Nintendo Switch

A Number Of Developers Have Responded To Nintendo Switch


There’s an impressive number of third party developers onboard developing games for the Nintendo Switch which was announced today in a three minute video. IGN caught up with a small number of them and asked what they thought of Nintendo’s next generation platform. Check out their responses below:


“With the Nintendo Switch’s unique capacities and design, Nintendo could again redefine the way we play games. The Nintendo Switch is accessible at its core and also seizes on the growing trends of sharing more experiences and playing anywhere at any time. Ubisoft and Nintendo enjoy a long-standing partnership and we are currently developing a number of games for the platform, including Just Dance 2017. We look forward to sharing more at a later date.” – Yves Guillemot, Co-founder and CEO, Ubisoft


“We’re happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Nintendo on the trailer. While we are not confirming any specific titles at this time, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Nintendo and support of Nintendo Switch. We look forward to revealing specific details at a later date.” – 2K representative


“We’re happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Nintendo on the video. While we are not confirming any specific titles at this time, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Nintendo and support of the Switch. We look forward to revealing specific games and details in the future.” – Bethesda representative


“Congratulations to our partners at Nintendo on their reveal of Nintendo Switch – it’s great to see the excitement for their new device.” – EA representative


“SEGA and Nintendo have been great partners over the years, and we continue to with our support of the Nintendo Switch. We look forward to revealing specific game plans soon, but have nothing further to announce at this time.” – SEGA representative

NIS America

“We are very excited about the possibilities that the Nintendo Switch brings to the gaming space. However, we don’t have anything to announce about already-existing titles or content that may currently be in development for it at this time.” – NIS America representative

Epic Games

“We’re thrilled to partner with Nintendo to help Unreal Engine 4 developers bring their games to Nintendo Switch!” – Epic Games on Twitter

Bandai Namco

“Bandai Namco Entertainment has enjoyed a long partnership of publishing and developing great titles for Nintendo systems. We want to congratulate Nintendo on their exciting announcement. We look forward to bringing both iconic franchises and new titles to Nintendo Switch.” – Bandai Namco representative


“While we cannot confirm any specific series today, we can share our excitement to soon be bringing our projects to Nintendo Switch. Our dedication to creating emotionally engaging interactive stories that are identical for players using home consoles or on mobile/tablet devices on the go is a perfect fit for Nintendo’s innovative new hardware.” – Job J Stauffer, Head of Creative Communications, Telltale Games

Warner Bros.

“Nintendo continually innovates to develop unique technology for gamers, and we are excited to expand our long-standing relationship by creating games for the Nintendo Switch.” – WB representative


“We’re excited to be supporting the Nintendo Switch and believe the games we publish are a perfect fit for the portable nature of the console.” – Atlus representative



    1. Oddly enough that makes me less worried. I’m getting the sense that for whatever reason, Nintendo is asking third parties to be coy about their plans for the Switch for the time being – even those developers that had games featured in the original trailer.

  1. This is for all the people who wanted 3rd party support. This is only a sampling. Nintendo’s got your backs. Now pay what you owe: Your praise, love and money.

  2. I’m looking forward to this console more than I even did the revolution (Wii). I don’t care what people think. And those who say “oh great, another gimmic,” seriously? Yeah, who would want the gimmick to be that it’s a portable console with the power of a home system. Wtf is wrong with you?



      VR IS THE GIMMICK THIS IS ALL IN ONE GAMING a wiiu in reverse a system that makes sense

          1. I didn’t say it wasn’t a gimmick, did I? I’m pretty sure I didn’t. Did I not agree to the statement?

            “… a gimmick that’s slowly becoming a trend as well as an important milestone in technology.”

            Where did I say that it wasn’t a gimmick? Either you’re just trying to attack me, or you misread.

            1. I didn’t say you denied it was a gimmick. You made a generalization that VR is a gimmick that’s becoming a trend and milestone in tech. I’m clarifying by saying it’s always been a milestone in tech — again, in places like healthcare — while maintaining its gimmick status in gaming. I personally believe it will always be a gimmick in gamin, but it’s never been elsewhere.

