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Nintendo Says “No More Official Announcements Would Come This Year On Switch’s Game Titles & Spec Details”

A reporter for the Wall Street Journal is saying that no more official announcements will be coming for the Nintendo Switch this year. This includes info on game titles and spec details such as region-lock status. We’ve embedded the tweet down below for you. If this is true, then it seems that the reveal was only a temporary breather from Nintendo’s silence on the console. We’ll let you know of any further developments.



      1. Big time risky, almost brain dead risky – especially in regards to Skyrim Special Edition. Skyrim SE launches in a little over a week (10/28/2016) on every other platform in the market. The only reason anyone would have to hold off buying it until the Switch’s release in March would be to know some facts about it right Now (When/IF it will come out, will it have full/partial mod support, how will it perform). But Bethesda and every other 3rd party dev are still being forced to hold to this kind of NDA nonsense? Skyrim SE on the Switch has one potential advantage, which is the go anywhere advantage that the entire device is banking on. Not many people are going to hold off buying it though if they’re that interested in it when they can’t get any details or even a confirmation that it will exist!

  1. that’s ok with me. it seemed like the biggest thing they needed was just to get that basic announcement out of the way and let everyone know “this is the idea. this is what it looks like.” im satisfied

    1. The hype of the reveal could fizzle out. Not to mention the endless speculation. I thought that was finally over :(

      I guess now we know why that part of the investors meeting isn’t happening. They don’t want questions.

    2. They were probably talking about they’re own titles.

      I don’t think the third parties are being held against their will; I mean, Square Enix and Sega announced titles for the Switch long before the actual reveal.

        1. It sounds more like Nintendo had permission to display those titles (or they expressed interest to add it to the reveal trailer) because neither have officially confirmed that either of those games are coming to the Switch; they’re just basically saying, “we have the dev kits and we’re making games for the system but we have nothing to announce right now (because we’re probably not ready).”

      1. Or it could be they accidentally confirmed. Do you remember the dragon quest fiasco, where it was confirmed, then the official word was “we are considering” then back to confirmed. Do you notice how that second response sounds a lot like today’s responses. My guess is that it was accidentally revealed, that stepped it back due to their odd NDA, and then Nintendo let them confirm for real because it sounded like Square was backstepping and that was worse for Nintendo then the accidental reveal. I don’t think the 3rd parties would be so coy unless it was due to contractual obligation because Nintendo wants to control the info released to maximize the hype.

    3. Yeah, at the very least, they gotta let the 3rd parties talk. Keep a lid on their own games if they want, but I’m sure everyone wants to know what the 3rd parties are up to.

  2. They revealed the system today. so everyone can stfu and stop saying “ShowNX” like i was. And “That’s really interesting and all, but i!m program to care about NX, news” “SHOW US NX!!!”. And We was so sick of hearing these rumours. i bet Nintendo was sick of it as will. the “Show us NX”, and stuff etc

    1. The WSJ actually has a proven track record of being right. But part of me does think it’s a controlled leak. Apple has done that sort of thing for years and that’s why WSJ usually gets the Apple rumours right, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo is reading the same playbook.

      1. Haha, no. The competition doesn’t want Nintendo’s gimmicks. In fact, what is so revolutionary about the NS that MS and Sony couldn’t have come up with it on their own? It’s a fucking handheld that plugs into your TV. Big deal.

        1. I agree that Sony and MS won’t try to copy this, but only because it would take a large investment to do so. It also doesn’t help that MS has no experience in handhelds and Sony seems to currently be exiting the handheld market.

          However, MS and Sony (Sony more than MS) have copied Nintendo before. It wouldn’t be anything new if they did it again.

  3. Huh.. that doesn’t make much sense.

    I’ll be buying the system regardless, but this will still be disappointing if true.
    Why reveal it and then go silent?
    Why wouldn’t they ride on the excitement and, in the process, try to get more people on board?

    And they’d really just wait until the final 3 months to start giving all the more detailed info?
    Just seems a little risky.

