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A Supermarket Worker In Britain Has Been Beaten To Death While Playing Pokemon GO

We have some sad news to report to you. Reports have come in about 20-year-old Carl Gregory, who was “apparently attacked after getting involved in a fight while using Pokemon GO, then left face down and unconscious in a car park by his attackers. Paramedics battled to save Carl but he died in the shopping centre car park in Broadstairs, Kent, just after 10pm on Tuesday”. However, The Sun also says twice that it wasn’t “while playing”, but “over” the game. According to the Police investigating the death, they have “arrested two men aged 20 and 27 on suspicion of murder and they are in custody”.


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84 thoughts on “A Supermarket Worker In Britain Has Been Beaten To Death While Playing Pokemon GO”

      1. But the source I cited in the article clearly states “over” Pokemon go not once, but twice. I just wrote what I saw, and that’s what I saw. I’m sorry if that upsets you, but I didn’t write it to scapegoat the game as the offender. I wrote it because that’s what the source said.

          1. No worries. It was about a similar criticism I’ve been getting for the article, so I thought it was directed towards me.

    1. Shut up freak. It’s one of Nintendo’s best series. And mostly kids play it, AT HOME, and when they’re on the go WITH THEIR PARENTS. Reason those are in caps is so YOU GET THE MESSAGE. Trolling jerk.

    2. This post of yours is why I’m trying to counter your bad opinion. Cause, Pokémon is Nintendo’s 4th best series, Kirby in third, Zelda in second and you already know who their mascot is, so that’s why your opinion is being ignored mostly, cause it’s a stupid, dumb and down right idiotic opinion. So, if I was you, I’d go and play your StinkBox One and your WimpStation 4. LEAVE POKÉMON ALONE. Thank you.

      1. No need to insult an awesome console like the PS4 because some nub is too stupid to blame the humans and instead blames a video game. David just needs to go back to the 90s & join the rest of the dumb soccer moms too lazy to parent their children & expect television, movies, & video games to raise their kids for them. As for Xbone, you can have at it with that one. xD

      2. But ya’kno what. You gave me a good idea for an insult for another certain console using the word wimp. Wiimp U! Thanks for the idea, mate! xD

    3. It’s a very tragic situation and I’m very sorry about the guy dying and my heart goes out to his family and friends but you can’t blame Pokémon GO for that, it’s just not right. People commits crimes… don’t. The blame should only be put on those two evil bastards that did the murder and I for one am glad they got caught and hope they pay for what they did. Pokémon GO is not at fault here though….it was just a part of an unfortunate tragedy

      1. Sadly, people have always blamed other things for the dregs of humanity for being losers. In the early 1900s, it was television. In the 70s & 80s, it was rock music. In the 90s, it was video games & television again. Before the advent of television, people most likely blamed something else. Maybe they blamed cars or something.

          1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

            “Ban stupidity” is an idea I’m 100% behind. Few countries focus on ethics and education

    4. Praying for the family… I really hope to God you’re trolling, because if you really believe that, then it should have been you that was laying face down in that parking lot. Shame on you for trying to suggest pokemon is somehow at fault. And even of you are trolling, thats still incredibly fucked up and you should get off this blog and never come back.

  1. “. . . attacked after getting involved in a fight while using Pokemon GO . . .”

    Hate to be that guy, but the wording doesn’t suggest that the fight started BECAUSE of PoGo, just that he was using it at the time the fight began. That, paired with the title of this article, makes me think it was named to highlight a fact that might not be one. Until we get the full story, I won’t believe PoGo was THE cause of the attack that got him killed.

    Regardless, this is most unpleasant news. I hope the offenders are found and have retribution exacted upon them.

    1. Like I said in replies, the source says it twice. The first time is right at the beginning, with “Carl Gregory, 20, was killed after apparently getting into a fight over the mobile phone game”. It then says it again as the subtitle below Carl’s picture.

      1. Hey man I think most of the conflict in this feed is pointed at the commentor who said pokemon should be banned. We all support your hard hitting journalism! Keep up the good work. Dont let the haters get you down.

  2. Okay something seems off about this report. It says quote: “Carl Gregory, 20, was killed after apparently getting into a fight over the mobile phone game.” But a few lines down says quote: “allegedly beaten to death while playing the game yesterday”

    While and Over are two different things in this context, was he killed BECAUSE of Pokemon GO? Or was it WHILE he was playing Pokemon GO? I can already see people using this as an example to prove Pokemon GO is dangerous and trying to get it banned or something.

