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Nintendo Officially Announces Wii U Production Is Ending

Nintendo tried to deny it, but now they have confirmed that Wii U production is coming to an end. The news was announced today on Nintendo’s official Japanese site and picked up by Kotaku. It was inevitable that it was going to happen as sales of the platform has so far failed to take off and with the Nintendo Switch on the horizon, Nintendo is looking to move on.

The text reads, 近日生産終了予定 (kinjitsu seisan shuuryou yotei), which means, “Production is scheduled to end soon.”


90 thoughts on “Nintendo Officially Announces Wii U Production Is Ending”

        1. Its stupid, it compromises the integrity of Nintendo fans. Gaming is about fun, the commander ego creates a dividing line for no reason.
          As a real gamer i know its about games, systems just let you play games, if you want to talk shit, then talk shit about puma or Sony. Xbox and Nintendo focus on fans.

          1. Im not sure I agree. I mean, yeah MS is doubling down (mostly because of Phil Spencer) on games and catering to gamers NOW, but this wasnt the case last generation or at the begging of this generation. The same could be said about Nintendo. They (Ninty) put all their eggs in one basket and it bite them in the ass, Could you really say that Nintendo didnt try to cater to the casuals that made the Wii successful during the first year of the Wii U and didnt abandoned their core fanbase? Or that MS didnt try to get that same audience with their “all in one” system when they announced the XBO?

            As of right now I dont think Sony is doing much for their core audience, but at the beginning of this generation they hit the floor running with everything they promised. Most of those promises were ass in the end and some of them have even failed to be delivered, but they sure as shit promised it. They have all dropped the ball so to say that Ninty and MS are the only ones that should unite is not something I can agree on, but as of right now MS is doing as much as possible for their gamers. Nintendo is in that promise phase, and I sure as hell am happy with what im hearing. as for Sony, well, they can go to hell for right now. At least until they can keep an actual release date and release games that they promised when they first showed off the ps4.

    1. Thats never going to happen, the ps pro was a flop, but xbox sales keep going up, and the scorpio keeps gaining pre orders. Sony is out, not xbox, not even close

      1. Meanwhile, Sony made 40m in the UK alone on PS4s while Xbone was nowhere near that mark. Yeah! No, no. Sony is totally out. You’re right. /s

    1. They were completely accurate. Nintendo is lying. Production ended exactly when they said it would. Again, sheep like you will believe anything. You probably thought it wasn’t ending at all until today when your precious Nintendo said so. People like you are the problem. You don’t question anything. You want to believe that all these journalists just make shit up because they know more than you and you’re insecure about it. “Wait for official sources!” LOL

      Nintendo lies to you all the time and you are a blind follower.

      1. According to eurogamer they. Claimed iwii u production would end last week. No source is ever completely accurate.

        1. The truth is that they probably delayed the announcement by one week to make themselves not look like liars but come on….this is the third time they’ve lied. They said the DS wouldn’t replace the GBA. They also said the Wii U had strong third party support – the same thing they are trying to say for the Switch. When you back a wild animal into a corner, they are capable of anything. Nintendo is becoming desperate. Buyer beware.

          1. Now hold on there…if you do remember, they did have all that support, when the wii u didn’t sell well, they backed out…remember all thos articles that said all those companies stated “we are not making anymore games with the wii u”?

            I don’t think they lied there at al if all those companies backed out in the middle of the prime of the wii u with confusion and poor marketing took over. I mean its obvious.

      2. There’s nothing wrong with waiting for official word. It’s better to be patient and wait for conclusive data than to assume something is true and find out later that you were wrong.

  1. This sounds like something straight out of south park’s depiction of canada.

    “The wii u is ending!”

    “No It’s not, guy”

    “The wii u is ending!”

    “No It’s not, budday!”

    “The wii u is ending!”

    “Ok now it’s ending.”

  2. Wii U you brought some good memories and bad. You brought forth wonderful titles that will more than likely get ported or get a sequel onto the Switch. You kept Bayonetta alive. When the Switch gets released and it’s a complete success, you were a contributor to the Switch’s success. I and many others won’t forget you.

