Japan: Nintendo Mini Famicom Sells Out

It’s been announced that the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer has completely sold out in Japan after going on sale today in the land of the rising sun. The system sold out in less than hour after going on sale in Tokyo. Nintendo Japan has yet to confirm when more stock will become available. The English version of the system has also sold out in the United Kingdom and is only available via eBay with inflated prices.



  1. Pfft! Nintendo’s shitty stock continues! Sadly, they’ve already admitted the Switch is going to have shitty stock since they’ll only be shipping out 2m & say they won’t ship out more unless there is demand for it. In other words, they won’t ship out more than 2m til that 2m they initially shipped is sold off & a shit load of stores call in to order more. Let’s hope every store taking preorders doesn’t stop taking preorders at any time. Same for the online stores. Just in case there is more than just 2m people trying to preorder one.

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