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Michel Ancel Posts Another Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teaser To Excite Fans

Famed developer Michel Ancel has posted yet another Beyond Good & Evil 2 teaser which is driving fans wild with anticipation of an eventual reveal. Destructoid previously reported that the game would be exclusive to Nintendo’s forthcoming NX platform and would partially be funded by the platform holder. Hopefully all will be revealed soon!

12 thoughts on “Michel Ancel Posts Another Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teaser To Excite Fans”

  1. Combined with what Ubisoft has said recently about the NX and the fact that original Destructoid article was removed at their request it does fuel the NX exclusivity rumor. Plus after Bayonetta 2 and Devil’s Third anything is possible. If they included the HD remake of the original I’d probably buy it with all the hype around it.

    Going a bit off topic but two other third party games I’d buy even as late ports would be Doom and Bioshock: The Collection. Doom looks fun as fuck and I’ve never played Bioshock but it does look interesting. Helps that both Bethesda and Take Two expressed possible interest :)

  2. This franchise and possibly Bayonetta 1-3 would be cool to have on NX. Bayonetta 2 was so good and reviewed so well that they’d be smart to give people another shot to pick it up and really show the core gaming audience some love and build respect for Nintendo as a place to play 3rd party games again.

    1. it was garbage dont listen to the morons it was bland borring and looked like shite

      gamecube version was the best but the best of a bad bunch

      the only reason it got hyped was because sony fans tried to compare it to zelda etc it was born out of sony fanboy BULLSHIT

      no different to comparing nitro kart to mario kart 64 IT WAS ALL LIES

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