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Video: Evolved Forms Of The Starter Pokémon Revealed In Pokémon Sun And Pokémon Moon

The Pokemon Company has finally revealed the evolved forms of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sun & Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. The video invites you to meet Dartrix, Torracat, and Brionne, the evolved forms of the three starter Pokemon, in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. You can check them out in the video, below.

Thanks to Henrick for the tip


  1. Yep. Litten is still going to be my main starter for this generation. I hope the final evolution will be just as awesome as Greninja ended up being. If it looks anything like the Liger from Zoids, or close to it, I’ll be extremely ecstatic!

    1. I will admit, though, that the evolved forms of the other two look way better than their previous forms. Nice step ups from their original forms.

    2. Too bad Ash-Greninja is the only awesome thing that has come from Ash’s existence in the last 20 years.

    3. And one final thing to say. Yay! Mega Evolutions are here to stay! The best thing from Gen 6 isn’t going anywhere any time soon! Suck it, haters! lol

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