    Hopefully this isn’t true… honestly, I’m getting very tired of all these rumors.

    1. … maybe because that doesn’t always work? Marketing and advertising isn’t as cut-and-dry as you might think it is. Also, if you think it means that they’re going to display the thing and then remove it from all of their websites, social media, and never talk about it again, then that’s definitely not going to happen: they will talk about it, but they’ll just repeat whatever they said today. For the next three months.

      In any case, Nintendo is trying something different from their usual marketing strategies and from the looks of it, it seems to have worked so far: people are asking for NX info so much that others outside the community are starting to take notice. Then: Nintendo releases more information and people go insane. Raise and repeat. The mere fact that you’re upset about this tells me that Nintendo has you right in the palm of your hand.

      There is scientifically proven thing that’s related to marketing that explains this, but I can’t pinpoint it…

      1. It just seems a little risky. And at this point I think they should be avoiding risks.
        I never said it wouldn’t work, nor do I think it’s cut and dry. So please don’t patronize me. :)

        Saying the same thing as today until 2017 will not save them from *potential* issues that could arise. Of course, I will be buying it, as I’m a Nintendo fan, but up until today my hype was dead because of them taking so long to reveal it. The rumors and waiting just got old. So them just regurgitating the same information over and over until 2017 would get old for many I assume.

        I can’t help but think revealing more info, specifically pricing, by mid-November would make the most sense.
        You have to remember that Christmas is coming soon, and that if mommy and daddy are buying their kids a PS4 or Xbone, that many will not be forking out another 300-400+ dollars for a Switch 3 months later, because the little kids don’t know what they want.
        On top of that, it would allow more people to save up the funds they’d need rather than try to gather up what they need in just 3 months time. Some people are a lot more tight on money than others. And some may not find out about it until more information is revealed. Or they may not decide they want one until the launch lineup is revealed, but then realize they don’t have enough money and can’t save enough in time.

        It just seems like an unnecessary risk that could easily take a bite out of their early sales. Would it matter longterm? Who knows. But it’s something to consider. I’m sure there are more risks I haven’t even thought of.

        Could it help them? Sure. And it could also bite them in the ass. I feel if they took more of a strategy like the Pokémon Company has taken with Sun/Moon, it would make a lot more sense. They have the hype now, so take advantage of it. Release more info little by little, dropping little bombs here and there up until release. It keeps the excitement high and keeps people talking about it. They can’t risk letting any hype or potential interest fizzle out.

        I get what you’re saying. I’m just saying that it seems more risky.

        Anyway that’s my novel, if you read it you get a cookie!

        1. Oh. I read all of the comments that people send me; I’m not lazy (also, if you thought that was a novel, wait until you see my past comments; it’s terribly long).

          First, I’m not trying to patronize you. That wasn’t my intention and I’m sorry if you felt attacked in any way; this is just how I am: unintentionally harsh. Again, my apologizes.

          Second, the problem with talking about more information even now is that, if it’s not ready yet, then saying things now can be misleading people into the wrong thing. What if the tech demos and games aren’t ready to be properly shown (case in point: the gameplay looked more like they were slapped together and too perfect in order to be the actual real gameplay)? You could say that’s they’re problem and you just want to know, but you also want the launch to be successful, right? If so, I think that should take priority over demanding for more info.

          Third, using Pokémon Sun and Moon is a poor example because you’re comparing apples and oranges here. If you want to compare it, basically use the example of Sony and Microsoft’s ways of talking about their system. And… they do the same thing; as you might have noticed, after the Scorpio and PS4 Pro announcements, Microsoft said absolutely nothing about E3 and Sony only recently talked more details about it (including the name, games, launch, and price) in a 40 minute conference. And I’m pretty sure the hype hasn’t really died down for either. You’re honestly going to tell me that people are going to forget or be disinterested about the system because Nintendo isn’t going to talk about it for the next two months? Event though Sony and Microsoft have followed this sort of thing for quite some time and it hasn’t hurt them? C’mon!

