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Pokémon Sun & Moon Can Now Be Pre-Loaded On Nintendo 3DS

If you decided to pre-purchase the long-awaited Pokémon Sun & Moon on the Nintendo 3DS then you’ll be pleased to know that you can now officially download the game. However, it will not unlock until November 18th when the game is due to be released in the United States. If you’re curious Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are 3.2GB.

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  1. Got mine preordered on Amazon because of that steelbook with both games. Not sure how long it will be on pre-order, though, as I’m so close to canceling it. -.- If I don’t get a Genesect by the 16th, I’m not buying shit from GameFreak!

      1. Read the fine print on these events. Somewhere in the picture advertising it, they specifically say “while supplies last.” Like how the Nintendo Switch trailer had the disclaimer hidden at the end about “this video is not indicative of blah blah blah.” I got a Facebook friend who just told me roughly the exact same thing a couple of minutes ago. xD

        1. The only fine print I’ve noticed on my receipt is “Server maintenance is scheduled to take place throughout the year. Code redemptions will not be possible during these times.”
          Then again, I don’t live in America and only looked up the information on Serebii.

          1. I read the other day that they can print out the codes on receipts & was going to have my wife ask if anyone at our closest GameStop store could do that today after she got off work to buy our son a new 2DS, but, thankfully, my friend I mentioned gave me a code this morning so it’s all good now.

            1. That’s good, I’m glad everything worked out. Now it’s just the wait for Sun/Moon. But anyway, I hope you have a stress-free weekend and your son enjoys his new 2DS. :3

  2. That’s cool, but how much block will it takes? currently my New 3DS has 20,505 and I was thinking on getting on the eShop since I get 5 hour early than retail plus I want to get gold on mynintendorewards.

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