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Twilight Princess Figma Collection Coming May 2017

While the recently announced Zelda Amiibo will provide fans with figurines of some of the franchise’s characters, Good Smile offers a much higher quality alternative to Nintendo’s collectables. We have just been given our first look at their upcoming Twilight Princess line. The Link and Zelda figures are both impressively detailed and come with a variety of accessories. While only one Zelda is available, a DX version of Link will feature even more add-ons.  Both Link and Zelda will be available from May 2017 but can pre-ordered on Play-Asia right now.

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13 thoughts on “Twilight Princess Figma Collection Coming May 2017”

  1. More love to the best game in the series! And damn, they look beautiful….
    But at the same time, WHY DO YOU MAKE THAT TO ME, NINTENDO? ;-;

    For every new Zelda anything Nintendo makes this year, a Metroid dies alone with no love in Zebes….

    1. Actually, Figmas are usually “only” around 50 bucks. Definitely more affordable than some other figurines, albeit less detailed, of course – they still look very nice though, if you don’t mind the joints on their arms/legs.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, GameStop has been selling that Figma figure of Link for months. No, wait! That was the Skyward Sword amiibo with the way better looking Link model that I’ve been seeing at GameStop. (TP Link design sucks because it’s my least favorite design of him!)

    1. g2-ce8e086d82470fde5d8d1510e0f5626a

      I think you are pretty alone with that oppinion. The Twilight Princess Link Design is pretty much the standard model of Link apart from his child appearance, since it’s not as stylized as the SW design. I don’t know of what amiibo you think but the Link amiibo is in line with Twilight Princess.

      1. Yeah. i guess I have to accept the fact most people prefer bland colored Link over colorful Link. :/ The price for being different, I guess.

    1. Read a little further up. These are only around 50 bucks. You are thinking of the First 4 Figures that are expensive, worth over 200 bucks or more.

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