              1. That wasn’t a generalization. If you read my comment fully, I used two examples as to where it’s beginning to transform the way we do things. I didn’t mention anything about gaming.

                I said it that way because, usually, when they think it’s a gimmick, they talk about gaming, but then they blindly extend it everywhere else. You clearly don’t think so, which is good.

                1. Yes, it is a generalization. VR is entering many industries; it’s not a gimmick in all of them, nor is it revolutionary in all. You didn’t specify where VR is a gimmick, you provided examples at the end of why it’s a gimmick and becoming a trend, and I’m merely disagreeing that it’s a gimmick in education and especially in simulation is all. I think it’s already revolutionary in most industries. I do, however, believe it is, and always will be, a gimmick in gaming.

                  1. Ok, fine: it’s a generalization. I don’t necessarily believe that it strictly is one, but I’m not going to go back and forth on that specific thing.

                    With that said, upon looking at your clarification, there’s one thing that I don’t think it’s correct in any way: you mentioned that it’s not a gimmick in simulations and education at all.

                    Yes, it was a gimmick in education, because we didn’t have many use cases in the beginning (or at all; we just had concepts). Once we understood more about VR and the tech had gotten better and more accurate, we were able to figure out what we can do with it, and then industries started to pick it up and use it. However, they’re still not practical. For example, how many driving instructors are using VR car simulations in order to perform driving lessons? I don’t think there are a lot. I certainly don’t know of any in Canada. That’s not to say that it’s not going to happen, but until then, it’s not going to be something that will automatically change just like that. So until then, it remains to be a gimmick, but it’s certainly moving out of it. As for education, I guess surgery comes to mind, but that doesn’t necessarily sound like it’s accurate enough for us to actually properly train someone how to cut people open and fix bodily fluids, due to things like frame rate issues and jitter. So until we can reliably fix these problems, we can’t yet say it’s not a gimmick. Yes, I understand that some individuals and organizations are using VR in both examples, but is there enough adoption on both industries? Right now, I doubt it.

                    This is what I’m talking about when I say that it’s a “gimmick that’s slowly becoming a trend”. For whatever reason that’s being made, whether it’s adoption, the mere fact that the technology isn’t ready/accurate/etc yet, or whatever else it is, VR will need to surpass these obstacles before enough people can become convinced that it will work well enough and easily enough for them to use it. Then there’s the fact that the barrier to entry is still too high for others to actually consider using it.

                    1. “Once we understood more about VR and the tech had gotten better and more accurate, we were able to figure out what we can do with it, and then industries started to pick it up and use it.”

                      I think you’re mistaking early stages of new technology with a gimmick. Most technology goes through this phase. Where it’s not a gimmick is it will actually do something to change the industry. In my mind, VR in gaming is nothing but a new way to play games that will never be bigger than the traditional way of playing games, nor will it be better. As for simulation, it’s not revolutionary for car instructors. It’s revolutionary for training in flight sim. As for health tech, it’s already in use to simulate a real-life migraine experience so caretakers can understand what patients of migraines actually go through as the stigma with migraines is that it’s merely a splitting headache; this allows us to see exactly what they see when they have migraines when done correctly. That’s but one case. These instances are already helpful in the industry; I don’t see it changing the gaming industry one bit.

                    2. … why do you need to keep bringing up VR gaming? What do I keep saying that prompts you to bring it up again and again? This is the fourth comment where you mentioned it that you’ve done this. Yes, I know that this is a gaming news site, but if you want to use that angle, then I can go further by asking what does this have to do with Nintendo?

                      (Going slightly off-topic aside…) We’re pretty much in agreement here: VR has the capability to change industries. So I don’t really know where you’re going with this.

