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The Boss Of Microsoft’s Xbox Division Says He’s “Impressed” By The Nintendo Switch

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, had some remarks to say on the Nintendo Switch when a fan asked what he thought of the console. Not only did he give positive remarks, but he even defended Nintendo when a fan said to him on Twitter that Nintendo is “running fast to self-destruction”. Both of Phil’s replies can be seen below, so feel free to check them out.

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    1. ||And don’t even think of forgetting this one…||

      ||Now compare the Xbots to the Sonyans on the highest level of power and give me a good reason to why the Xbots aren’t far worse in every way?…||

      ||The only logical solution, is their extinction…||

    1. Same. I’m a freelance gamer one I finally broke from Nintendo exclusivity. I use my Xbox and 3DS for all my digital entertainment. Switch may join my setup if it gets the games.

    2. ||You love Microsoft? The same filth that makes everything that much more useless and wants to violate everyone’s rights? Disgusting…||

      1. At least he’s not a role playing fanboy douchebag.
        You’re no better than xbots and sonyians, you’re just as bad with all your trash talk RP bullcrap.
        It’s better to just be a fan of gaming in general, than a fanboy which you clearly are with all your retarded ass trash talking, you freaking moron!
        GTFO of here with your crap!

    1. And now (I guess) you see why Commander hates them more than the Sony fanboys.

      With respect to Spencer, he’s pretty badass; I remember hearing someone say that he told off a Xbox fanboy on Twitter (I wouldn’t necessarily know, though, since I don’t use Twitter). If that were actually true, then he definitely deserves the praise that he’s getting.

      1. What exactly did MS fanboys say on here? I wouldn’t say I’m an xbox fanboy, but the xbox one is certainly my favorite this generation. That said, the Switch looks very interesting, and when Smash comes out, it’ll be a must have for me.

        1. “juan carlos canales @arqagogo
          @XboxP3 @Nexi_Dios nintendo is running fast to self destruction, they dont undertsand that innovation is not the way to earn more gamers”

          this is what this one is saying.

          1. Oh, the tweet. Well it’s unfair to judge all xbox fans by one naive fan’s tweet. By that xbox fans, who happen to also be nintendo fans, can be deterred from visiting Nintendo sites such as this one by the vitriol that is spewed out at xbox fans. It would be counter intuitive, given that the Wii U sold poorly. I’m already on board for the Switch, but who knows, this new console could definitely appeal to other xbox fans.

      2. ||The only thing that would make me respect this Xbot leader more than an enemy is if he quits Microsoft all together and joins Nintendo if he truly is a gamer…||

        1. Right, but when I was talking about you, I was referring how you hate Xbox fanboys more than the PlayStation fanboys (based off of your past comments), not specifically about Spencer. I’m not saying you’re wrong here, I’m just clarifying what I said.

        2. I would have respect for you if you stop being a freaking fanboy!
          That’s not going to happen though, you’re going to stick with your delusional freaking world and keep talking smack.

    2. Right…& then watch M$ turn around & do their version of a SWITCH & see M$ fanboys go Absolutely Ape*Shit!! Lol

      Heres a thought:
      …..i wonder what SONY thinks about it?

  1. Both Microsoft and Sony have been playing soft with Nintendo of late. It’s because they know they’re not really competing with them – and so it brings them good will to say generally positive things. Trust me, if Switch starts eating into the sales of Playstation and Xbox, that’s when it gets real.

  2. The switch will be copied. Nintendo is just the first company to take a logical step. Cartridges and portable/home gaming is the future. It was only a matter of time till tablets became consoles and the industry has been heading there. Nintendo veered into that territory and perhaps Microsoft and Sony (who also dabbled with the idea with their Vita) knew they would and will have their own variants. What you might now see, is secondary devices that connect to the XB1 & PS4 upgrades that are coming and possibly other types of mobile crossover, so to have their own spin.

    Either way, Nintendo will get a year to make it viable, then the other two will have competition in 2018-2019 and so it goes…

        1. Wasn’t it the same with smartphones though?

          There were smartphones out there before iPhone, but it was when iPhone released the hype for smartphones started and look at them now, they’re the common thing. It’s not enough to have a device with the same idea, you need to do the idea correct. A good OS, specs, game support and aim it towards an audience. And of course marketing it, I’m sure majority never heard anything about that Morpheus X3000, me included.

          1. This Kotaku article was released yesterday. This is how they spun it. If you have any issues, take it up to the Kotaku author, not me. This is why I later clarified and said, “Take it whatever you want.”

  3. s been the leading innovator in the gaming industry for practically forever now. The gaming industry needs both Nintendo and Sony/Microsoft, as Nintendo has always been the one to push the industry forward, while Sony/Microsoft help to lift it higher. That’s how it’s always been for a long time now. Not that Sony/Microsoft don’t “innovate” too, but Nintendo is the clear leader in innovation in the industry, as a whole.

    The D-Pad (NES), Shoulder Buttons (SNES), Analog Sticks (N64), Trigger Buttons (N64), and Rumble/Force Feedback (N64), were all “gimmicks” that Nintendo helped to popularize first, but are now “industry standards”. Motion Controls (Wii) and, to a lesser degree, Second Screen (Wii U) are still “gimmicks”, but still get used, and could eventually become an ‘industry standard’ one day.

    Without innovation, the industry will grow stagnant and boring. But without building upon those innovations, they grow into fads and fade away. So you need both. You need Nintendo to continue to being the leading innovator in the industry to help push the gaming world forward, as well as need Sony/Microsoft to continue to add more power to build those innovations up to newer heights.

    Any real gamer knows you need both. So you can’t be a “fanboy” to one side or the other, as that doesn’t help the industry. Competition is always great. But so is innovation and building upon those innovations, to help boost the industry to stay fresh and exciting and, above all, fun.

    1. Motion controls are a standard already, they just went from the excessive Wiimote/Move/Kinect thing to a more subtle and refined thing; no current gen controller/handheld lacks motion detection.
      Second screens are becoming more and more relevant too, though Sony is clearly trying to find a way to make their versions seem less of a blatant theft than Move.

  4. When left to their devices, the best Microsoft and Sony can do is spend millions to make a Wiimote do what the R-Stick does, of course he’s going to defend Nintendo, where else are they gonna steal ideas from?

  5. Phil did an outstanding job this far. The Xbox has great games, neat features like BC, an awesome conttoller and they have fixed pretty much everything with the S and the upcoming Scorpio. To me personally it’s all about Nintendo and Microsoft this gen. Both companies have earned my support as a gamer because they offer stuff that I want as a gamer. Sony on the other hand…

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