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Australian Publication WAtoday Looks At What Went Wrong With Pokémon Go?

Australian news publication WAtoday has published an article looking at what they believe to have gone wrong with Pokémon GO. The game was a surprise smash hit when it launched in July and seemed to attract users from all over the world. Fast forward to today and the game’s daily users, daily revenue and daily downloads are now in decline. With this in mind it’s now being referred to in the media as Pokémon Gone and a fad. You can read the publications insightful thoughts at the link here.



  1. School and the end of summer vacation happened… And of course the hype that wore off, just like those loom bands that we’re cool for a month or two and then disappeared.

  2. It’s mobile game. Like all mobile games it will lose interest quite quickly.
    However there is still a lot of people who still play it! It’s just most of the world is currently entering Winter time now (the UK today is quite chilly indeed!) which means less people are willing to go outside and walk around.
    Even if it is in decline that does not take away from the fact that Pokemon GO is the most successful mobile game to this date and Niantic, the pokemon company, Nintendo and Google have earned far enough from it.

  3. Lack of Gyms and Stops in non major cities (Once again, I am without Pokeballs, and new Pokemon have been spawning recently). No Pokemon tracking (the keyest of features), and seemed to make catching Pokemon (or at least certain ones) harder.

    In essence, Niantic looked at what people enjoyed most, and said We can’t have this. It’s not what we wanted them to enjoy most.

  4. Where to begin…..

    -The attempt to meld Pokemon into real life.
    -The fact that a Russian man was thrown in jail because of it.
    -The many accidents and alleged tresspassings.

  5. I honestly expected more people in here to defend & protect the Almighty Pokemon GO. *shrug* Meh…

  6. It didn’t do what it was suggested to do in it’s announcement trailer, in the trailer 6 people were shown to be having a 3 on 3 battle, pokemon were shown to have mainseries based levels, it was a proper pokemon game which replaced the overworld with real life and everyone was hyped.
    But what we got was candy grinding.

    1. Basically, it makes an angel out of No Man’s Sky. The NMS dev exaggerated features but Niantic actually outright shoved in our face there would be features that aren’t in the game.

    2. That’s what they get for showing off features that will come at some far off later date. A warning of “this isn’t what the initial game will have but these features will be in the game at a later date” would have been a smart move. I’m amazed it did as well as it did. Then again, most of the people that got it were probably casuals that didn’t know about the false marketing trailer. As for the non-casuals that got it, they merely got it because it was free & probably thought the features they saw in the trailer would come sooner rather than later. Either way, all or most were suckers.

  7. Well I mean it’s been like 3 months now and they still don’t have features working that were supposed to be in the game a long time ago so…

    I mean basically what happened is we expected a Pokemon game from a decent developer, as with almost all pokemon games, but instead we got Niantic.

  8. I can explain what wrong with this piece of shit of an excuse for a app. It was created and not fully tested plus given the fact it’s made by a company with a terrible track record of poor (none existent) customer service.

    So in short a waste of time!

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