                      But seeing that you really want to bring up VR gaming,…

                      … I have very little opinion about it, expect this: whatever status VR gaming gets will not determine VR’s success in becoming a trend. It’s like TVs: things like 3D TVs were a gimmick, but it doesn’t mean that TVs in itself are a gimmick. The opinion that VR gaming will maintain it’s gimmick status is just that: an opinion. And while I refuse to argue about VR gaming’s success or status (because again, I have very little opinion about it with the exception of my above comment and that I’m just going to be on a “wait and see“ approach before I make any formidable conclusions), quickly dismissing VR in gaming is — like with the early critics of television, mobile phones, online shopping, or whatever else that’s become commonplace now — incredibly naïve*.

                      (* Not saying that you are naïve, and I sincerely apologize if you had even the slightest thought that this was the case. I’m saying that the thought can be naïve.)

                    3. Uhh, it’s in one sentence and is part of my original point. It is still a part of my point. My exact point was, and continues to be, that it’s not a gimmick in every industry, but gaming is one industry where it will always be a gimmick. I don’t care for your opinion on VR gaming, I don’t care for your opinion on VR in anything, to be honest. It is FACTUALLY not a gimmick in many industries. I think you clearly lost sight of what the original point was.

                    4. *sigh.

                      In your first comment:

                      “VR’s a gimmick in gaming.”

                      In your second comment:

                      “… while maintaining its gimmick status in gaming. I personally believe it will always be a gimmick in gamin[g],…”

                      In your third comment:

                      “I do, however, believe it is, and always will be, a gimmick in gaming.”

                      In your last comment:

                      “In my mind, VR in gaming is nothing but a new way to play games that will never be bigger than the traditional way of playing games, nor will it be better.”

                      If you look at my comments, I only mentioned about VR gaming twice — in the same comment. Here:

                      “… why do you need to keep bringing up VR gaming?”

                      and here:

                      “But seeing that you really want to bring up VR gaming,…”

                      As a matter of fact, when you mentioned it the first time, I specifically asked if I denied that VR in gaming is not a gimmick. You (from what I understand) said no, but if it’s actually yes, then I’m perfectly fine with hearing how I denied it.

                      When Bowler AA talked about VR, yes he brought up gaming, but I would going in the broad sense. From all of my examples, there is nothing that refutes my point here. Generalizations? Fine. But other than that, what am I specifically incorrect about? Keep in mind that I said this in my third comment:

                      “… usually, when they think it’s a gimmick, they talk about gaming, but then they blindly extend it everywhere else.”

                      From your first comment, you specifically mentioned that it’s a gimmick in gaming. I avoided that because it wasn’t necessarily related to what I was talking about, but you kept saying that “in your opinion”, it will always be a gimmick. That’s fine if you think so; I don’t really care all that much about your stance between which specific industries will maintain whatever status with respect to VR. But, there are enough industries that will gain a trend status for us to say that VR will be a trend. That is, point blank, what I’m saying and that was my original point from the first comment that I sent to Bowler AA. So, in actuality, it is you who lost the original point.

                      As I said before, we are in agreement here: VR can be a trend. I don’t see anything in our conversation that suggests otherwise. The only thing that seems to become a rift in the discussions is VR in the gaming industry, with you believing that it’s a gimmick and me not having much of an opinion about it. You doing this over and over again gives me the impression that you really hope to get me to believe that VR in gaming is a gimmick, which… I don’t know why that needs to be done.

                    5. You are literally proving my point that I have kept the same exact stance since my first post. I’m not the one off topic here, your essay responses are bringing in multiple subjects that aren’t even remotely relevant to the original post. You think I am blinding bringing up VR in gaming; I’m not, it was literally my original point that it’s a gimmick in that industry and not in others. It is an elementary point to understand.

                    6. Here’s where your argument (that I’m off point) falls apart completely: in one of my comments (and I’ve stated this in my last comment), I said this:

                      “… usually, when they think it’s a gimmick, they talk about gaming, but then they blindly extend it everywhere else.”