  3. Dear Wii U:

    Good run old girl. If Nintendo wanted, you would have been a fine machine for the people. But hey! Now you can watch your big bro do….. whatevz it thinks it’s going to do.

  4. And NOW they tell us that AFTER Target’s Buy 2, get 1 free sale has ended. Notthat there were any games I desperatly wanted, but games I would eventually play after a price drop. Now they’re going to spike up in price like the Saturn games. Hopefully not.

  5. Fair warning, the 3ds is done by the 3rd quarter of 2017, don’t say nobody warned you fanboys out there. You better get real comfortable with only having one system by Nintendo for the next few years, the switch is all your getting in 2018.

  6. Eurogamer said, the production of Wii U would end last week. Nintendo now says, it would end “soon”, so where exactly did they lie?

  7. Sooo… Rumors were accurate, and Nintendo still tried to disregard them… ¬¬

    Anyway, RIP, poor, old, Wii U. Nintendo itself ruined your run when they decided to prioritize the 3DS.

  8. I don’t think I ever realized there were still people who thought the Wii U would live on. Was it really not enough of a hint when they – ages ago – practically stopped making games for it? They shifted focus early on, so we should be getting a good amount of launch titles and otherwise early releases for the Switch. I’m not thrilled about having spent all that money on a console that only lasted 4 (or more like 3 counting its period of releasing games) years, but at least the future looks seemingly bright. Let’s just hope that the Switch really does deliver, and that it’ll provide a far better profit for our favorite gaming company, eh?

  9. Such an underrated system. Still play it regularly and will probably continue to do so for quite some time…eventhough I will definitely do the Switch as well.

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  12. Was planning on buying the Switch but not now. This is one big “Screw You!” to Nintendo fans. This is just a glimpse at what they will do with future systems. The console is still selling,.. not many,.. but it is still selling. Nintendo doesn’t care that millions of people have invested hundreds of dollars into their system.

    1. 3DS outlived the Wii U despite coming the year before. C’mon, man, it’s clearly because of sales. They can’t keep dragging this thing along. It’s time to focus on the Switch now. The Wii U has been with us for quite awhile now anyways. It could have lasted longer had it sold, but since not, Nintendo is just going to put it out of its misery.

  13. Idk why people are bitching. LoZ was already going to be the last major Wii U title, and a company won’t sell its product at a loss ( basic economics ). This was expected to happen sooner or later, and those who thought the Wii U would “last forever” are mistaken.

    1. Second GameCube. Lol not a chance. I can’t take anyone seriously that says that. The Wii U got left in the DUST in terms of third party. The GameCube wasn’t strongly supported, but it did get Nintendo games that the Wii U could only dream of having. There is actually a Metroid for the GameCube. There is an F-Zero. GameCube got TWO Pikmin games. TWO Star Fox games. An actual Animal Crossing for a home console. A Paper Mario game which I’d say anyone that’s played it would take it over the Wii U game any day. And then the third party games the GameCube actually has? Resident Evil 4 though…. Where’s the Metal Gear Solid for Wii U though….
      Wii U didn’t get a Luigi’s Mansion game last time I checked. Some of SEGA’s best games are on there too! GameCube even got a console Fire Emblem. It even got Pokemon games on it. I don’t think they’re main games, but from what I’ve heard, people seem to like them.

      That’s not to say Wii U doesn’t have its own great games though and it’s definitely superior hardware wise with its HD graphics which are nice by the way. But in my opinion, Wii U cannot touch the GameCube. And I honestly do not think it will be remembered in the same way as that console. Wii U was trying to push that Gamepad and GameCube is mostly just a regular console. So people are gonna look at it a lot differently.

      1. I’m referring to the fact that people made fun of it, its looks, fanbase, and said it didn’t have any great games, and then after its gen ended, came back and said what an incredible console it was and how it was the best of its time. They may not say the last part for the wiiu, but people will come back and say how great it was and I’ll just be here going “…..hypocrites.”

    2. What Hollow said. Anyone calling that 13-15 million sold consoles failure the second Gamecube are hilarious & should not be taken seriously at all.