          Fourth: Nintendo releasing new info will probably be drained out anyway. This year is too crazy for that: the US elections are happening, the Game Awards are happening, the PS4 Pro and Pokémon Sun and Moon launches are happening… it’s too much that’s happening for Nintendo to just add information in and for people to actually pay attention. And THAT would be even more risky than not doing anything (because like I said, very few people except the gaming community would actually pay attention). Today was actually a fairly good day since the debates were going on. As for January to March, with the exception of CES, historically, we don’t see a lot of announcements, and so Nintendo is in the best position to say something by that time.

          Last: this is something that Samsung and Apple has done for years and it seems to do pretty well for them. Look at the Galaxy Note 7(… actually, I probably shouldn’t be using that as an example)… I mean Galaxy S6’s launch. None of my non-tech focused friends and family knew about the S6 until a day before launch (and even many didn’t know until maybe two days after launch). Keep in mind that Samsung announced it two months before, released most details about the phone, and spends marketing dollars like crazy, yet not a huge amount of people knew until close to the day of the launch. Same thing can happen in here.

          These are my reasons. I have more, but this is all I’m going to say right now.

          1. I wanted to expand on my fourth point, because I think it’s important to understand: THIS YEAR IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A GOOD YEAR.

            There are three major things that are happening (and there are more, but I wanted to highlight three of them):
            – US elections
            – PS4 Pro
            – Pokémon Sun and Moon

            Just looking at the US elections are going to make the news articles focus on JUST THAT. Normal people are going to notice JUST THAT because the news are ONLY talking about the US elections. Hell, even BBC (UK) and all the Canadian news channels and websites are talking about it and they’re not even American. How do you expect the global community to listen to Nintendo when that is going on?

            Then there’s the PS4 Pro. Well, we can leave the larger global community out of it because they don’t truly pay attention to that (I’m 30+ years old and I have friends at that age or older. They are typical people. I think I know what I’m talking about. Also, discrimination against gamers.) So it’s just the gaming community. We already know it exists; there’s not much to do for Nintendo to keep the hype going since we’ve already seen that’s it’s been pretty good right now. The hype went up with today, yes, but it’s already gone back down to what it was yesterday, but still growing.

            Finally, there’s the launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Yes, the info has worked for them, but this is only because 1) the gaming community isn’t focused on the elections, and 2) the normals who are dealing with Pokémon GO will have some kind of ear out for Pokémon-related stuff anyway. They won’t truly be interested in the Switch until they buy a 3DS, play and enjoy Pokémon, and then get exposed to the marketing that Nintendo does in the 3DS, which can include the Switch. But by that time, they would be too focused on Pokémon Sun and Moon to notice and they won’t be interested until they’re done (which could probably be by around February). By that time, Nintendo would have already released more information about the Switch.

            Nintendo isn’t a god: their news isn’t going to automatically make headline news unless nothing is really happening; the only reason it did was because we didn’t hear anything. If they release more info next month, I can guarantee you that news media like Mashable, WSJ, NYT, The Verge, and others aren’t going to either post something, or post a lot about it and blast it out there. So with all that said and done, is it still truly smart to release more details this year?

            1. (Forgot to add this in the paragraph after the bullet points:)

              I understand that the elections end on November 19th or something, but then it would be too late to save money now for the Switch; money was probably saved up for the PS4 Pro and/or Pokémon Sun and Moon. Speaking of…

          2. I think using the PS4 Pro and Scorpio are poor examples in this case, as they are upgrades of their current models and still play the same games as their current models. Most gamers know what they’re getting into with it. Plus, when the Pro was revealed, they gave all the information one could need on it. Even showing demos of games running on it. I’m not necessarily saying that Nintendo should have taken that same approach, but Sony and Microsoft clearly have had more success, and used a much safer strategy. I’m aware Nintendo does their own thing though.

