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Pachter Believes That Red Dead Redemption 2 Arriving On Nintendo Switch Is Extremely Unlikely

One of the biggest video games of 2017 will be Rockstar’s long-awaited Red Dead Redemption 2. The sequel to the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption is expected to be the biggest holiday title next Christmas. Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that the chances of the wild west themed shooter appearing on the Nintendo Switch are ‘exceedingly poor’ and that he would be “really surprised if they wasted their effort to port anything for Nintendo.” I guess we shall have to wait and see, Mr. Pachter.

“I would say the chances of that are exceedingly poor,” he said. “I can’t remember any game other than – there was a GTA made for the DS, which came out in 2009 – I’d be really surprised if they wasted their effort to port anything for Nintendo. I just think that Nintendo has wandered too far away from the mainstream for most of the publishers, so you’re just not getting mainstream games produced for Nintendo consoles- not ones made for other consoles, at any rate.”


88 thoughts on “Pachter Believes That Red Dead Redemption 2 Arriving On Nintendo Switch Is Extremely Unlikely”

  1. He’s not wrong. Devs stopped developing for PS3 and Xbox because they hated building to the lowest common denominator. They not going to make beautiful games for Scorpio and PS4 Pro, just to downgrade them for a less powerful Switch.

          1. What makes you say that? I don’t know too much about game design, but I would think it would be easier to design for the most powerful console and then remove whatever details necessary to allow it to run on less powerful hardware. It should be easier to remove details from a design than it would be to add more to it.

            Also does it really matter whether they upgrade the base version or downgrade the advanced version. The point is they have to make games that can run on PS4/XBO. If the Switch turns out being on level or slightly less powerful than those systems, there shouldn’t be a technical problem porting over to Switch.

      1. Yes, because the combined install base for both consoles is 67mn, and the two brands have a confirmed history of strong triple-A sales. The Switch is unproven hardware following a console that had a 12mn install base, third-party support that can only generously be called anaemic and coming from a brand whose install base’s buying of third-party titles has ranged from tepid to disastrous. Versus the cost of development, market research, QA and customer support training for the Switch’s unique hardware, for an install base that even in rosiest project might outpace Wii U sales by 30% (7mn total for first year of availability), and which I personally think will fall short of Wii U sales in reality, there’s very little upside to bringing that title, or any major triple-A development, to the console.

        Triple-A developers are promiscuous entities that thrive on volume sales and we will learn very quickly after launch what we can expect from the console. If the Switch isn’t getting steady day-one multiplat releases within six months of full release, then you’ll know that, like the Wii U, the promised support was provisional if not outright mendacious

    1. Most developers will produce software for whatever platform it will sell well on. Being an under powered system doesn’t really doesn’t mean jack. However, if the limits of the system are such that it makes it impractical to port to, then they wont. Now, most of today’s game engines are very scalable. You’ll see that UE4 is going to help bring a lot of great games to the Switch.

      Again, people keep trying to compare the Switch to the PS4/Xbox One…Are they stupid?!? Let’s see you walk out your door with a PS4 in yours hands as you continue playing your game off battery power….can it be done, sure if you want to buy a screen for the PS4, incorporate a controller into it and tote a car battery around. While the Switch will be an extremely powerful tablet, it’s still not a full featured console…period! However, if it is 3-4 times as powerful as the Wii U which is what it’s looking to be, that really is amazing when you think about it.

      1. Although it doesn’t seem like a full fledged console it really is. it is not a tablet. just because it look like a tablet doesn’t mean it is. it is the same as saying Wii U, Xbox one, and PS4 are computers which they are not. Nintendo Switch is a small form factor console that is portable. There are computers that small but not that thin. It is a console unit and not a tablet. Just like the wii u gamepad was not a tablet.

        1. I got news for yah bud, EVERY console is a computer, even going back to the 8 bit days.
          And the XBO and PS4 are what most call a “gimped PC” meaning it’s got all the same innards, but you can not do all the things with it you can with a PC because the platform is locked down by the company that produced said hardware.
          Let’s see..
          Each console has
          1 a hard drive.. check.
          2 and optical drive.. check
          3 an operating system of sorts.. check
          4 games more often than not in recent years need to be installed on a hard drive in said consoles.. check
          5 both consoles have a CPU and a GPU and they use a form of memory.. IE RAM.. check
          6 games and software and the OS as well need updates and patches.. check
          The hardware it’s self is designed much like a personal computer like my desktop.. same types of innards.
          And as i stated, every game console has ALWAYS been a computer…
          And now more than ever, the 2 main leading consoles are a LOT like a personal computer.. gimped means you’re restricted, but otherwise.. they ARE personal computers.
          I’m not sure what to make of Switch though.. sure it’s a computer… but… not as MUCH like a PC as the other 2.. more like a tablet or smart phone that you can use as a console you hook to a TV…

      2. Again, people keep trying to compare the Switch to the PS4/Xbox One…Are they stupid?!?

        Stupid is someone who wants to sell a portable console as a home console. That is making str8 competator to ps4 and xbox one. I have bought almost every nintendo console since snes (never liked wii though). If its beneath of xbox one in power terms i will defenatly not be buying this.
        Oh and people who will buy it as a home console (that also means pricier than a portable) are defenatly gonna be super stupid or blind fanboys. Having said that i believe that nintendo will deliver one way or another (maybe by buying something extra to add power to the deck) and i sure gonna buy it day one. If they make it i would gladly pay even 500 for this and will “SWITCH” from my ps4 that i only play the last months (since i finished “tokyo mirage” what an amazing game!!!, persona 5 on switch anyone?)

  2. After his unwarranted attack on the late Mr. Iwata, I believe that Nintendo fans ever listening to a word he said ever again is also “extremely unlikely.”

