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Gearbox Software Isn’t Convinced Yet About Supporting Nintendo Switch

A number of developers have already pledged support for the newly-revealed Nintendo Switch, but some aren’t convinced just yet. For example, although Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford is a Nintendo fan and likes the idea behind the upcoming console, he is suggesting that his team will wait and see how things are down the line. “Time will tell,” he said. “I love Nintendo and I love Switch, but it has never been easy for 3rd parties.”



          1. remember back in 2012 nintendo show off the Wii U and they release the prototype for the console. after they release the prototype for the console they show off the final design for the Wii U a few months later. so, i’m gussing that this will happen for nintendo switch as well.

            1. I reiterate, this is 5 months until release. They got good reception, so this will be final design. Now they’re manufacturing and only working on software.

  1. I have no problem with that. Afterall…3rd party devs has just came out 11 years dealing with THE WII & WII U. So i definetly understand some companies aren’t willing to jump in without thought. Lol

    1. A shitty alien game (what I’ve heard) which coincidentally was announced for Wii U also lol. They’re doing the ol, “oh we are gonna wait and see if it sells before we attempt to help sell the system.”

      1. A shitty alien game (what I’ve heard) which coincidentally was announced for Wii U also lol. They’re doing the ol, “oh we are gonna wait and see if it sells before we attempt to help sell the system.”

      2. Yeah they made the lackluster Aliens game and they also finished the decade in the making game Duke Nukem Forever which wasn’t great either (though who knows how much fault they played in that being the 3rd studio developing it). But they have done alot more good then bad. Their Borderland’s series is amazing and highly rated. They made the Brother’s in Arms games (never played them), Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, as well as they were involved in the Half-Life games and the original Halo. So to act like they are a bad development studio would be wrong IMO.

    2. They are known for taking Sega’s money to make the Aliens: Colonial Marines game for the Wii U (and other consoles), but instead, used that money to fund their own game (Borderlands 2), and then shipping the Aliens game (that they were supposed to work on), to smaller lesser known companies, who were under-funded for the project, and had less people working on it. So Gearbox’s project got funded, and they didn’t touch Aliens much, until Sega came by to check on the status, found that Gearbox wasn’t even working on it. But so much development and money had been done/spent, that they didn’t want to take a loss on scrapping it. So they rushed an incomplete product out to the market to try and make some of the money back. All except for the Wii U version, which got pushed back even further, due to even less people working on it than the other systems, and it wasn’t anywhere near complete. But they said they would finish it and release it. However, when the game on the other systems got terrible reviews, they decided to just scrap the Wii U version all together, as the other versions ruined it for the Wii U, which wasn’t anywhere near as done as the other version, when those versions weren’t even completed themselves.

      That’s what Gearbox is known for. Well, for 2 Borderlands games, and about 1000 expansions for them, too. But yeah, they are known for the Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco.




  3. Gearbox? Does it matter? Big deal. This Switch has a lot of potential. I wonder what the operating system is like. Can I download any apps? But limited because of 32gigs if true. But i bet thats the base model.

    1. They are prob gonna to shy away from the download all games model that Sony and MS are trying to push since they are gonna use carts. Makes it easier to verify you legit own a game on the go if you aren’t around an open wifi connection.

      1. Yeah and the like 5 bucks cheaper and have good graphics. Dr. TRE said in a video the price for cartridges were expensive but over time they are cheap now.

      1. Unless it supports microsd like the N3DS and N3DSXL. Especially when you can get those fairly cheap on a good day through Amazon or whoever.

  4. The only developers releasing games on Wii U right now are indies, which are much more unknown and obscure than the developers behind the Borderlands series. Having them on board would be a huge step up from the small-scale game developers the Wii U has been surviving off of. And they do have a point. Remember when the Wii U was announced and Nintendo had a lot of big developers backing them up? They all started to back out soon after the Wii U was released. Now we don’t know who is to blame on that, but historically speaking they are right. Unless you didn’t make casual games on the Wii and Wii U and your game isn’t backed by Nintendo, your games didn’t sell on their console. It’s normal for them to be a bit skeptical, and they weren’t being outright negative about it.

  5. With the list of devs who support it already, I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo is trying very hard to gain third-party support this time around.

  6. It’s okay, Gearbox Software. You aren’t the only ones still on the fence about supporting Switch. I don’t know about you guys, though, but I’m hanging over the fence & is inches away from falling over onto Nintendo’s side again. Just need that one final push from Ninty to fall over.

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