                      Basically, I assumed that he believed that by extension, all of VR are considered as gimmicks (because honestly, for many gamers, this is the stance that they automatically take); I was very well aware of his comment and I simply made sure that he wasn’t thinking the same with VR in general. I don’t care what stance he is with gaming, as long as he’s not automatically painting the same brush everywhere. Therefore, all of your statements, all of this back and forth that we had in the past few weeks, had been for nothing; most of your comments had no reason to be said since I wasn’t originally talking about it. I’m struggling to see how that is so difficult to understand.

                      The fact that I brought up every part of your statement that basically said the same thing does prove your point that you had the same stance. I didn’t say otherwise. What I am saying is that your are making the wrong argument because I wasn’t making that sort of argument in the first place.

                      I wasn’t focusing with the statement of whether or not VR in gaming is gimmicky. I was arguing whether or not VR in GENERAL is gimmicky. The fact that you kept pushing the gaming part makes me feel that you need to find a way to prove me wrong, because nothing in your argument has disproved my original point.

                    7. Look: if you want to keep going in circles arguing about different things repeatedly, then that’s fine by me (I’ve got all the time in the world).

                      I’ve been as clear as possible to state my reasonings behind my comments, but it looks like they’re not getting through to you. I’ll keep trying until it does; I’ve successfully plowed through worse situations.

                    8. Dude, trust me, I’m not the one going in circles. I’m sticking to my point. Your essay responses are going in circles AND often off topic.

                    9. So you choose to ignore my repeated statements and make this instead. Well, I figured that would happen.

                      Alright: at first I thought that you were attacking me, but I backtracked and gave you the benefit of the doubt. Now it seems that my original statement was indeed correct. If this really wasn’t the case, you would have already responded to the statement properly (the statement that I made at least three times already and I won’t repeat it again unless I have to), but it seems to me that you can’t and so this statement was made instead.

                      Admit it: you’re either here with an agenda, or you misunderstood my original comment (whether by context or otherwise) and tried to fight your way into making it look like you didn’t. I’m not going to shame you nor will I allow your pride to go down either (it’s the Internet after all; your anonymity protects you anyway).

                      I’m not your enemy here, but these past few weeks have proven that you’re trying really hard for me to be.

                    10. That’s what I thought: you can’t properly counter-argue my statement so you try to save face by making that response.

                      This conversation was doomed from the start. I hope you’re happy at the mess that was made.

                    11. Yeah, I’m definitely the one who can’t “counter-argue.” I’m not happy nor sad, and I didn’t make the mess. Dude, one SERIOUSLY useful tip: be concise. Your writing is awful to read through.

                    12. Lol, okay. You mean don’t know how to argue in the way you want. As a regular on some sports blogs, I certainly know civil and meaningful arguments that stay on topic.

                    13. The way how you twisted the topic into something else clearly tells me that you don’t.

                      And again, you can’t even show the proof. Because you don’t have any. But if you want to keep wasting your time typing up nonsense, go ahead.

                      I reply to a comment, you replied with something I wasn’t even talking about but I played along to your little game anyway, you didn’t like the result you wanted, and now you resort to petty insults and excuses. I’m sorry that you had to go this low in order to make you feel good about yourself.

                      So keep imploding; your comments are really entertaining and keep making you look even more of a fool.

                    14. Sure. Whatever you say, cupcake.

                      If I replied to you about something you weren’t talking about, then you actually replied to me about something I wasn’t talking about first as I’ve been talking about the same thing the whole time. Amazing how that works.

                    15. What are you talking about? I began to talk to someone about something and you tried to change the topic. Regardless of if I played along or not, the point is, you argued about something I wasn’t even talking about. It’s hilarious how you think you’re in the right here.

                      Looking back at all of this, you have had a impressive range of reactions to my replies. If you think what you’re doing is considered as “civilized”, then I’m really concerned for you and I think you show take a very deep look at yourself.

                      It truly seems that you are incapable of understanding what’s wrong with what you’ve done. This argument is going nowhere and up until now, by earlier statement hasn’t been challenged (compared to me, where I’ve debunked all of yours, and if any of that is untrue, please show me). I’ll keep trying to show the error of your ways for as long as needed. I’ve talked to people much worse than you; you’re a snowflake compared to others.

