people just should step in any gaming store and buy a refurbed whatever — Wii U, Xbox One or PS4 — to play the games they like. This is so easy to solve, although I’m aware people sadly cannot afford two consoles at a time.

    1. Well no one would of expected Nintendo to money hat for Bayonetta 2 and Devil’s Third so anything possible. Is Wonderful 101 theirs too?

      1. Right, that’s my I’m not sure 100% about Nintendo not funding BG&E 2. Actually, I’ve just remembered of it:

        And it seems that Nintendo does own the W101 franchise:

      2. Not only is The Wonderful 101 there’s, but I believe it’s an official Nintendo IP. I say this due to someone at Platinum Games saying that they actually don’t own any of the IPs of the games that they make (not even Bayonetta) and they’d like to have at least one some day. Since only Platinum Games and Nintendo (and NOT SEGA) were involved in the making of the game, the only logical conclusion that I can make is that Nintendo owns it completely. Also, this makes sense, since this is usually the kinds of terms that publishers make.

        (Though, I have to check again; don’t quote me on this.)

        1. My second link on the comment above redirects you to the Trademarkia webpage in which there are some interesting information on W101 trademark information.

        2. Yeah, Platinum Games just develop games for companies. They’ve worked on Metal Gear, Star Fox, Transformers, and more. Bayonetta is owned by Sega. (And partially Nintendo)

    1. Ehhhhhh truthfully i don’t think anyone would be to butthurt if it was NX exclusive. Granted the first game was amazing, it still just a cult classic title that many people probably knew but over looked it. Probably the fans of BG&E who played it on other consoles might getter bitter but overall PS/Xbox player would either not care…or be like “oh good for them”…bayonetta being a prime example.

        1. Yeah to bayonetta fans who were probably “hardcore” xbox/ps who didn’t wanna get a nintendo console. Overall ps/xbox fans.ehhhhhh not really… just got really got exaggerated from nintendo fans due to the out cry of vocal minority. My brothers is still a huge bayonetta fan and he didn’t bitch when it was made a wii u exclusive….he actually commended them and he’s only play’s xbox only.

          Not saying i don’t remember it being a big deal, cause i remember the bayonetta 2 port begging as clear as day…….but just saying you’d be shock how many people(Especially casuals) who didn’t really care.

          1. Now as much hate as this game gets, it it was world wide known multi-plat multi-million seller….COD that was a nintendo exclusive then……………………………………………………………………

      1. I sadly overlooked it & have never played BG&E. But with the cult following wanting another & being so attached to the franchise, I’m interested in the sequel. Maybe they’ll release an HD remaster of the original to consoles before the sequel releases or even pull a Bayonetta 2 where the first game is bundled with the sequel so I can finally play it.

        1. It’s a really good game; from conspirancy, propaganda, lies and all that good stuff. They didn’t released the HD remaster to ps4/x1 im guessing right? oh know it’s on pc ps3 and 360; In anycase i think releasing the first game as xbla/psn game for ps4/x1 would be cool. I’d be fine if it was a bundle title like how bayo 2 was with bayo 1.

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