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Rumours Swirl Of October 21st Unveiling Of Nintendo NX

We have all been patiently waiting for Nintendo to announce the grand unveiling of the Nintendo NX. It’s now October and we still haven’t heard anything. Squish Turtle is reporting that they believe the Nintendo NX will be unveiled to the public on October 21st. The site says that they believe this is when Nintendo will lift the lid on the platform as it coincides with the device’s launch with the fifth year anniversary of Nintendo Direct. Whether it will or not remains to be seen, but it has to be unveiled sometime, right?

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Thanks to Mike S, Paidenthusiast00 and John S for the tip.

140 thoughts on “Rumours Swirl Of October 21st Unveiling Of Nintendo NX”

  1. Great, now we’re fishing for patterns. We’ve surpassed the level of obsession of the Smash community.

    October directs have no fixed dates. Assuming there’s one, it could happen any day from now until the end of the month, and it might not have anything to do with the NX.

                1. Again, no. Mindshare is extra limited these days, especially on a month choke-full with triple A content, hardware revisions, VR and the like. If Nintendo hasn’t unveiled the NX already, it’s for logistic reasons. The time is not right, for one reason or another. They have more than enough time to promote the system effectively, people just need to be patient.

                  1. Absolutely. People should (and this goes for other topics as well, not just Nintendo) try to understand why a decision is being made and once that makes sense, opine on how it could be or have been done better.

                    For now, this makes sense as a reason why Nintendo is taking this course… let the smoke clear on Sony and Microsoft’s attempt to cash in on XMAS, reveal in between those reveals and the end of november…. then after the holidays, ramp up NX marketing from whatever steady flow had kept it on people’s minds through the holiday.

                    I hope it works, but we can’t say till we see it. If it is really amazing, the mere reveal of the NX might hurt Sony and Microsoft sales. never know

                    1. Yup, it’s all up in the air right now. Personally, I do think that postponing the reveal much longer (mid-November) is going to cost Nintendo a decent number of would-be early adopters. Nothing that can’t be compensated by drawing other customers in, though.

                      1. Yeah, I disagree myself. Even if the reveal came after the holiday (with an announcement of said reveal between now and late november to satisfy the more rabid fans) That is still three solid months to get people amped for something. In today’s market, I think that is enough time. Especially if confidence is that high on the product.

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              2. Anubis, the Acendent

                As much as I like hearing these rumors until the heat death if the universe, Nintendo really needs to say something. Seriously, they’ve unveiled the 3DS on a September which then was released on March. Its the same thing with NX.

                1. Or they can simply not do that. There’s no reason why it needs to be revealed at any given time just because it’s releasing in March.

                  I’m not saying they should unveil the system in February, but there’s zero reason to demand six months between reveal and release in this day and age. The DS didn’t have that amount of time in NA and it became a hit anyway by the time the Lite came out.

              3. “rumors swirl” aka “One random person on the pacific ocean that is the internet says…”

                Clickbait title is clickbait. I know we’re all eager/antsy for NX information, but someone going by “squishy turtle” doesn’t fill me with the utmost of confidence in said rumor.

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                    1. You’re completely correct about this. With that said, though,rt of me does feel like Nintendo wants to make a Direct dedicated to the NX.

                      Then again, this is Kawashima’s Nintendo now; one year honestly isn’t enough to conclusively guess how Nintendo is going to do things under this guy’s management. Yes, they’ve still continued with the Directs, but it does feel we’ve seen less of them even since Iwata’s leave of absence. Also, Kawashima mentioned things related to the NX in those investor meetings (unlike Iwata which usually seems to stay silent until after E3), so anything is possible at this point.

                        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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                        1. Ah, yes. You’re right. He’s only supposed to be here for a year. Though, he did say in an interview that just because he’s been elected for a year doesn’t mean this is the end of him being President of Nintendo, since he can simply be re-elected. Part of me feels like the shareholders are feeling a bit more comfortable in him being around and so they’ll probably want him to stick around.

                          But hey, we’ll see in their meeting this month if they’ll keep him (it has been one year already, hasn’t it?).

              4. At this point, I don’t even care if it’s an All new All different dedicated handheld Hybrid or an all new all diferent dedicated home console hybrid…..come on Nintendo enough is enough….hell at least give us a date on when you guys will talk about it…..all this waiting is just nerve racking but hopefully it will be worth it at the end……….smh

              5. There are strong points that we are leaving out: First and strongest, they can’t announce NX and send WiiU to oblivion, is its last Christmas. You can say all you want about “wiU is dead” but it has NO SENSE to tarnish the last chance to get profit from something that has a lot of investment.

                The second one, and weaker, we can be possibly dealing with a delaying.

                    1. To be fair they’re not talking about the Wii U either unless you count the announcement of cancelling production. It’s all about the 3DS this holiday.

