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Final Fantasy’s Director Is “Very Interested” In Nintendo Switch

Square Enix‘s Hajime Tabata has expressed that he would like to create projects for Nintendo Switch. Although he admits he hasn’t been keen on developing for Nintendo platforms in the past, the Final Fantasy director says he is “very interested” in the upcoming console. One of the key features he’s most excited for is the Switch’s versatility.

“I’m very interested in this machine! As a player, but also as a developer,” said Tabata. “The Nintendo Switch that you can transform into a controller, that you can put into a dock, that you can move around with, on which you can replace elements. It’s been a while that I’ve told myself that I would like to make games on a Nintendo machine, so if the Nintendo Switch could be that opportunity, I’ll be delighted!”

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47 thoughts on “Final Fantasy’s Director Is “Very Interested” In Nintendo Switch”

      1. I was more making a general statement, they can bring any of the FF games to Switch and I’d be interested. But to be specific, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was a blast and FF:III is good fun.

        I’d like to see the old games make a comeback honestly.

        1. Yes, the more traditional Final Fantasys were pretty good games.
          Isn’t the latest some kind of hack and slash game?

          1. I’m not sure, I wasn’t interested in the one’s for Wii and DS that were out at the time. Echo’s of Time and Rings of Fate looked like normal RPG game’s, but maybe just without the Scale that is known in FF games. Like I said I didn’t play them, the others I loved (FF: CC & FF:3/DS).


          2. Final Fantasy XV is going to have gameplay very similar to the main Kingdom Hearts games. So while it’s still an RPG, it’ll be an action oriented RPG.

        1. Crystal Chronicles on the Gamecube may as well have came out way too soon since it would have been better as an online multiplayer game.

  1. oh non of you know the story behind the poor relationship and how the old dog at nintendo the dead president dragged a squre guy out the building and gave him LETS SAY A GOOD BEAT DOWN

    so tjhe story goes squre were all cocky and big headed at a meeting saying we want to develop on ps1 sowe can have COUGH cut scenes rather than gameplay nintendo presidnet freaked out tipped the table and said gamesconsoles are for gaes not movies and physically dragged him into the street

    apparantly a true story nintendo then told them were to go Hiroshi Yamauchi is who im talking about

    1. A remake of the original Crystal Chronicles would be nice. As I said above, it came out way too soon as it would have been perfect as an online multiplayer game. That & I never actually got to beat that game. Not to mention there were some mysteries in the game I never got to see a great conclusion to as many ended as cliffhangers.

      1. Basically he did, you have to read between the lines. If there was a FF game currently in development he would have worded his comment differently.

  2. I wouldn’t mind a port of KHIII but to be honest I’d prefer a Final Fantasy spin-off than just a port of XV (Though I wouldn’t object to the port), Tokyo Mirage Sessions was a really good example on how to bring out the strengths of a console instead of just porting a game made for a completely different demographic; I would have liked Persona 5 on Wii U but TMS made much more sense.

  3. All I really care to see from this guy on a Nintendo console is a revival of the Crystal Chronicles subfranchise! Starting with an enhanced remake of the original Crystal Chronicles with online co-op multiplayer. After that, a remake of My Life as a King where instead of being in town 24/7 while other people do the adventuring, the king actually gets to go out & explore a new location and take part in battles himself. After which, you can explore it again yourself as many times as you want or you can send someone else there to do the exploring for you. As for building the city, that part is awesome & fine as is. Although, it’d be nice to be able to actually walk inside of the houses, stores, schools, and even the castle itself. Maybe even expand the building mechanic to effect more than just houses & landmarks but the overall design of the walls surrounding the town and even the castle itself. Make the game a combination of an awesome adventure game AND an awesome customization game with a customization process for your character, NPCs, etc. After those two, then we can talk about new entries in the franchise. Yeah. Probably hoping for way too much here but it never hurts to dream.

    As for main Final Fantasy games & the Kingdom Hearts franchise, meh. I’m perfectly happy with getting them on PlayStation consoles.

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