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Project CARS Won’t Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco’s racing simulator Project CARS won’t be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch platform. The information was revealed via the official Project CARS Twitter account. As I’m sure many of you are aware the game was initially meant to come to the Wii U, but after multiple delays and excuses the developers stated that they had canned the Wii U version.


  1. And cero fucks where given. The game is horrible i had it for my xbone and thankfully was able to trade it for state of decay.

  2. Not really missing much. Have it on my Xbox One and I’m not all that impressed. For a good racing game on a Nintendo platform I’d rather see Codemasters bring DiRT to the Switch or whatever their next project ends up being.

  3. I just REALLY, REALLY want SOME decent quality (preferably AAA) Street/Track Real Car Racing Games to play on my Nintendo Platforms.

    Why did they completely stop coming to Nintendo in the middle of the Gamecube generation?

    Seriously … I am a Nintendo fan AND I love Racing games. I still own the Force-Feedback wheel that works with Burnout 2 on Gamecube … but after that game, no Console Burnout game ever came to Nintendo again. Absolutely no Gran Turismo or PGR or Forza equivalent EVER came to Nintendo. Nothing but stripped down, alternative style/control Need For Speed games and Formula Racing ever came to Wii or WiiU. (Kart Racing is a totally different Genre)

    … just NOTHING. How can anyone know if games like that will sell to Nintendo players if none are even made AVAILABLE … EVER.

    Even if it was not the BEST game, CARS was going to come to WiiU, but they canned it because they couldn’t get it to look as good as on the other platforms (I would have played a less-pretty version. I don’t crave car games for their wet-track rain effects. I just want to DRIVE FAST CARS), and they said they would bring it to NX instead … now they are just like “Meh … #*** You” all over again.

    I Want a Turismo/Forza equivalent on for the Switch … from SOMEONE. I wanted it on WiiU and Wii and Gamecube too, but never got it.

    I know some OTHER developer said they were bringing their different racing game to WiiU, 3DS AND NX (Now “Switch” / NS) … but I don’t recall hearing even a Whisper about that since, and can’t even remember its name.

    1. While I understand your frustration, you don’t need to rely on Slightly Mad Studios to deliver a realistic racing game on the Switch. There are better, more capable, and less idiotic companies out there that can deliver the same or better experiences. And they might be interested in the Switch (once it comes out, of course).

      Besides, now you know why they call themselves “Slightly Mad Studios”.

      1. Did you actually read my entire post? Clearly you didn’t, because I referenced a number of different racing franchises from Burnout to Forza and Gran Turusmo (all with distinct gameplay styles), as well as mentioning that another studio, other than Slightly Mad, has already suggested they are working on one.

        RISE: Race the Future ( ) … Remember that one? The first developer to put a Fake NX logo in their video (now blurred out).

        The fact that this one studio has snubbed Nintendo Twice now was only one paragraph in a much longer point about how this has been a trend for 15+ years now, and that it continues to frustrate me.

        I said multiple times, in multiple ways, that I want SOME kind of Quality Road and Track game from SOMEONE. Slighly Mad is only the latest offender to pass Nintendo by, and my excuse to bring up the larger issue… not the focus of my argument.

        1. … what?

          I read your comment, but from what I read:

          – You wanted games with those styles of racing games
          – You gave out a tiny bit of history with Nintendo and racing games and how they’ve stopped coming mid-way through the GameCube era
          – You gave out a tl:dr history of the company’s statements with CARS on Wii U
          – You reiterated what you want in a racing game for a Nintendo console
          – You were aware of some other developer that had some interest in making a racing game for the Switch

          I’m simply saying that there are more reliable studios out there that might be interested when the Switch comes out (and I don’t know if you realized, but I made fun of the company’s name on top of that).

          And I wasn’t aware of RISE: Race of the Future; I don’t follow racing games all that much. Finally, like you said before, you haven’t heard a peep about the game since, so I don’t think we can rely on it until it’s either re-confirmed or they say something about it.

          If I actually misread, I apologize, but at least show me where I was wrong so I can figure that out next time. Maybe my comment wasn’t clear or you misunderstood what I meant, and if that was the case, I’ll try better to make it more clear. But I’m not too sure why you seem to be offended by it. :/

      1. I own that and the DLC … but those are not CARS. Thats an F-Zero/Wipeout Clone (and a pretty decentvone too).

        Thats like saying, who needs Mario Kart if you already have an F1 Sim? Same Thing Right?

