Nintendo Congratulates Microsoft On 15 Years Of Xbox

In a rather nice gesture, Nintendo of America has tweeted to congratulate Microsoft on 15 years of Xbox. The two companies seem to be getting along well recently and Nintendo of America even sent Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, a free NES Mini console. You can check out Nintendo’s congratulatory tweet below.


  1. This blew my mind when I saw it. Nintendo just seemed way to weird and touchy about doing something like this. Kudos to you, Nintendo.
    *tips hat*

    1. The Nintendo company was founded in 1889. Nintendo’s first game was released in 1981. Nintendo’s first console was released in 1983. So yeah. It’s been around a hell of a lot longer than Xbox. Even longer than Microsoft!

  2. Speaking of 15 years, the Gamecube is 15 years old too! One of the best failures Nintendo ever made! Here’s hoping the Switch gets a lot of virtual console of Gamecube games! Maybe some remakes for Eternal Darkness & Baten Kaitos with better graphics & with HD quality.

    *looks at Wii U* While you weren’t nearly as bad, you should go sit next to the Virtual Boy all the same, m’kay. Because you are nowhere near the awesome and greatness of Gamecube. It disturbs me just mentioning you in the same comment as Gamecube.

        1. That’s kinda what he was saying more or less. It was a compliment to the GameCube. It’s sales sucked, but it had amazing games and will be remembered fondly.

    1. The original commenter should have worded it more clearly, yes. What they mean is, it’s the best console they’ve ever made that is considered financially, a failure. Hope this helps?

    2. Wii U *could* have been great, but Nintendo starved it of killer exclusives, and many must-haves wound up on its spoiled cousin anyway.

      I don’t blame the system- I blame the producers.

    3. Gamecube is the best console they ever made. It’s powerful enough to get a lot of third party’s there to provide a loooot of games.
      I’m sorry if you didn’t like it, but it was better than N64 and Wii; i think it’s the best console they ever made; it was in the middle of what we want, good powerful console and a list of fun games to enjoy. The “multiplayer” or “splitscreen” games there where AWESOME.
      The problem was online(i don’t care) and a lack of help from some third party, but that’s all.
      GC won the second place in that gen. :)

      1. I loved the Gamecube. I guess you missed the part in my second paragraph where I said the Wii U is “nowhere near the awesome and greatness of Gamecube.” Or that I called the Gamecube the BEST failure. If I didn’t like it, I would have just simply called it a failure.

  3. 15 years ago, I was scorned by the original Xbox, and I vowed to never buy an Xbox product again. And though the 360 and Xbone might not be as bad, I can’t foget my regret for buying that original hunk of junk. Though in fairness, I only bought a few games for it. There just wasn’t anything on Xbox that I cared for. And back then, I wasn’t ready to make such a drastic change from Nintendo.

    1. I can honestly say as an xbox, xbox360 and xbox one owner that the original xbox destroys the xbox one. Not even close.

  4. Perhaps they want the help of Nintendo to sell better in Japan. What will Nintendo ask for their help? Could it be Banjo and Kazoie?

  5. I know it sounds “huh?” But I think that if any two companies could successfully work or collaborate on a game that good results would come. It would be massive. Even say just one Title switch ( :) ) a halo title on Switch, a Mario game on Xbox. You get it. Or maybe even something completely new!

    I can dream…

    1. I don’t think we’ll ever see a flagship series from either company on the other’s system (Mario on XBox, Halo on Switch), but maybe a lesser one that is still loved but has less weight like second-parties (Banjo-Kazooie on Switch, Kirby on XBox).

      Then again, Minecraft made its way onto Wii U- that throws a lot of what we know up in the air.

  6. Congrats, Xbox. I haven’t been a big fan of them, but Xbox surely does have it’s own great games great consoles. It’s especially amazing what they have done with the Xbox One. I was disgusted with its initial reveal and there was no way I’d ever see myself wanting that. But now, I think it looks fantastic and even better than the 360 at this point. Well done. Nice to see Nintendo congratulating a fellow gaming company.

    1. If I ever get one, it’ll be just for Rare Replay since Nintendo was stupid years ago & let Microsoft buy the company & it’s IP library. @.@

    1. They existed at one point in time. Nintendo gave in on the console war when the first Xbox came out. It was obvious, and probably the thing that sent CCC into rage mode.

  7. I wonder if Nintendo will ever congratulate Sony for the birthday of the Nintendo Plays─ I mean, the PlayStation….

  8. And this just shows people that developers don’t give a damn about how “elitist” you are to their company and shun players of other companies. They don’t care about the petty war.

    1. ||I already showed Mike S evidence of the exact opposite some weeks ago when he said the same thing , this is just an irrelevant formality they use to lure the cattle into suspecting good relationships…||

      ||In reality, none of the 3 factions want the other’s existence to thrive, specially Xbots…||

    1. Honestly, he’s probably just thinking of the best way to make one of his infamous statements right now.

    1. I love it!!! And the ending was classic, and that gift isn’t too far from what happened at the end. I loved Metroid Prime 2 because it showed what a badass Samus is.

  9. Here Grunty wants to go back to Nintendo and drool.
    Yet Nintedo is congradulating Xbox like fools.
    Oh how bad I wish I was back in Nintendo’s pool.
    If I were back, I would show Bowser how to finally attack
    MARIO like an old flap jack.

    Deep down inside I love Mario. But Boswer needs to know how to win maybe he should use Wario.

    Donald Trump is such a lump. I wish he go to prison and get humped. Heheheheheh

    Sicar is the best, how does he take control of his blog every day and not rest?

    1. Careful, Tobi. I think some of the anons are glue sniffing Trump supporters. Just giving you a heads up, bro.

  10. ||Of course the NOA base would congratulate these abominations since they themselves are pretty much useless…||

    ||Fortunately High Command doesn’t concern themselves with Phil Spencer and his parasites besides pretending in public from time to time…||

    ||This could also be a sarcastic message since their annihilation is imminent in Japan…||

    1. I always hoped it’d be one of the good guys to kill the bastard. Like Elizabeth since he was the one that killed her father. Oh well… Least he died a horrible death! :D

      1. ||I don’t know who this Elizabeth imbecile is, that’s just me brutally killing an Xbot because of this news…||

  11. It certainly has NOT been a fantastic 15 years. The original Xbox and the Xbox 360 are AMAZING consoles, but to even use the word “fantastic” in any way, shape, or form, in regards to the Xbox One is just absolute BS.

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