          1. Why? Does dying make someone a god? They are still just people. A bad dead person is still bad. A good dead person is still good. People act like it’s wrong to disgrace the dead, but that doesn’t make any real sense. I am full of fail and I expect people to remember that after I pass away. Iwata is no different.

                1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                  ||I couldn’t care less, in here Lord Iwata is the Supreme Lord of Nintendo, period…||

                  1. Well, A lord- while they are not/were not president of the company, Nintendo still has the legendary Miyamoto, Aonuma, and Sakurai.

                    And don’t forget about the late Gunpei Yokoi, who created the franchise your persona originates from, O wise one- would you not say he is a lord for creating that from whence you came?

                    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                      ||Nintendo Hierarchy…||

                      ||Supreme Lord, High Command, High Lords, Supreme Ambassador, Lords, Sub-Lords, Elite Scientists, Scientists, High Ambassadors, High Commanders, Ambassadors, Commanders, Sub-Commanders, Lieutentants, Sub-Lieutenants, Diciples, Warriors, Mobile Infantry , Nintendolings and Civilians||

                      ||And as a collective species, Nintendites, now you know…||

                        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                          ||I’ll be very impressed if you can connect the ranks to the titles humans have for each if them in every day life so to speak…||

                2. People tend to to prefer remembering those who’ve died in a positive light. It’s perfectly normal. The reason I personally have a problem with insulting the dead is because the dead can’t defend themselves. To me, it’s cowardly to insult or disrespect someone who can’t speak up for themselves. It’s just as bad as talking behind Someone’s back.

                    1. That’s also why I got pissed off at a few people when Robert Williams, passed away. On top of that, he was a lost relative of my family. I can’t stand that and I blow up. It’s like when you have someone you care for the most in the world and died. People talk bad about him, what would you do?

      1. The sad thing is, even if Nintendo would found an exklusive GTA for Nintendo Switch, many (most) of the Sony-/Xbox fanboys would STILL not buy a NSwitch! Instead they would bitch around an sign some petition :/

        1. Good thing Nintendo never listens to petitions. You ever hear of the one this California guy made? He made a petition to get Nintendo to port Smash Bros. 4 to the PS Vita, cause he said no one wanted to play it on an underpowered system. Underpowered my foot!

      2. I’m expecting that too but you guys should really take a page from GoNintendo and not post this clowns shit anymore.

      3. ypu people are as distgusting as he is WHAT DO YOU MNEAN AFTER HIS IWATA STATMENT

        HE HAS BEEN TALKING SHIT FOR OVER 10 YEARS AND IS A PAYED INDUSTRY SHILL HE IS PAYED TO SAY THESE THINGS even the cfompany he worked for posted a disclaimer stating his ames industry statm,ents have nothing to do with them and come from a third party souce

        the guy is a compleat puppet he is sent out to talk shit because industry insiders hate nintendo and are shaking in there boots

        if nintedno does badly he says there great if they destroy there competetors and disrupt the industry THERE SHIIT

        he says everything in reverse of the truth NOTICE HE IS NOT TALKING ABOUT ZELDA and the huge suppy of games nintendo has in development for a massive switch attack next year and into 2018

        he will only get more FULL OF SHIT the more success nintendo has when switch destroys ps4 pro xbox scorp and every vr headset combined HE WILL TALK ENDLESSS NONSENCE


        1. Also learn how to use English correctly in general. You spell something wrong in every sentence, which you seem to separate like a paragraph. Plus your random use of capitalization is very nonsensical and causes your message to be less impactful.

      4. Oh boy! Another Pachter article where he’s made another negative prediction! Haven’t seen that before/sarcasm.

        1. The only way to get people from reporting on Pachter or any other analyst good or bad is to not click on it. Sicker only post what his readers react to whether it is good reaction or bad reaction. That’s most sites. It is the reason most developers or publishers have to watch what they say.

          1. Your funny. That was a joke right? Your not actually defending this p.o.s. are you? Im not being inflammatory. Pachtner may say something good about Nintendo here or there, but over all he has his nose firmly planted in Sony’s ass. And he says things all the time that negate any positive positions he may have about Nintendo. Its not just that only negative stuff gets press, its that he mostly only have negative shit to say about the big N.

            1. He says negative stuff about all three and publishers. I’m not defending him. The media enjoys stating his negative comments and not his positive ones. I don’t agree with most of his comments. If you can think about it, whenever you see his name on an article look at the type of comment it is. These comments come from his youtube show and the question he is being asked is always missing from the article.

        2. he did not ban sasori obinna when he was the lolcow of this site. That black emo was “doxxed”, insulted iwata and robin williams in life and death, made self-racist, sexist, and homophobic comments, people asked sickr to ban that autistic guy and he did nothing to help. i do not think he’ll stop with that pachter BS.

      5. I hate people talking about the Nintendo Switch been less powerful than their competitors taking rumors as if they were already officially presented by Nintendo. Just wait before talking Please. other wise you could make it happend.

      6. Shit like this is what brought the Wii U down when it released. The Switch isn’t even out yet! Wtf?!!!!!! Everyone knows everything about it all of a sudden? Man. Nintendo can’t catch a break. Why do people hate on them so much?

        1. History tells the tale: The greatest are, without exception, the recipient of the most jealousy and hatred. And I’ll add that should Nintendo ever fall, the same folks will be the ones to lament the “great loss” to the industry as a whole.

      7. I blocked you i’m tired of this website kept on mentioning that shitbag not so great Michael pitcher. i’m a Follow make an account on GoNintendo. Good by Forever MyNinPatcherShitLoverNews

      8. I would really hate to have this guy’s Twitter account. Then again, I’d hate to have a Twitter account period. I don’t know which place has more hate: Twitter or Yahoo comment sections.

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