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Mario Party: Star Rush Features A Red Box Art In North America

We were given a glimpse of the final box-art design for Mario Party: Star Rush a couple months ago, but we now know that it will feature an entirely red casing for consumers in North America. The game is on track to launch for Nintendo 3DS on November 4, alongside seven new amiibo figures. It contains seven major modes, including Toad Scramble, in which everyone plays as a Toad.


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11 thoughts on “Mario Party: Star Rush Features A Red Box Art In North America”

  1. A little tip for people who don’t like the red boxes…
    If you have also some kind of horror games like resident evil then change the boxes and cover arts … the red goes well with the horror or bloody games

  2. Meh, couldn’t care less about the box it’s in. Don’t even have anyone to destroy friendships with. Props to @Dennis Orozco tho, that’s actually a brilliant idea.

  3. Like FedshitForce & Color “This isn’t a true Paper Mario” Splash, let me know when these franchises return to their roots.

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