  14. Sugar we're going down

    I’ve always believed that the Wii U was like a testing ground for how a console like the Switch would work, or whether or not it would appeal to people, kinda like a preview for the Switch. I mean, it was basically everything the Switch improved upon; whereas the Wii U allowed portable gaming up to a mediocre distance, the Switch now allows absolute portability; whereas the Wii U had a fixed controller to the screen, the Switch has controller pieces that are not bound to the screen. Many ideas the Wii U presented, the Switch greatly improved upon. So as far as being a foundation for building the Switch upon. the Wii U has completely succeeded in doing so.

  15. Killing the Wii U is not that big of a deal to me,
    as long as it still get’s Ukelaylee .

    The rhymes will be back
    I’ll read the rhymes I’ll be satisfied with big clap.

    Too bad I Grunty won’t be on that game
    Since Microsoft is rather lame.

    Im sitting here in a box while at Microsoft refuse to unlock. Someone wash my smelly socks while Dingpot gets my pots then cook my supper nice and hot.

    1. This all could have been avoided if Nintendo held onto Rare & it’s IPs instead of giving up on them & letting Microsoft buy them. *sad sigh*

      1. I wish Nintendo bought Rare, it would had made Banjo-Kazooie games more fair. Now Grunty is no good all that talent making Kazooie and Tooie is alllll misunderstood.

  16. This all could have been avoided if Nintendo held onto Rare & it’s IPs instead of giving up on them & letting Microsoft buy them. *sad sigh*

    1. Disregard this comment! Where’s a damn edit button when ya need one!? I could change this comment to something else if there was an edit feature!

  17. (Now for my real comment that’s in reply to the article itself!)

    If they didn’t stop production before, it’s finally happened! Yay! The Wii U is finally fucking dead! Dead, dead, dead!

        1. Lmao, so true. The big difference being that Xbox, fearing a mass exodus of its fans, changed things and listened to its fans.

          1. And they also got rid of the fucking bigger problem: Don Mattrick himself! Then replaced him with the awesome Phil Spencer! Meanwhile, Reggie the puppet is still at NoA in a big managerial position! *facepalm*

  18. As long as they don’t shut down the web browser and streaming, I’m good. Games may be hard to come by though (titles I haven’t bought yet, like Star Fox Zero, Tropical Freeze, Shovel Knight, MASATROG, PATGA2, Pikmin 3, Lego Dimensions, etc.). Not to mention redownloading PATGA1, Octodad, Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Rayman Legends on a larger storage device. And there’s still BotW and Yooka-Laylee.

    I think now we can benefit from a Wii U Homebrew Channel/USB Loader.

    1. The only ones that can turn off the streaming services are the ones that own them as Nintendo has no control over that. The Wii’s Netflix app still works today, after all.

  19. Wii U…. You may of had a horrendous time to the bitter end but at the very least if the Switch comes through you were the direct cause of it succeeding.

    1. Do you have anything better to do than rhyme all the time. You already addressed your complaint. Now yu’re just posting a generic comment.

      I swear, almost everyone on this site (all the usuals) are just living gimmicks.

      1. A couple of us actually like his rhyming and want to see how long he can keep this up. Besides, is he physically hurting you? No? Then leave him be. Same goes for anyone whining about Quadraxis’ role playing.

        1. Funny how you bring up Quadraxis, when I didn’t. You must know exactly what I’m talking about.

          But hey, I can develop a meaningless verbal tic too.

          I’m gonna be a “Pokemon Master”!

      2. Says the man without a face
        You better watch that pace.

        Better get used to these Rhymes
        GRUNTY is going to do them all the time
        You act like rhyimg is a crime

        Its a Nintendo news
        If you cant take any jokes you lose
        Now if you excuse me, my alarm went off, Im going to hit snooze.

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  22. Considering the limited success it had it should come as no surprise. There’ll probably be a health stock for stores to get through the holidays but that’ll be it. I may buy a new console when they discount them, which is inevitable. I wanted a new GamePad so might as well just go new and transfer.

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