Gallery: Here’s High Resolution Images Of The Nintendo Switch

Quite a few new images have been released on the recently announced Nintendo Switch, so we have a gallery of all the images we’ve collected of the console so far. If you’d like to check out the images for yourself, we’ve included them down below. If you want, feel free to let us know in the comments what you think of the Nintendo Switch.


    1. Holy major sponsorship, Caped Crusader! The third party publishers and developers got more support for the Nintendo Switch than the Wii U! That includes Bethesda Software, From Software, and more!

      1. I love how easy it is to call it the switch now. Whenever I hear or read NX it just sounds weird. Pretty easy to make the switch..

      1. Agreed. I’ve been trying to figure out what that square button across from the home button is. Looks like a share button or power button. I can’t tell. I hope they have a power button and functionality to be used as a tv remote. I liked that about the game pad.

    1. To convince us, Nintendo needs a Direct, maybe extremely early December. I’m talking December 1st-4th when they are in final stages. They must atleast clarify the games shown by that time and also give an in-depth explanation of how the Joy-Con is used.

  1. That controller is an eye sore. The pro-controller looks ok. Not great. But as long as they feel comfortable and the games are good, that’s all that matters.

        1. It’s so fun to mess with Bowler. He’s the new Sasori if you ask me. Only difference is is that he is blindly following Nintendo instead of blindly being against them.

            1. From what I’ve seen, Sasori, the real one, not that Church of Sasori idjit, isn’t the clown he once was. Least not on here, anyway.

      1. *pats wittle Bowler on the head* You tried & failed. But it’s okay. At least you tried. Here’s a gold trophy for competing. No, wait. Only first place gets the gold. *chunks gold trophy into the incinerator* Here’s a little slip of paper instead. Enjoy!

        1. You can’t give him paper. He will end up with papercuts all over his body and then get an infection. He’s too “special” for such advanced technology. Err derr Wii Mote revolution! Derr!

            1. If he really is mentally handicap, I am honestly so sorry for making fun of the guy. He really shouldn’t be on the internet if he is that mentally challenged. His parents should be ashamed of themselves.

              1. I don’t think he is. Idiot definitely. But not mentally challenged. He was talking about the Nvidia processor and stuff like that on one of the articles. Tech stuff. It’s possible that a mentally challenged person could be tech savvy. But I don’t think that’s the case with him.

    1. that’s not the d-pad. That’s the + button. on the opposite side is the – button. The d-pad is split and is seen in the bottom left portion of the controller, you may have overlooked it because it looks like the a b x y buttons.

    2. Gotta love the Zoolander reference! The first one, not what I’m assuming is a very shitty sequel since I haven’t seen it or paid any attention whatsoever to it.

      1. I still haven’t seen the sequel, but I will eventually. I gotta at least give it a fair chance! Personally, I really liked Anchorman 2 even though a lot of people did not lol

  2. Well, we all know you can take it with you and play on the go. But if that dock also charges the switch controller, then this thing is already leagues better than the Gamepad. 😂

    1. ||This was only a teaser, the real event will be on in the near future…||

    1. No one is saying you have to buy a handheld, its optional for you to use it that way. Sucks for you though. Everyone else will be having plenty of fun.

        1. For the new Mario platformer, the new Mario Kart, Skyrim, possibly a new Splatoon, hopefully a Smash Bros for Switch (with hopefully Switch exclusives), a better version of Breath of the Wild and lots more coming. Plus I use my 3ds more then my Wii U, it’s amazing how convenient mobile can be.

    2. My inner Nintendo is surfacing. Are you stupid? Were you not paying attention at all!? You don’t have to even use the handheld if you don’t want to. It’s an optional feature. Optional as in voluntary, not required, extra, bonus, unforced. In fact, you can’t even play the home console without the handheld part. In fact, the handheld IS an integral part of the home console & will come with it free of charge. Think of the handheld as a harddrive tower of a desktop computer. You can’t use the computer without that tower. If you still want to make an issue out of NOTHING, go ahead. Just don’t complain when people call you a total idiot for it.

  3. all i can say is so far i’m in love with the damn thing, anyone noticed how frickin’ huge is the third-party list.
    it’s like everything good rumoured about it is true, i can’t even call that a hybrid it’s a portable home console. ;aduzfhjklvxcnv,. v i can’t even type right my hands are shaking :)

  4. Am I to believe that the dock is just a glorified hdmi cable? I am making a bold prediction. That dock gives a boost in power to WHICHEVER Nintendo device is connected to it (Think WII U and 3ds). They aren’t talking about this yet because it’s complicated to explain but if I’m right this is going to be a power up to the Wii U and the 3ds and they will truly work as a family of systems!

  5. ||In case any of you missed the biggest change of them all, we switched out all children…||

    1. Marketing is ready… The basically took the Wii Leapfrog (Wii U) and threw that out the window with a more modern design that is much less toy and more functional, fun and fashionable… Definitely the right way to go. Arrow pointing up, but you knew that already

      1. ||We must move forward not backward, upward not forward and always switching switching switching to higher places…||

        1. ||Nintendo gives you options and some still cry, you have the option of just using it as a home console, end of story…||

                1. ||Take is as you wish, perhaps Nintendo is not for you anyway…||

                  1. Again, not happening. Wii U is done. First off that would be extra money and time to pull that off, second, why would they want to power up the wii u and give people another reason to buy one and NOT buy the switch. Nintendo made a choice and are switching to a new console. You really think they are gonna try and juggle three systems when this past gen showed they couldn’t handle two systems?

                2. People have always had to spend money on priority hardware to play Nintendo games. I understand that you don’t want to pay money for something extra that you’ll never use; but if the Switch ends up being priced at say $399 or less, you’ll be paying the same amount as you would for any other home console. So you’re not really paying for anything extra.

    1. gamingfan2009…
      please, find your logic.
      The handheld isn’t just streaming to the TV, the dock is it’s own running console as well.
      Just use the pro controller and keep handheld in the dock, it will function identically..

        1. It seems to be to some degree yes. But it is not exactly the same, IP will drive success of the switch while Nvidia will likely give up on their system. Which is totally cloud based right? No physical games?

    1. They are similar but Nintendos is better. With this partnership they will probly discontinue the shield. And of course they don’t have Nintendo games. That’s the most important part. I play games on all consoles I own all of them but no games compare to Nintendo games honestly

  6. Not sure on the look of the standard controller, however I think the centre part maybe a NFC reader/writer. I think this a step in the right direction the dock may increase the power when connected you never know it may house expansion ports that allow things like a optical drive to be installed etc…. Hopefully the investors meeting should shed some more light on the NSwitch and I hope there is an in depth reveal at the game awards in December.


    1. If VR becomes popular they will make a headset that the screen portion of the Switch in and use the joy cons to interact with the software, plus the addon could also be cheap and allow the masses to enjoy vr. I suspect this might be what Nintendo plans and will tell us about at a later date

  7. Is it just me or does it seem weird that Dena is noted as a nintendo switch Partner. Does that mean DENA is going to make a console game? FTP games on a nintendo console…

  8. Why Blizzard Entertaiment don’t join the 3rd party development for Switch? They think Nintendo is always a step behind the other consoles?

  9. Exactly what I wanted. Day one. Supersleek device. That Pro controller looks fantastic too. Great button and stick layout, textured grip…so good. They nailed it imho.

  10. Ok here’s a concern: would would you transport it? The joysticks on the controllers would make it so that you can’t put it in your pocket.

    1. I suspect you would transport it the same way you would a tablet. It would be most ideal for anyone carrying a bag: people traveling, high school and college students, etc.

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