            I never thought of Samsung and Apple though. I think that is a bit different as well, as there are some predetermined notions about what those products offer. The Galaxy and other phones don’t change much outside of a couple new features, and they’ve been around for so long that most people probably know what they’re all about. It’s not a bad example though, but there are a few more factors that I’d say go into buying a new console opposed to upgrading your phone. Probably the most important thing being the games. Both the launch lineup and what’s on the radar for future titles.

            Anyway, I just hope it works out for them. I don’t want to see Nintendo fail on this, the Switch is a great idea, and it’s hard to believe that it’s releasing in only a few months, yet we still don’t know a whole lot. At least we know what it is, so that’s a start. The hardcore fans already know they’ll be buying it. Hopefully they can convince the more skeptical ones.

            1. While the PS4 Pro and Scorpio are indeed upgrades and Samsung and Apple are phones, they are the closest to use as examples and better examples than using Pokémon Sun and Moon. You need to compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges: the Switch and the examples that I put up there are all hardware, whereas Pokémon is software. That’s the reason why I said that the games are poor examples. Yes, my examples aren’t perfect apples to apples, but apples nonetheless. As for the Pro specifically, I think you forgot that they did mention it at E3:, yet they kept silent about it until the reveal in September. Frankly, it’s similar enough. Scorpio is even more similar as they revealed a couple of concepts here and there, but clearly it looks like they’re going to still silent about it until at some point next year. Finally, with respect to Samsung and Apple haven’t similar internals and whatnot,… doesn’t that not matter? Yes, the public is somewhat trained for it, but keep in mind that not everyone knows about Samsung or Apple (yes, it’s hard to believe but it is true; just like how many Americans don’t know that Canada isn’t apart of the US. Or even know what’s above the US and (maybe) what’s below it. I am dead serious: look it up). If people think that, then of course they’re probably not going to Anyway, you’re going to have to clarify why these are safer strategies then what Nintendo is doing, because the differences aren’t enough for me to be convinced at first glance.

              You mentioned that there are a few more factors in buying a console compared to a phone. Yes, I agree. However, the games shouldn’t really be used as factor. Games are software, while phone apps are also software. You can’t tell me that people aren’t going to consider a phone due to whether or not the phone can run certain apps. This especially true if you’re switching platforms or if you’re on Android in general. Case in point: Pokémon GO only works on certain Android phones and some people may base their decisions off of that (slightly bad example, but if I brought up actual good examples, then chances are you wouldn’t know what I’m really talking about, so I’ll use an app that I know you’re aware of). This is why Windows Phone failed: very few apps were made compared to Android and iOS, so it’s slowly fizzling out. (I know that it’s doing better with Europe, but it’s mainly due to price and most of those users are coming from flip phones and phones that don’t classify as smartphones. Also, apparently some of the police force in the US use Windows Phones but the apps that they use are in fact on Windows Phone, so WPs that are cheaper than iPhones + better security than Android = good for the police force I guess.)

              Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for actually being respectable instead of whining like a child and being as explosive as a Galaxy Note 7 (and I’m sure you know exactly who I’m talking about, and if you don’t know or care, that’s fine). I don’t want to see Nintendo fail on this either and still we have to keep in mind that this is Kimishima’s Nintendo now, not Iwata’s. Most of the mistakes that were made fell under Iwata’s watch (especially when he added the CEO of NoA role). Kimishima has already made a fair amount of changes since he was appointed as President. And unlike Iwata, he has more experience with the business world. (Not saying that Iwata was trash. Please don’t think that as I know that he’s brought out and helped out Nintendo through its ups and downs (otherwise, Nintendo would be bankrupt by now).) I’m not saying that nothing bad will happen, but I’m saying that I’m giving them a chance, given the current circumstances. However, I’m pretty sure that there’s not a lot of people that’s even on the fence about it. I talked to my mom about it and she doesn’t even know that this reveal even happened. I asked my mates and,… very little has been heard of. Come January, I think more people will hear about it and we’ll see what happens. So if we’re done here, then that’s fine. I enjoyed our chat; it’s great to converse with someone who’s actually critically thinking like an adult for a change.