                      (Of course, I’m going to expect you to deflect/ignore it (saying it’s a waste of time, more “cute” words (e.g.: cupcake); more saying it’s a waste of time, etc.); thereby further proving my point that you can’t touch me and you’re mad at that. So please, humour me.)

                    16. Well after all, you never proved it, while I did. Sorry that you thought I was going to let you off the hook.

                      Want to keep going? Keep doing it; I’ve got all day. We can go on and on for a long time. So go ahead; make your baseless comments.

                    17. Of course. Like I said with my last comment, you continue to deflect. And I expect you to continue to do something – anything – to try to fend me off.

                      You are way too predictable. I’m enjoying your failure to do anything here.

                    18. a) You have no idea what “proof” is if you think you proved anything.

                      b) How am I deflecting? I’m simply not reading your essay responses. They’re pointless and filled with irrelevant fluff. I urge you to learn to debate properly; concision, informative, and relevance are key. You lack all of those.

                      c) “Enjoying my failure?” What exactly am I failing at? I’m incredibly successful at what I do and definitely the smarter one between us two. And whatever joy you take in this perceived “failure” is honestly a sad reflection on you.

                    19. a) Then show me where. Show me where my comments lack in “concision, informative, and relevance”. From beginning to end. Here I am, waiting for you to do it, but you don’t. Then you say that you don’t read my responses…

                      See: this is what I’m saying: you can’t show me how I haven’t proved anything because you have no basis. So I suggest that you grow a pair and admit defeat or stop ignoring my statement and attempt to rip it into shreds. (Which I know for a fact that you either can’t do squat or you’ll take my comments out of context. Again.) Once more, here’s the exact statement that I made that explained my first comment:

                      “I said it that way because, usually, when they think it’s a gimmick, they talk about gaming, but then they blindly extend it everywhere else.”

                      This is a statement which you haven’t even tried to attempt to break down. You can’t prove that I didn’t mean it this way, but I dare you to try (which you won’t).

                      b) Yes, you are deflecting by ignoring my comments and calling them irrelevant (among other things, but I know that you’ll want to say “because they ARE irrelevant…”, followed by giving more baseless arguments about my so-called “say responses” when you don’t even read them followed by more attempts at insulting me). Speaking of “essay responses“, I urge you to look up the term “essay”, as you clearly don’t know what it means.

                      c) Yes, I’m “enjoying your failure”. You call yourself smart? Who’s the one that seems to be incapable of counter-arguing my statement?

                      … yeah. That’s what I thought.

                      “I truly don’t understand the need for people to get so defensive and proceed to go on the offensive, and then fail to see they’re the issue here. If this is your style, so be it. I want no part of it. You complain about others ‘attacking’ you and then act like a child yourself.”

                      For your first statement:… again, proof? Wait: you don’t have it because it’s a waste of your time. Got it.

                      “I’m incredibly successful at what I do…”

                      I can go into two angles with this (and in either case, it will show how it’s actually you who’s acting like a child).

                      (Meaning: you are successful in arguing.)

                      This absolutely holds no water, because you simply can’t attack my points. If it were really the case that my comments are non-sense, then it should be even easier for you to attack my arguments. After all, I’ve done the same to you. More than once.

                      (Meaning: you are successful in what you do in your life.)

                      I said (emphasis in capital letters):

                      “I’m enjoying your failure to do anything HERE.”

                      I’m talking about your failure to do anything in order to break down my logic in the comments section of this news article. You proceed to ask where exactly are you failing at (even though the sentence above clearly states where). Then you go on to say that you’re very successful in “what you do” and that you’re the smartest one between the two of us.

                      So… where the hell did I talk about your successes in life?

                      Hmm. See what I mean? This is exactly what I’m talking about. You misread or ignore my statements (by the way, I could care less about your successes in life).

                      Now, who’s the one attempting to insult the other or call them names? Who’s the one not answering the questions? Who’s the one “fail[ing] to see they’re the issue here”? Unless you can prove that I’m the one doing it, It’s – without a hint of doubt – you.

