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Videos: Here’s The Nintendo 3DS Holiday Adverts

It is already November and Christmas is fast approaching so it is time to see what Nintendo has in store for gamers during the holiday season. Nintendo of America has uploaded their TV commercials that will no doubt be all over your TV screens in the coming weeks showcasing a number of family friendly titles including PokΓ©mon Sun & Moon and Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. You can check out the festive commercials above and below!


  1. Tom Nook!? Amazing!? Hahahahahahahahahahah! Funniest thing I’ve heard all damn day!

    I’m shocked they didn’t sneak FedshitForce into these and have someone lie straight to people’s faces about how awesome it is!

    1. How many months have passed since federation force was released and still crying like a girl because of that?

      1. No amount of time passing will ever erase the shame that abomination brought on Metroid. Least not til a TRUE Metroid game releases. And that’s the bottom line because King Kalas said so!

  2. “it is time to see what Nintendo has in store for gamers during the holiday season”

    Aside from Sun & Moon (technically in November), nothing worth squat.

    Way back in January, I thought this was going to be the year of Nintendo’s renaissance/revival, the year I would graced with Yooka-Laylee, Sonic 2016, Breath of the Wild, and over 100 new Pokemon this Christmas. I was wrong.

    Nintendo for Holiday 2016 is a huge laugh.

    1. “nintendo holiday is joke lel”
      1. super mario maker 3ds for people who didn’t bother with wii u
      2. super mario run
      3. nintendo selects
      4. nes classic edition
      5. nintendo switch pre-orders
      6. pokemon and all of the bundles of sun & moon
      7. new amiibo
      obvious troll

      1. Obvious troll? No. He’s just a disgruntled Nintendo fan expressing his opinion. Or are you one of those people that need that “in my opinion” line spelled out for ya? Anyway, that list. Only 4, 6, & 7 are worth mentioning. The rest is just a half assed game from Nintendo for the Holidays, like Mari Tennis: Ultra Trash was last year, a mobile game that only casuals, Nintendo fanboys, and desperate Nintendo fans that are desperate for anything Nintendo related to play will care about, Nintendo Selects of games most people already have, and being able to preorder something that they won’t even be able to get til March 2017. Yeah. Christmas is definitely full of such great things to look forward to! /s

          1. I don’t see how their bank account should negate someone’s opinion of a shitty Holiday line up but okay. With how desperate you were to pad Nintendo’s holiday line up with preorders of the Switch, of all things, that people won’t even get til months AFTER Christmas, I see you’ll use any excuse for Ninty to apologize for their shitty holiday line up.

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