        2. I read your comment, and for example, I’m no longer even remotely thinking of saving for Switch. I’ll buy some Holiday games and reinvest in my video projects. I’ll get a switch next holiday season after the hype settles a little and retailers offer holiday bundles. Fuck their March release.

    1. They’ve seen what Nintendo is doing so if they want to copy them, no amount of Nintendo being quiet after the reveal & before release is going to change that. So keeping quiet for that reason alone is just incredibly stupid thinking if Nintendo is actually thinking about that. If anything, they are just penalizing their fans, not the competition.

  4. well i think they will use these “time out” to make more games or improve them… then one they are gonna be like “hey hey hey… you think we are dead dont ya?.. EAT THIS!! *specs and games and conferences” will explode in our faces.. but they have to and THEY HAVE TO market the system all these months.. making adds and spots or whatever but people need to know about this.. not only us

  5. I think the switch debut might be a prototype and I don’t know if they might announce the titles for the switch I mean we been waiting for titles on the go.

  6. I have college in spring 2017 by the way…I don’t have time to get the Nintendo Switch….
    and I wonder why would it be set in March 2017?

    1. I see no reason why you still couldn’t get one. I know I’m buying one before I head off to college in the fall. I may not have a lot of time for it, but I don’t have a lot of time for games now either.

      I think Nintendo needs to confirm some stuff before people lose interest. Hype can build up quickly, but it can also die quickly.

  7. Why should people care about the Switch? The AGS-101 is what matters now. A 2002 system with 32p graphics is amazing. This hybrid (since it can work with the GameCube) will surely outperform the Switch hybrid. Nintendo, please bring back the AGS-101!

    1. Exactly! That there’s a new Splatoon coming to the system has my attention, but what about other games? What about potential Day-1 bundles or versions like the Wii U Basic and Deluxe models? This is crucial stuff to know before going in!

  8. wait a minute didn’t the Nintendo president say that we would get all the details in 2016 including price and actual release date and launch games

      1. Simple: they’re probably not ready yet. (Also, I doubt that they could with the US elections coming up; no one’s going to hear them with all that craziness going on. Even up here in Canada, and we’re not even Americans.)

        1. Ah, but dear Watson, you forget that Noone gives a flying fuck about the election, save for the day or two of voting. Switchs 500k dominance on Twitter proves Nintendo news of this caliber can crush the ridiculous American political news.
          As for “They are not ready,” well you can be damn sure of that. Nintendo has shit project management skills. Delays are expected, and I’d be surprised if they even know how to make software fore it yet.
          It will Lau check with sequels and rehash, so fans continue to fund the great games that will come out in 3-5 years towards the end of its life Cycle.
          It really is all quite simple. You’re catching on quick old chap.

  9. While I could see this being true, I don’t trust anything from reporters. Only news straight from Nintendo themselves. I feel kind of betrayed if it’s true though…

    1. I’ve said this before: while I recommend bringing in your own Salt Shaker, the WSJ has a very good track record with rumours, but mostly it’s because the company controls a lot of leaks with them. Apple does that, Samsung does that, I can see Nintendo doing it, too.

  10. ||You humans and your zero patience, they proved yesterday that secrecy and unveiling things when they are supposed to worked and yet here you are crying like the spoiled children you are…||

    1. I have to say that you’re spot on here: this generation (as much as I hate to admit it) has come down to “instant gratification”; they’re too impatient and they just things now now now. At least with my generation we patently waited for when a new Nintendo Power magazine was coming out to get all of the details of all things Nintendo.

      Ah. Those were the days. Too bad this generation did all but kill it. -_-

      1. You are blind and ignorant to history. You are also not an analyst. This is slowly becoming a repeat of the WiiU. After what Nintendo did last gen, your being willing to stand by and blindly ignore that it could be happening again is rather concerning.