                      You say you want no part of this, yet you keep going. You say it’s a waste of your time, yet you still keep going. Well, if I’m not mistaken, the fact that you’re still going on and on about it proves that you do want to be a part of this. And yet you say that you’re the one smarter than me.

                      Now, you can either run along with your pants down and stop replying, or you can go ahead and reply while having your comments. I’ll be waiting.

                    20. Do I really have to point out concision? Your posts aren’t informative, but that was thrown in there because they’re supposed to be both concise while maintain information. Your posts CLEARLY are not concise; look up the definition.

                      As for relevance, going off topic is not relevant. You do that, solely because you post insanely long responses, making it nearly impossible for you to stay completely on topic. Again, concision fixes that, so work on that.

                    21. “Do I really have to point out concision?”

                      Uh, yes you do. Because when looking at the these comments, you clearly look like the fool here. At least I attempted to show your faults; all you did was criticize my length of responses while throwing in words such as “concision” and “relevance”. What have I done? I’ve literally added quoted both you and me and shown how you’re in the wrong.

                      Again: just suck it up and give up. Or grow a pair and attack back with actual evidence. Show exactly where I went off topic. Every. Case. You can say what you want about how I didn’t show proof or I’m not concise, but I guarntee you that what you’re doing now isn’t helping anything.

                      Seriously, if you can’t do it, shut up and concede. But no, it doesn’t seem like you can concede. So the ball is, once again, in your court. Will you concede? Will you prove your case? Or will you continue to spill non-sense? It’s your choice. Because doing anything else other than that shows that you’re incapable of doing any of the former two (and no, spitting out more insults won’t save you either).

                    22. No, I really don’t. You REALLY need to look up what “concise” means. In fact, here: giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive.

                      You are in no way, shape, or form, brief in any of your posts. It’s not an insult; you’re simply not concise AT ALL.

                    23. I’m not incapable. Incapability and unwillingness are completely different. There are too many points that are not relevant to the original topic that I’ve no interest in reading nor responding to. Yes, I think I’m smart. I think my Magna Cum Laude and career in analytics backs that up. I think my 20% raise last spring is a measure of my talent and work. Nothing you think or say changes any of that. So, again, yes, I’m fairly certain I’m smarter than you. Calling me dumb gets you nowhere, nor does it change that.

                    24. (So you’re choosing to continue to spit out non-sense. Good; clearly you’re enjoying this since you’re still talking.)

                      Again, all I’m hearing from you are excuses, but now I’m seeing hints of insecurity because I’m reading about your “Magna Cum Laude and career in analytics” as well as your “20% raise last spring” just to show your intelligence that’s apparently higher than me. I don’t know why you’re still bringing that up and no one said anything about it (except you), nor do I know if what you’re saying is true. There was no reason why it needed to be said. See, this what’s called “going off-topic”. You brought it up, by yourself. You needed to say it in order to feel better about yourself (Yes, you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have said it in the first place).

                      “Calling me dumb gets you nowhere, nor does it change that.”

                      So please show me where I called you “dumb”. Control-F (or Command-F if you use a Mac), then type “dumb”. It’s very easy to do. I tried it and I found one result. And it was on the same comment that I’m replying to right now. If you still can’t do, then it certainly shows how “smart” you are.

                      You have no basis. I will keep talking until you shut up. If it means we’re going to go at it for a long time, so be it; as I said earlier, since you’re still going on with this, it shows how much you want to do this. Whatever.

                    25. I can read between the lines, you’re implying I’m dumb in many, many places. Fortunately, I know I’m not. You can keep talking and wasting your time, I really don’t mind. I’ve literally read like 9 total sentences in your last 8 comments or so. You are so hard-headed and myopic it’s mind-boggling.

                    26. “I can read between the lines, you’re implying I’m dumb in many, many places.”

                      That. That above quote, right there, makes me wonder how you trying to keep going. Me? Implying that you’re dumb? You’re joking, right?

