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The First Pikmin Is Coming To Wii U Later This Week

Wii U owners will soon be able to relive the first Pikmin. The Wii version of the Nintendo GameCube classic will be re-released this Thursday, September 29, via the Nintendo eShop in North America. In Pikmin, players take control of Captain Olimar as he sets out and explores a mysterious planet before his life support runs out. Olimar can command up to 100 creatures known as Pikmin, allowing him swarm predators and haul critical parts back to his ship.



21 thoughts on “The First Pikmin Is Coming To Wii U Later This Week”

    1. IMO Pikmin 3 is far superior than the first one, but the first one is still fun. I think Pikmin 3 is the most underrated game on the Wii U, and one of my favorites on the system. I just for the life of me can’t get excited about this 3ds version of Pikmin. It doesn’t even have the feel of Pikmin in any way… Miyamoto has been on a long string of disappointments, and this one appears to follow the trend. I wish he would have just focused on Pikmin 4 instead. Enough with the cash grabby spin off games already…

      1. There’s no way that the Pikmin crew is working on the Pikmin 3DS title. Just try not to think about it as the next Pikmin, but something else. After all, we already know that Pikmin 4 is in development.

      2. Hey, thanks for the info. Yeah, I hope Miyamoto can see the feedback and turn things around. Like you said, the time could’ve gone into Pikmin 4, but I’m still fairly sure it’s happening…I just hope it doesn’t change in a negative way as a result to Pikmin 3 being underrated.

        1. Like how they think it’s a good idea to turn Paper Mario into a non-RPG without unique partners because of the success of Super Paper Mario? Yeah. Let’s hope Miyamoto doesn’t get the retarded idea that we want future Pikmin games to be platformers because Pikmin 3DS did way better than Pikmin 3. :/

  1. I still own my Gamecube copy (a bit scratched, but still works like a charm), so I’m happy about that.
    Dozens of people should still have their ACTUAL copies at this point unless you have never touched a single Pikmin title in your life, lost/sold it or have a copy that is damaged beyond repair and ceases to function.
    If you love puzzle-based strategy games, I highly advise you pick up and play this as soon as it is available.
    Also, aim for 100% if you wish to get the most out of the game.

    1. Yeah its so hard to understand that people prefer not to have shelves full of plastic boxes with cds that can get scratches.
      or that people don’t want to buy old wii games trough 3rd parties.

      1. The eshop will eventuall shut down, and your Wii U hard drive will eventually flutter. Then you gonna wish you had all those orginal games. I’ve learned the hard way that you do not own digital copies of games or any other type of digital media. You are paying full price just for the ability to access the digital content. That access can be cut off at any time without your knowledge or approval. At least with all my copies of old games I can put up on ebay and sell them oneday.. Not that I ever will, my collection is worth thousands!

        1. On a Nintendo console, yes. Buying digital is a mistake since the shit is locked to the console because Nintendo was either too stupid or too greedy to follow Sony & Microsoft’s ideas with a universal account system that allows cross buy, cross save, & allows you to transfer your stuff to another console by simply logging into your account on another PS4. And now, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of redownloading every single digital game & every bit of save data that’s currently on your current PS4, you can do a PS4 to PS4 transfer to get all of that stuff on another one in one, single transfer. If I wanted to, I could go onto my brother’s PS4, log into my PSN account on his PS4 as a new user, & then download one or two of my games and my save data for said game and immediately start playing once it’s been fully downloaded. Sorry but Nintendo consoles have dooped you into thinking buying digitally is a rip off when it’s not if it’s done right. If Nintendo is smart, the eShop will become their PlayStation Store as it’s used for every future Nintendo console. PlayStation Store even has a website where you can buy games & movies & have them downloaded onto your PS4 if it’s on while doing this. I got my PS4 on sleep mode right now so if I wouldst to buy a game from the PlayStation Store website, it’d start downloading on that console as soon as I finalized the payment process. Sure you lose the ability to sell them if you lose interest but that’s why you only buy games that you intend to keep til the day you die digitally. Not to mention the benefits of not having to lug around multiple cases of multiple games whenever you go somewhere. Nor do you have to worry about a lack of room at home because you don’t have a bunch of games to put up on shelves or something.

          Hopefully NX fixes this as they’ll adopt a universal account system for it, do away with that shitty console locked bullshit, & allow you to freely take your digital games from one NX to another without any hassle.

          1. I agree with most of what you said, except the part where you think Nintendo has dooped me. Nintendo is not the reason I hate buying digital, Apple is. Dont get me wrong, I have tons of digital content on my Ps4, and everything you said is ….. kind of true.. I buy digital all the time, I just prefer physical copies. You cannot sell your digital copies, no matter what console or device its on. And eventually, five years from now or longer, all your digital content from your PS4 will be forgotten or just simply tossed aside. We have no idea if Sony will allow our downloads to be transferred from our PS4 to our PS5… And thats just the point. It’s Sony decision if your allowed to do that, not yours. It’s Sony decision to allow you to transfer your digital content to your brothers PS4, not yours. They make the decisions because you do not own the content, you are just being allowed access to it. Sony owns all of our digital content on your Ps4. However I will admit digital is much more convient, it’s just not nearly as valuable.

    2. It’s just so much easier. I love having a physical collection to show up, but for me, “plug and play” is far more important. Nothing beats crashing down in the couch, and having all my games at my fingers.

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