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That Nintendo 64 Emulator Has Been Pulled From Xbox One Store

Xbox One owners got rather excited when they realised there was a fully working Nintendo 64 emulator available on the platform. Well, it would appear as though Microsoft has caught on and have removed the application from the Xbox One Store. The application was hidden on the store but if you knew the name of it then you could search for it and download it. Win64e10 is still available to use if you paid to download it, but it’s no longer available for download.


21 thoughts on “That Nintendo 64 Emulator Has Been Pulled From Xbox One Store”

  1. Are Xbot fans jusr retarded. Look if you obese morons want Nintendo titles get the console it’s got the games made for it’s not difficult.

      1. I hate the Xbox Hyde Gaming, the controller the games just scream Lame! only thing i will say is it has amazing online functions but that’s the only nice thing i will say on that glorified Pc. But If i had to choose the Fat Box/ or the Ps4 I’d go for Sony as Final Fantasy 7’s remake looks amazing

  2. M$ is the most retarded company on this planet. They release software on their own system with which you can pirate their own games (Perfect Dark, Conker, Banjo etc.).

  3. Why so much hate for Microsoft from everyone? They’re not the ones that made this, they are actually the ones that removed it. Also, you can own more than one console, you guys. Why, you can even own three. It’s not against the law to buy another console. Trust me.

  4. I decided not to get it.
    For $10, no way. Besides, I don’t even know how many games were available.
    Besides, I have an N64 and a ton of games.
    It doest really add convenience, so no deal.

  5. No one seems to care about Android emulators, and there’s plenty on PC. Wy does everyone here hate Xbox so much, calling them stupid for having a very common software on their console? I think it would be great if this wasn’t taken down because it would force Nintendo to compete with itself. Maybe they would finally stop overcharging for VC games, or hell, they could even start selling roms digitally to combat the mass amounts that are illegally downloaded every day.

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