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Digital Foundry Takes A Look At How Metroid Prime Redefined The First Person Action Genre

One of the series that you hear gamers remember fondly is the Metroid Prime series by the talented folks over at Retro Studios. Digital Foundry has taken an in-depth look at the franchise and reveals how it redefined the first person action genre and its magical transition from 2D to 3D – all at a rock solid 60 frames per second. If you’re a Metroid fan you’ll want to give it a watch.

36 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Takes A Look At How Metroid Prime Redefined The First Person Action Genre”

  1. I can’t be bothered watching a video that long to clarify something I already know; that Metroid Prime is a master piece of a game.

    It just saddens me that Nintendo have allowed Metroid to all but disappear. Even on its 30th anniversary it receives virtually no real acknowledgement other than the frankly embarrassing Federation Force.

    Here’s hoping that Nintendo do get their act together and finally make something that the fans have been asking for since the release of Metroid Prime 3 Corruption.

    1. Exactly. Nintendo has failed miserably to provide for metroid fans. While sure metroid isn’t the best selling franchise in the world, when nitnendo makes sequels to other horribly selling franchises it’s truly sickening how nobody cares to do a “passion project” for metroid. Tanabe’s trying but those people at nintendo won’t give him the resources required to make a prime 4!

    2. i remember retro studios saying metroid prime was a failure in their eyes despite the fact that we see it as a masterpiece, maybe they couldn’t do or add things they wanted due to either time or could not fit it with the game (not the size, they could not find a place for it in the game so they scrapped it). federation force is a side sequel not a main sequel, its like prime hunters being a side sequel and not a main sequel (yet somehow they don’t complain about hunters). i get that federation force is kind of a bad game, i played the demo and in my opinion its not that bad, would i buy it? i might when it is in the bargain bin for $10 (new or used, i don’t care).

    3. While I really loved the 3 Prime games, I perfectly understand why Nintendo isn’t releasing something new. Especially if you’re playing through the trilogy, it’s noticeable how they were a bit struggling to create something new without abandoning the original recipe. In the end, it’s always a structure of locations you can only access with the right gear and getting to this demands you to clear certain tasks. And no matter if you’re playing this in 2D or 3D, with a darkworld or with a corruption, Nintendo needed some time off that franchise because just creating the next iteration of a brand that doesn’t sell as good as Mario kart or Smash Bros without having a good concept not to just make users play the same game all over again and again would be pretty tedious. Other M showed how desparately they must’ve been looking for some change of direction.

      That being said, while just creating a Prime with better graphics wouldn’t have felt as necessary, now after nearly 10 years after corruption, they might have collected enough new ideas plus might be able to make a leap in tech that really has an impact on the gameplay. These days they could use physics, get rid of this separated room-architecture, get rid of respawning enemies and introduce quite a lot of new mechanics that wouldn’t’ve been possible before. So yeah, I guess it’s time. But for the past years they didn’t do anything for the same reasons they waited so long with Metroid Prime.Tech needed to ensure that they don’t just improve on an already perfected concept by just adding more details and sharper textures.

    1. Oh, I’m one of the lucky souls that bought the physical version of Metroid Prime Trilogy, with the metal case and artwork and everything.

      It is truly gaming nirvanha.

      1. I have the Steel case and downloaded it. Easily the best in its class. It makes Halo look like a college class project in comparison. Unlike Skyward Sword, it doesn’t seem to suffer as badly from Low-res “jaggies” so it’s still fun.

        For Metroids 30th anniversary, I’d have been happy with an HD remaster. :/

  2. It is a crime against gaming itself that nintendo has abandoned the metroid series! It is something I’ll never forgive them for and is the ultimate reason why I’m planning to make a metroid spiritual successor to please starving metroid fans like myself.

    While sure, titles like guacamelee and axiom verge are definitely good games, they personally don’t scratch that metroid itch that’s been building up for over half a decade now. As for playing the old games? You can only play games so many times before you get bored of them. Not the core formula but it’s execution.

    That’s why I’m going to make this game…because nintendo is too goddamn fucking lazy to do so!!

    1. Lucky for you…other wise you’d develop a grudge against nintendo for their terrible treatment for the series.

  3. The Metroid Prime games expanded the exploration and things you could do in the Metroid games. While I like Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, I agree that it was excelent that they created the Prime series. Perhaps in the Nintendo Switch the Prime we have wanted will be there in a few years.

    1. All modern fps games, including Call of Duty, owe their existence to the original Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. Those games are around a decade older than Metroid Prime.

      1. I don’t totally disagree, however gaming was also around before the NES.
        The NES rebirthed gaming, bringing it to its full potential.
        I do credit Doom and Wolfeinstein for being pioneers, but Metroid did for FPS what the NES did for gaming, forced it to evolve.
        Conspiracy : This article was done as pre-hyping for a Switch game that will receive a 15 sec teaser in January, for a game that will be out in 4 years? :D (Like WiiU did with X)

        If so, you can be damn sure I’ll buy a Switch bundle in year-2 of its launch!

  4. Takes me back. I love my Wii U, but the one franchise that I was looking forward to seeing in HD the most was Metroid Prime. Each E3 for Wii U that passed without “Prime 4” was painful, and the eventual reveal of “Federation Force” actually felt like a slap in the face.

    Nintendo has to know that for a large subsection of their fanbase (~3M), Metroid is their primary concern amongst the Big Three (Mario, Metroid, and Zelda).

  5. Nintendo’s disregard for the original Metroid play style has left me irritated with the company. In my opinion, the Prime games could’ve been much better, as the controls compared to other games are severely lacking. I view them as the worst in the series in terms of gameplay.

  6. Like another said, I don’t need to watch a near 18 minute video to found out that which I already know! As much as I’d love for Metroid to try & stay with 3rd person that Other M went back to, I’d be fine with a new Metroid game in the same vein as the Metroid Prime trilogy. It’d be awesome if I could even switch between 1st & 3rd person at will by simply going into options & picking the viewpoint I want to use.

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