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Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Currently Averages 67 On Metacritic

Those hoping for a solid return from the spiky blue hedgehog might come away slightly disappointed as Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice on the Nintendo 3DS reviews are now in. The game currently has 14 reviews on Metacritic and this has amounted to a Metascore of 67. If you’re looking for a positive then you’ll be pleased to know that Sonic’s latest adventure has scored higher than other recent entries in the franchise.

  • Metacritic: 67 (14 reviews)
  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyrics: 32
  • Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal: 47
  • Sonic: Lost World: 63
  • Mario & Sonic 2014: 55
  • Mario & Sonic 2016: 64

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice isn’t the worst Sonic game I’ve ever played. It isn’t terrible. The platforming and sense of speed are here, though just not as fun as you might remember them. The whole affair is rather ugly — which can’t only be blamed on the 3DS, though it doesn’t help — and the game isn’t exactly long at a few hours to complete, if that. Hardcore fans of the series will probably get some enjoyment out of this, but for the full price of $40, it is hard to recommend to anyone else. If you’re desperate for another Sonic game, you could do worse.

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  1. Nobody cares about that dogshit Sonic Boom franchise. Here’s hoping Sega will use the Sonic IP the right way with ” Project Sonic “

    1. Sonic Boom is not that bad. Shattered Crystal is decent, and the TV show is pretty good. People just need to stop focusing on Rise of Lyric because it is a terrible game, but it’s not the only Sonic Boom entry. Seriously, that trash gets a lot more attention than the other Sonic Boom games and TV series.

      1. Uhh, did you read the article where it actually looked at the other sonic games you just mentioned, and see that their scores were below average also?

      2. Don’t bother. He thinks the Sonic franchise as a whole is great when it’s been mediocre at best. He made that clear a while back when he was defending FedshitForce with his troll tactics.

  2. Game is absolutely gonna bomb. Sega really need to give Sonic up for at least 7 years. I cant remember which point it went wrong for them but no one cares about Sonic anymore

    1. Let me break it down for you

      2001 – Despite the moderate popularity of tthe Adventure series, the Dreamcast was discontinued because of money lost due to Dreamcast piracy and SEGA’s past hardware flops (Sega CD, Game Gear, 32X, and Saturn). This caused SEGA to lose focus on the adventure brand/gameplay.

      2004 – SEGA: now on multiplatforms, decided to aim the next Sonic game at a casual audience, thus the teamwork-oriented Sonic Heroes was born, along with its bare bones plot, forced team mechanics (controlling three characters at once), and oversaturation of characters with weak motivations for getting involved in the main story.

      2005 – Shadow the Hedgehog. Tried too hard to be edgy, complete with guns, a convoluted branching paths story, and reducing Sonic and his friends as campy/preachy side-characters (compared to Shadow’s antisocial nature).

      2006 – Sonic 2006 was haphazardly rushed out in time for both Christmas and Sonic’s 15th for PS3 and Xbox 360 (and not the Gamecube or Wii, ever). The quality was said to be atrocious, numerous glitches, even worse convoluted story, etc. In SEGA’s eyes, the blame was shifted towards Sonic’s friends (playable characters aside from Sonic), and Sonic has been solo since. The Adventure brand was possibly shafted as well. Bad Move!

      2007 – 2012 – Sonic has stuck to solo, boost to win gameplay, and pure gimmicks (storybook runners, werehog transformations, swords, and Wisps). No spindash, no Adventure gameplay, no other playable characters (outside of the olympic games and All-Stars Racing. The OST of recent Sonic games would also feature orchestraic music straight out of Super Mario Galaxy, as opposed to the awesome techo/melodic rock from the Adventure series. Despite the moderate success of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generetions (which didn’t get a console version on the Wii or Wii U, ever), things became complicated when gag writers Pontac & Graff became the lead writers of the most recent mainline Sonic games, complete with corny one-liners (Baldy McNosehairs!) and dumbed-down writing. Which leads to:

      2013 – Sonic Lost World was mediocre and frustrating to play. Aside from looking like a Mario ripoff and introducing the most ridiculous villains designed, too much emphasis was put on parkour gameplay (not to mention the “run button”), as well as terrible character portrayals for both Sonic and Tails at P&G’s finest. In fact, some could say that this game served as a precursor to the maddening meme-inspiring ridiculousness that is:

      2014 – Sonic Boom. No hardcore Sonic fan asked for this, especially since it was created solely to appeal to helmet children who weren’t around when the ideal childhood iconicness of Sonic was back in the 90’s in the form of SatAM, the Macy’s parade balloon, and the Genesis and Dreamcast games. This would be the your average 2010s grade school child’s exposure to Sonic, especially ince nothing else would be released that year (aside from Sonic’s return in SSB4 and SLW DLC). I’d talk more about Boom in-depth, but the biggest stain on Sonic from that series was Rise of Lyric. Similar to Sonic 2006, that was also plagued with issues and rushed out. However, unlike Sonic 2006, this game deserved to flop hard. But SEGA would stop there with Boom. They decided to milk it for whatever they thought it was worth.

      2015. Because of RoL’s flop, SEGA fired 300 people, and decided to focus on mobile games. Sonic Runners was released on mobile systems exclusively, and there was nothing else. After a while, SEGA shut down the game’s service.

      And that’s what happened with Sonic.

      And no, seven years for Sonic is an abyssmal wait.

  3. Sonic will make a comeback with Sonic Mania and Project Sonic. Sonic Mania looks amazing and is the Sonic that people want. All the Sonic Boom games however are just not very good games and Sonic Boom needs to just go away completely after this release.

    1. Yep, as a Sonic fanboy who’s been utterly and completely disappointed with Sonic since ’06, I can’t wait for the new games next year!

  4. Poor Sonic. You’ve been mostly treated like garbage by Sega for the last decade since Sonic 2006. I want to say Sega is at least doing a better job with their mascot than Capcom is doing with theirs we all know & love as MegaMan since MegaMan has mostly been getting nothing but ports so not any new games at all have been released, really, but it’s better a franchise not get any new games & just get ports than to get mostly shitty games.

    If Sega doesn’t get their shit together with Sonic with Sonic Mania & Project Sonic, they need to just put you in the vault for a couple of years to let you have some well deserved rest.

    1. Or let real fans work on full-fledged Sonic games (as well as SEGA/Sonic Team’s other IPs). There ARE good ideas floating around. SEGA is just adamant in ignoring them.

      Sonic doesn’t deserve to die because of [I]SEGA’s[I/] f*ck-ups.

      1. I didn’t respond to the rest of the stuff as I agree. But I still think Sonic needs a 7 year rest if these next two games flop.

  5. Sonic boom fire and ice looks better than shattered crystal not by much but better at least they added the speed back?

  6. It’s great for the Sonic franchise, you know. An okay game is a great Sonic game. I’ll see myself out. Bai.

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