        … they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT gameplay experiences.

        1. lol yeah dude, i get it. i was just recommending a FAST racing game to you just in case you hadn’t tried it yet. my statement in now way implies “who needs Mario Kart if you already have an F1 Sim? Same Thing Right?” Calm down dude lol

  4. Aww….I’m so sad about Project CARS not coming to the Switch…..I mean it isn’t like another title racing will be coming to that system (Mario Kart Switch) nor could Nintendo can’t port over a similar racer (Cruis’n Blast)….smh. To the Project CARS development team…how could you guys, shame on you….we Nintendo fans are heartbroken over this (sarcasm)…..facepalm lol

          1. I get reminded of it every few years. Instantly hits me in the nostalgia glands. I tried finding a rom of it awhile back but never found one. I miss it!

    1. Because kart racing games and arcade racers offer the same experience as realistic racing simulators, am I right?

      I knew there would be at least one person pointlessly bring up Mario Kart in comparison in the comments section. I’m not surprised it’s you.
      Just because you have other types of games to choose from, doesn’t mean it’s not unfortunate a console is missing out on an entire genre of games. Mario Kart is a completely different game offering a completely different experience than games like Project Cars do. Not saying Project Cars is the best of its class, which certainly is not the case, but when was the last time we’ve seen a decent realistic racing sim on a Nintendo platform? I honestly can not remember.

    2. I agree with your general point but I wouldn’t necessarily classify Mario Kart as a suitable replacement to racing games like Need for Speed. As Namie said, Mario Kart is more of a battle racing game, like those old Twisted Metal games. They aren’t nor ever will be suitable replacements for Need for Speed or even F-Zero. Yeah. A game of a franchise they refused to make this gen because Nintendo had the stupid idea that Mario Kart 8 was good enough.

  5. I am deeply missing racing sims so I really hope something comes over to Switch. Thing is, there are better ones that Project Cars, and of course I’m still angry with those devs for pulling from Wii U very late in the day after saying Wii U ran it great. I’d rather something else came over, maybe something from Codemasters (who are on that longlist of third party developers)

  6. Let us not forget that this company also fucked over the backers of the Wii U version for this game. As far as I`m concerned, this company can wallow in their inevitable bankruptcy.

  7. They are the biggest assholes in gaming history, even worse than Hello Games! I don’t care for their shitty games, but I care for my fellow Nintendo fans who supported them and got NOTHING in return.

  8. Then Next Smash bros. Game get rid of Namco for a better gaming company not as lame.

    Sad they Do Nintendo like this yet get Smash Bros Money like flowing out a land of milk and honey.

    Now Namco wants to be funny.

  9. Project Cars was one of the more demanding games so I’m guessing Slightly Mad Studios was hoping for a much more powerful and traditional console from Nintendo. *sigh* Looks like we lost another one.

  10. You know what i hate? When a company like that just don’t delivered. We believe in them and they only gave us Lies.
    Hate that.

  11. A More Accurate Headline: Project CARS developers Slightly Mad have no current plans to port their game to Nintendo Switch.

    The headline phrasing suggests they never want to put a game on Switch, which of course is not the case. Right now they’re in a neutral stance regarding Switch, not entirely writing it off but not wanting to be the first in line either.

  12. I don’t see why anyone would want a Nintendo Switch version of Project Cars specifically over other possibilities. As far as car racing simulators are concerned, I’m sure there will be others. I’m not that big a fan myself even though I do like racing games. I prefer the different genre of Fast Racing Neo and F-Zero, and MarioKart itself. I really want a new F-Zero game. I love the handling in these games, the courses, the environment, and the feeling of sheer speed and competition.

    1. Need For Speed is one of my favorite racing franchises, but it’s lost most of it’s charm. It makes me sad. After the NFS Rivals, I’m starting to just not care. With games like Forza Horizon 2, I don’t think I should even bother with NFS anymore.

      1. I was going to get the new Need for Speed game that released in 2015 til I found out it was an online only game. Shame because I love having an open world to drive on. *remembers FFXV has a car you can drive in the open world* :D

  13. I do not know which one is more sad.
    Someone actually asked them,
    you actually reporting it,
    or me wasting my time to comment on it.

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