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The CEO of Tantalus Says Tantalus Is Working On The Nintendo Switch

Tom Crago, CEO of Tantalus and Straight Right studios, took part in an interview with Maxi Geek to discuss the Nintendo Switch console. At one point in the interview, Crago says that “I can confirm that we’re working on Switch, and have been for some time. Our titles haven’t been announced as yet, but keep an eye out for more news soon”. It’s more support for the Nintendo Switch, and if this was any indicator, that support still seems to be growing.



  1. I love Tantalus as a company. One of the few successful Aussie devs that put their all into their games. Drift Street International is still one of my favourite DSiWare games.

    1. Yes they did and they ported Mass Effect 3 as well as Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut. Straight Right are great at porting games…especially for Nintendo platforms but I really wanna see what they can do from a games creator standpoint. I’m very interested in seeing what games they are working on for the Switch…I can’t wait

          1. zombiu was a bad game by any standard.
            Fun, yes, but even a bad game can be fun, and you really can’t expect miracles out of port of a game that has to be stripped down from features that added at least bit to that fun that could be had on that glitch fest.

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