                      Just because you can’t read my comments, can’t show proof, throw insult, or act like a fool, doesn’t mean you’re dumb. Also, we somehow get from “Calling [you] dumb” to “implying [you’re] dumb”. This is very interesting indeed. At a “mind-boggling” level.

                      The fact that you’re going to use the above quote as an excuse for bringing up the part about smartness and adding your reasonings as to why you’re smarter than me is truly insane. “hard-headed” and “myopic”. As the saying goes: it takes one to know one.

                      You’ve said before for me to relax because you’re not attacking me. I didn’t think I had to tell this back at you, but:

                      Relax. You’re reading too deeply into this. I never said or meant to imply that you’re dumb, nor have I even thought about it. If you really were dumb, you wouldn’t be able to use a computer (or mobile device, or whatever you’re using to read this… nor not, since you only “read like 9 total sentences” from my entire side of the comments). This was all on you.

                      As for conciseness, here’s where you’re wrong: just because I bring up a lot of things doesn’t break my conciseness. I break up my stuff into paragraphs. I usually bring up examples. Then I separate things in a way to either be more readable, show that the sentences are together, or just to add dramatic effect. That’s what I do and most (if not all) people can read it clearly and can argue back. If you’re going by the strict definition, fine: it’s not short enough. But in terms of how brief it can be, it’s good enough to understand. Throwing the “concise” word all over the place isn’t going to get you to win the ultimate argument that we had in the beginning (as in, since my reply to Bowler AA). And this is something that you don’t want to understand.

                      You, however, cannot argue back (at least, after a certain point). And you’re angry about it. I have not once given an excuse for anything, not once insulted you, and have not once tried to turn a corner and shift to something that I can argue about in order to win the argument. You however, did all of this and more.

                      If you think I’m wasting my time, think again. You’re not the first one to do this sort of thing and you’re not going to be the last. I enjoy doing this. I enjoy reading the whining and complaining from the anger. The Internet really loves doing that and I can’t help but laugh.

                      This isn’t wasteful, but what we’re doing here is nothing; I’ve seen worse.

                      The fact that you turned from talking about how I was wrong about VR, to a bunch of pointless things (including “conciseness” and “being smarter than me”) and then reading how you’ve only “literally read like 9 total sentences in your last 8 comments or so” (which by the way, is a complete lie on your part, since you were perfectly fine talking back to me until I called out your tricks) shows that you’ve failed from the beginning and you’ve dug a hole that you can’t get out of. You’re grasping for straws now and there’s very few places that you can turn to at this point.

                      I can’t wait to read what you’re going to write next.

                    27. * (a and b were supposed to be combined together.)

                      ** Removing “b)”

                      *** [Also, y]es, you are deflecting by ignoring my comments and calling them irrelevant…

                    28. I truly don’t understand the need for people to get so defensive and proceed to go on the offensive, and then fail to see they’re the issue here. If this is your style, so be it. I want no part of it. You complain about others “attacking” you and then act like a child yourself.

              1. Actually, there are a number of people in this site that do seem to hate me (but it’s mainly because I have a different opinion compared to them and they don’t like it). It doesn’t bother me though (actually, I find it to be pretty funny that some people can be this childish).

                It seems that both of us misunderstood each other, so I’ll be the bigger man and apologize for entertaining the idea that you were trying to “attack” me.

            2. A fair bit of warning to those who are reading this thread: it’s going to be a long one.

              Also, to better understand my position, here’s some context:

              I didn’t really care much about Bowler’s opinion of VR in gaming, and it’s not what I wanted to tell Bowler. What I was hoping to tell Bowler was to not dismiss the importance of VR in general, even though VR gaming hasn’t really done that much.

              What Nowhere Man is doing is moving the argument away from my original intent since he didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about. In essence, he misunderstood what I was trying to do. If you look closely, you can see that we either agreed on the same thing or we eventually agreed on the same thing, but he was upset since I didn’t actually agree that VR in gaming will always be a gimmick (again, I don’t care about that and it’s not what I wanted to comment to Bowler about).

              You can see that Nowhere Man was unable to handle the situation well, resorting to insults for example.