    The article hardly sates if Pokemon GO was the problem. Did someone look at the report and go: “Oh his phone had Pokemon on when they found him, so that’s probably why.”?

    Quote: “Chloe’s mum Shanice yesterday said it was horrifying that Carl “”may”” have died over his love of Pokemon Go.” May is the keyword. MAY have died over Pokemon GO. It feels like people are trying to call this game evil with almost any connection they can make, in any shape or form.

    Yes, Pokemon GO has caused deaths, break-ins, robberies and such, but I feel like this might be a case of trying to get people stirred up over this whole craze. I wouldn’t be surprised as video games have gone through this before so many times.

    No offense to My Nintendo News, or to the friends and family of Carl Gregory, but this article doesn’t really set well with me. Maybe it’s just me seeing too many horrible things happen over this game, or maybe it’s a bigger problem than that…

    1. As I’ve said to other replies, the source clearly states right in the beginning “Carl Gregory, 20, was killed after apparently getting into a fight over the mobile phone game”. It then says it again in the subtitle below Carl’s picture. That’s why I wrote the title the way I did. Because the source said the exact same thing twice.

  3. I fail to see evidence supporting that he was killed because of playing Pokémon Go. Just because he was playing at the time means almost nothing without proof that’s what he was “beaten to death over.”

    Either way, glad to see they caught those who were responsible. And at the end of the day, it’s not the fault of the game. It’s the fault of people who commit these crimes.

    1. The source clearly states right in the beginning “Carl Gregory, 20, was killed after apparently getting into a fight over the mobile phone game”. It then says it again as the subtitle below Carl’s picture.

      I realize that wasn’t included in the article I wrote here on the site, but I didn’t write the title like I did for no reason. The source I cited did the exact same thing.

        1. I know, but I’m not sure if they all actually see the reply later on. So I reply to all of them just in case. =P

      1. Just that people get killed over everything, even something as small as holding hands, these days & it was bound to be over Pokemon GO at some point. Don’t forget, a Florida hangout got shot up because some whiny religious zealot got pissy about two gay men holding hands.

  4. People who murder other people are broken on very deep levels. These are not (presumed) 2 upstanding citizens who had a solid moral foundation up until that incident, who were then corrupted by a mobile ap to the point of killing somebody. Pokemon Go is not to blame, it is not powerful enough to twist people who weren’t already disturbed prior.

  5. I know the source says that it was “over Pokemon GO”, but I don’t know. Something doesn’t add up. What did the guys want with Pokemon GO? Sounds to me like Carl might have just came across two very evil people who just felt like harassing someone. I don’t know the whole story, but I don’t think it had anything in particular to do with the game.

  6. While can’t see a clear connection between the crime and Pokémon Go, my thoughts and prayers are with his family. Only those who lost loved ones to the urban violence knows how dreadful is such a situation.

  7. I don’t care if he was killed while playing the game, over the game, under the game, etc. The fact is he was killed. That’s what matters. Throw the book at the two perpetrators.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Some sort of parody of Million Dollar Baby where she breaks her neck against a chair for some reason like the guy does in this scene…||

          1. I’ve never seen Million Dollar Baby so I never got the reason for the joke. Not that it stopped me from laughing my ass off during the scene, though. XD

        2. The Scary Movie franchise is a nice parody of horror movies, and some other genres thrown in there with the ones after Scary Movie 2, that I would say are on par with the Airplane movies. You should watch them if you liked those movies.

            1. Sadly, the Wayan Brothers only did the first two movies. The rest had new directors & shit so you’ll notice a slight dip in quality after the sequel but they are still almost just as good as the first two.

            2. Least 3 & 4 had Kevin Hart & Anthony Anderson to replace them in the movie as two new characters and those two guys are pretty funny themselves. As for the 5th one… Well the 5th one is probably the weakest in the franchise. In fact, if not for the attractive Ashley Tisdale, I might have not even bothered with it. lol Personally, I think it’s her nose that makes her gorgeous. xD

  8. It seems to be like this story has little to do with Pokemon Go… Tons of people die while using their phones, why is it only newsworthy if that app is Pokemon Go?

  9. Ok I read the article and it still doesn’t say much but I guess he was at a gym when this happened? That makes more sense, and that’s really sad.

  10. The Sun is a disgusting ‘newspaper’ that will say anything to get a catchy headline. I would be very critical of how much Pokémon GO was involved in this horrible tragedy.

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