Rumor: Multiple People Saying The Nintendo Switch Is Region Free

The Nintendo Switch, formerly the NX, has been revealed. However, that doesn’t mean that the rumors have stopped. Multiple people are suggesting that the Nintendo Switch will be region free. One of them even mention that this info comes from the same source that leaked the Nintendo announcement before Nintendo confirmed it yesterday. We’ve included the tweets below so if you want to, feel free to check it out.

Source 1 / Source 2 / Source 3


    1. If this rumor is true, yay! I don’t have to buy an entirely new system to avoid NoA’s horrible, horrible censorship disguised as localization ever again. Not that I did this before as I refuse to buy the same console twice for something that shouldn’t even be an issue. AKA fuck you, NOA, as you’ll never get my money for shitty localization again! I’ll just have to use English subtitles. I can handle that since I use them all the time when watching Naruto.

  1. Thats good if true.I hope their online is still free. I hope Pikmin 4 comes to revelation soon. Speaking Of Pikmin, the 3Ds version maybe a flop When Pikmin 4 launches when that is a handheld also. I am no longer interestedin 3Ds version anymore. I get to experience the real version on handheld anyway. Im sorry of topic. But everything is comimg to my head at once.

  2. My heart has been on edge all day with good news after good news. This is icing on the cupcake. Now just show me some games and bundles and I’ll have my sprinkles and cherry on top.

  3. Anyone think this will kill the 3Ds in like 2.5 years? Anyone think the two consoles could bump heads? This seems as Nintendohanheld only fans and console fans =1. But what will the next Gen 3DS be like? I bet it can operate the Switch as a controller. Damn Im off topic.

    1. Can’t believe you need it spelled out. This is the 3dd successor. It’s home and mobile in one. No more Pokémon only being portable. No more proper Zelda only on console. This is it. You can tell the 3ds is on its last legs with the games that are coming out for it this next year.

    2. Too early to tell. They could be relying on the 3DS for years to come. As long as 3DS games remain exclusive to the handheld, Switch won’t be replacing it anytime soon.

  4. Great. Now give me star fox without the BS tacked on!

    Oh and f-zero. Seriously though, Nintendo won me back today. Just wow.

      1. She pretty much covers herself for every situation like saying “it’s definitely happening cuz my sources say” , then right after she’s like … ” It may not happen after cuz my other sources say “…. I just face palm when I see that 😂

        To me she has the same source everyone else has, which is the Internet 😋

  5. While this is great and all,…

    … this does give Nintendo less incentive to bring more titles to the West. They’re excuses would probably be, “it’s no longer region locked, so you can just go ahead and import it.” At least with a region lock, this forces Nintendo to do something if an overwhelming number of people ask for it.

    … oh wait. I guess that’s why it’s no longer region locked (if this is really true, anyway).

  6. Can I buy dlc for a imported Japanese game on a US account, that’s the question I want answered? DLC and expansions were always issues when impoting games, and it needs a an easier solution than just “Create a new foriegn login ID in order to gain access to the eshop or psn” issue.

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