Xbox One And Wii U Users Dedicate The Most Time Gaming

The Global Web Index has conducted a huge survey of 17,990 console users and asked them how long they spend console gaming each day. Interestingly, the Wii U was nearly the console with the most playtime by gamers surveyed and almost beat the Xbox One. Wii U and Xbox One users averaged around 2 ½ hours each day.


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  1. ||This proves that the Sonyans are all talk and power with no content of worth to spend your time on while the Xbots are foul abominations…||

    1. while I agree partly with Quadraxis Sony have the final fantasy franchise which is is amazing, ok granted some are not as good FF13 and it’s sequals but the old 7,8 & 9 games are great titles even 4,5,and 6 are good too plus they are the machine for rpgs aka star ocean and phantasy star which used to be on the gamecube and dreamcast. So not a bad machine just need a few more good games but yes the xbox is lame

      1. FF6 in japan/3 in the US was the best FF title, it had much better characters than the later iterations, and the greatest final boss ever. Sephiroth only wish he could half of what Kefka had done. The last good FF game to come out was FFXII, everything else afterwards was garbage. Square Enix went from being my favorite as child to one of my most hated as an adult.

        1. ff12 are you serious? 6 is ok but i prefer 9 over that. But then again I prefer Dragon Quest over final fantasy

  2. }( They failed to acknowledge the greatest platform of all… combined with their relatively small sample size, this poll is an inaccurate representation of the gaming community… Xbots actually having enough meaningful content to play… That is quite the joke… }{

  3. This is pretty funny, but not too surprising. I would expect the console that’s selling the most, to have the smallest average play time. PS and XB have no shortage of casuals, even though they’re hardly ever spoken of.

  4. This survey is flawed! The subjects are voluntary, not a good sampling method. The subjects provided their own estimations but were not actually measured in real play time, so their answers are closer to what they want them to be and are not accurate. This survey is a very loose approximation, take it with a grain of salt. Not that it really matters.😉

  5. Not surprising, since the PS4 is probably the console most casual gamers own, who play less on average than core gamers.

  6. Well, I hardly play my shitty Xbox One. Since Microsoft turned the modern Halo series into shit, I’ve lost interest in their pathetic, laggy, disappointing attempt at a console.

      1. That is a matter of opinion, and is not even the common opinion, as it turns out. Xbox Live charts and statistics do not lie. Halo 5 has had an extremely low population that dropped off shortly after launch. Gee, I wonder why that is–oh, maybe because the majority of gamers and Halo players dislike the Halo 5 multiplayer, which is very much different from how much gamers loved Halo 3, and even REACH of all games. Halo 3 and Reach remained on the top of Xbox Live’s charts for YEARS. Halo 5 has been stuck down around 14-16 which is a disgrace considering Halo games are the face of Xbox.
        I will admit, I enjoyed what little amount of Halo 5 multiplayer I did play. However, the campaign is complete and utter shit. Not only that, but splitscreen is absent, making this game an empty, short-lived, mediocre attempt at a Halo game. As soon as those servers are shit off, we’ll be stuck with that pathetic, laughable campaign, and nothing more. Not forge, multiplayer, warzone, warzone firefight, or ANYTHING else.

  7. Let’s say about 7 thousand of those are PS4 users. 7k out of 30m PS4 users. Yes! This poll is totally accurate of the console with the most dedicated time of gaming! /s

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