                      You’re acting as if they wouldn’t talk about Switch at all. Btw, we have two dates. January 12th for full info and release in March which is way more specific than the typical vaugue announcements like “Spring” or “Summer.”

              6. Not really a rumor. Just and editorial prediction like you would get from an analyst. They are basing it on the timing of the Nintendo Directs in years past. The big point they fail to mention is that the end of October is a scheduled investor meeting. This meeting in particular will almost have to have some mention of NX, even if it’s simply stating when more details are being announced.

              7. We’ve had NX unveiling rumors for every single day of the year. I think now is time to stop mentioning them and just wait for official news, mh?

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                            1. For me the hype is long gone and i’m just extremely annoyed at this point.

                              At this point I need to see ps4 neo/xbox scorpio specs with great online support. Full third party support and some more Triple A Nintendo games besides Zelda. (Metroid preferred)

                              Wich ain’t gonna happen most likely :D so chances are very likely that ill be dissapointed yet again.

                              1. What plans do Microsoft and Sony have? Sony already announced PSVR and PS4 Pro. Xbox has the S out and Scorpio pseudo-announced. There’s no plans left there

                            2. all i know is squish turtle isn’t as stupid as people may think. to me, that is an informed decision and a good guess. i doubt the release date will be pushed back. we know how scared they are of sony and xbox jacking shit. we’re bound to hear soon.

                              on mr. robot, there was this fan theory that everyone made fun of that elliot was actually in prison for the first few episodes, even though that is not what was explicitly shown. turns out. wacky dude was correct, and we all missed the clues or didnt understand them.

                              im backing squish on this one.

                            3. If they wait too long, Nintendo will lose a ton of early sales because people won’t save money for it and will instead get a new console/VR for xmas instead

                            4. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                              ||You people are way too naive and impatient, once the NX is revealed, you all all go from this to the next phase of your pointless ramblings, namely hating and asking The First Order of why the NX can’t be released now, why not sooner, why not more games, why not something something…||

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                            5. Hmmm a single assumption should not be called “rumours” but MNN hasn’t posted clickbaity NX rumors in a little while so I guess… Well here’s my own “rumour” you can make a story out of and title it “Random Nobody has details about NX reveal”

                              Ok here goes….

                              NX details will be revealed sometime between now and March 2017

                              You heard it here first folks ;)

                            6. They’re not revealing anything yet just because they love saying “Please Understand.”
                              Personally I’m more frustrated with all the articles that say there are rumors floating around about NX on this site than I am about Nintendo not saying anything about it. Please just stop. It’s getting old.

                            7. Well Slap a knee! I’m now so excited for a reveal haha. It would be during the best month of the year and Halloween is soon afterwards! Mwaaaaa! 😹

                              Bring it on!!!

                              Whenever, Wind Waker is getting juicy and sweet right now. Hella delicious.

                            8. I always thought that end of November will be the right time, not before. And giving the secrecy behind it. it would not surprise me that would be at the earliest. Once it will be unveiled people would want to have it now. And 5 months today in the world of “I want it now” seems like 5 years for some . So I can understand Nintendo not rushing to announce the NX.

                              Also copying an idea is faster than creating something and they want to make sure they have the advantage before Sony and Microsoft release a copy of their NX. On the top of that I believe Nintendo will make sure they won the future lawsuit against them. And.not let’s forget that Nintendo want to make sure there is enough games so that when E3 comes next year they will have plenty to talk about.

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                            11. I have a rumor of my own. Well more like speculation but if enough people spread it, it will become a rumor then. March 2017 is not the release of the NX but the reveal. Nintendo is has been lying to us for awhile now & will continue to lie to us til March. At this reveal, they’ll reveal the NX will be released around the E3 event. When the E3 event comes, the release will turn out to be yet another lie as it’s simply just the true reveal of the NX. At this event, they’ll show off everything about the NX which will include it’s day 1 library of games. At the end of the event, they’ll reveal the NX will release in Q4 2017. Sadly, October & November will go without any announcement of it’s release. It won’t be til after most people have spent tons of cash on Christmas gifts & their bills & have no money left over that they reveal the NX will release on December 25th as the biggest “Fuck U!” ever to Nintendo’s fan & customer base as you won’t be able to afford to get the console day 1 as you’ve already spent all of your money on other shit, forcing you to wait til January 1st, or later, to buy the Nintendo NX. Why? Because Fuck U, that’s why! Thus ends the speculation. lol

                              1. Now get to it, guys. I want this to be a well spread rumor by October 20th, 2016 & no later in case the NX does get revealed on October 21st! Otherwise, this rumor will be proven false before it even begins. lol

                            12. Sorry, but 4 days until this supposed reveal date and Nintendo hasn’t made an announcement? Ridiculous. I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed the date just to make the rumor wrong anyway. If they are going to have a Nintendo Direct in 4 days, don’t you think they’d announce it so people actually know when to watch it?

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