              I have to say: Nowhere Man is a very smart commenter (look at his comments before and after this webpage), so he’s capable of having a civilized conversation. This is just a result of his pride getting the better of him, which is really disappointing.

              Anyway, enjoy; i hope you have your popcorn ready.

    2. Because it depends on how you look at it of course. I see it as a console with the power of a handheld. So it’s either a really great handheld, or a really shitty console depending what you’re into. I haven’t written the NS off by any means; if Nintendo can sell the social gaming and convenience aspect of it, they will have a hit. However, if they can’t, it’s just going to look like a tablet that only plays Nintendo games. They hit all the right notes with the trailer though… In fact, the marketing thus far has been better than the actual product.

      1. I see where you’re coming from and most of your statement makes sense. Except for that you said you see it as “a console with the power of a handheld.” How does it only have the power of a handheld? Compare the graphics in the trailer to any 3ds game. NS has far more power, appears to even be nearing that of Xbox One and PS4.

      2. You’re response to the actual product is a bit premature as no official specs in regards to the power of the Switch have even been announced. It is a home console that can also be played on the go as a portable gaming machine. Docking the portable portion into the base must do more than just look pretty sitting their. We have to wait a little longer for the full specs. Nintendo already said their is more to announce about this new system.

  3. I think most of them are waiting for the press conference (or Direct) in which Nintendo will give more details about the Switch, to confirm all of their games for the new console… I just want RDR 2 from Take-Two and Skyrim.

  4. Hopefully Game Maker/YoYoGames decides to support them. I have some pretty cool games in the works that I’d like to get on the console.

    1. … keep that motherfucking shitty piece of awful piss trash away from the Switch.

      (Sorry, but I brought it and I hated it with every fibre of my being, so I think I have the right to be this harsh).

  5. Didn’t Epic Games just randomly confirmed that Switch can run Unreal Engine 4 games? That’s a relief if it is the case… (I hope we are not talking about hugely downgraded “exclusive” versions).

        1. During an interview after Breath of the Wild’s reveal. Myiamoto stated that if the NX, now Switch, gets it’s own deticated Zelda, it’ll be down the road of the Switch’s lifespan. The interview is up here on My Nintendo News somewhere. I think. Try Nintendo Everything, they’ll probably have it.

  6. I’m so glad to see that 3rd parties are showing support for the Nintendo Switch. All Nintendo has to do is make the games that people want and the system will sell like hotcakes and 3rd parties will continue to flock to the NS. I’m excited…..can’t wait to see and hear more about what appears to be a great new system. My body and my wallet is ready

    1. The Wii sold amazingly and still had poor 3rd party support. I think if 3rd parties are going to support the NS, Nintendo is going to have to work their asses off for it. We haven’t seen that in the past, but Nintendo seems to be in the process of redefining itself, so that could change.

  7. I see Marvelous is on that list. Does this mean…

    A possible port of Skullgirls for Switch? I won’t mind buying it a third time if so.

    …and I guess the rest of the list is cool and promising too. :P

  8. My Wishlist of Nintendo Switch games
    Square-Enix:give us Kingdom Hearts 1.5, 2.5, 2.8, and 3. You owe us since you developed 4 games for Gameboy Advance, DS, and 3ds and would be amazing on Switch. Also bring FFVII,X,X-II,XIII, XIII-II, Lighting Returns to Switch

    Disney: Let Sega team up Nintendo of America for a another Percy Jackson and the Olympians game or a whole Rick Riordan mythology universe game (we need a sequel)

    The Pokémon Company: remake or develop a new Pokémon Coliseum game

    Nintendo: Smash Cart (please), new Kid Icarus, and Duck Hunt

    1. They’re going to be porting a lot of wii u games to the system, but I hope they leave room for actual exclusive games. Also that new Mario looks amazing

  9. This is why I prefer nintendo consoles more than ps4 or x box
    They push the boundaries of technology,
    And get too creative to ensure that we do enjoy ours games

    Thank you nintendo

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