        We have ALL been patient with Nintendo. We survived an Era where Nintendo forced us to play on a Standard definition console while the rest of the gaming community played in HD. We saw a great Zelda game, Skyward Sword become a fallen title, no longer playable to to falling on an SD sword. We just came out of the WiiU cluster fuck.

        Now Nintendo is displaying games that are not confirmed, and refuses to give us anything at all to let us keep faith in that great games are coming, and not just ones we could buy on our other next-door systems.

        All I see is the blind leading the blind.

        Even I couldn’t help but to be hyped by the new console and it’s potential, but now seeing Nintendo being foolish again… We’ll see how that works out for them when everyone wants to play new games this holiday, and WiiU-exclusive owners don’t have jack shit to look forward to.

        I hope they learn their lesson like I did, and buy a PS4 or XB1 and stop suffering in Nintendo’s dungeon. It feels damn good to be able to game without being at the mercy of their apathetic and complacent ways.

        1. ||It seems you are the blind one here, not me nor ninjadude99 are denying caution for the future, however if you truly believe that being a shallow being is the correct path of gaming then you lost your way of what gaming truly is about…||

          ||Multimedia gimmicks have absolutely no relevance to real gaming other than to lure the civilian fools over to their systems with these irrelevant gimmicks…||

          ||If the motion controls worked almost flawlessly and if High Command made the Wii easier to develop for then we wouldn’t even be on this situation today, but they managed to fix a lot of things with the Switch already that you ignore…||

          ||And what dungeon or you even speaking about? What use do I have for an Xbot or Sonyan device if nothing at all interests me within their regions?…||

          ||I’m sure looking at pretty graphics which are all overrated in the end is worth hundreds of currency from whereever people are from and always play the same mediocre at best shooting and boring gamemovies those 2 have, specially the Sonyans…||

          ||And if some of you already lost loyalty or any respect for Nintendo, why are you even here?…||

          ||In the end one 3 minute teaser trailer doesn’t say anything about the future…||

          ||This is a Nintendo base, not a hippie base…||

        2. Explosive, inconsistent, and dead wrong.

          I could respond to your statements, but I see that you’re also part of that “instant gratification” group, so clearly it’ll go over your head. Your comments also sound like a child crying and whining because they’re not getting what they want, so you’ll never truly understand whatever I’ll say.

          I may not be an analyst (not that I was trying to be?… Another explosive statement on your end), but you’re not a businessman (and if you are, please let me know about your business (past or present)). My statements are just opinions, speculation, and based off of facts that I’ve ether found online or my experience. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong. If you think the only way things can work is for us to automatically hate Nintendo just because they don’t want to say anything yet instead of actually THINKING as to why they’re doing so, then… well, I don’t know how you’re surviving. You seem to be someone who easily explodes if someone has a different opinion then you. I feel sorry for you.

  11. People like to know 6 months ahead of future gaming. Iwata had Nintendo show 3D World on month to month bases before it came out. Splatoons, Mario Kart, Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3 etc etc. Yet this none smiling CEO likes to wait to the day before to announce them. They could had least had a Nintendo Direct talking about games. I remember the Nintendo Direct, Iwata opening the Wii U up and installing it. This CEO needs to learn how to grow a connection with the fan base like Iwata know.

  12. The NS will be my first attempt at buying every single physically released game to ever come out in the future, including games I’m not a fan of, well except sports games, sports titles are all the same and just a waste of money to be honest.

  13. a launch library is kinda important in order to get people to pre order… as are important things like battery life and other specs. This is moronic if true

  14. Please tell me this person is talking out of their ass & Nintendo hasn’t said this. It’s a stupid idea to give us a teaser trailer then keep quiet til next year. Switch is supposed to come in March 2017 for crying out loud. Tell me if the fucking thing is gonna have a fucking universal account system so I can know whether to save up money for March to buy the damn thing or not. Nintendo, don’t be stupid now when you finally got the hype of some of us back up!

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