Michel Ancel Talks Beyond Good & Evil 2 And Wild

Acclaimed designer Michel Ancel has spoken about his excessive workload which involves both Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Wild. Mr Ancel is juggling both games and works on Beyond Good & Evil 2 in the mornings and PlayStation 4 exclusive Wild in the afternoon. Here’s some translations from his recent interview with French newspaper, Le Monde:

  • It’s Yves Guillemot who called Michel Ancel to make Beyond Good & Evil 2. He was going to leave after Rayman Legends (the article says Origins but it’s probably a mistake) in 2013, since he just co-founded his new studio Wildsheep, but he just couldn’t say anything else than “yes” to the Yves Guillemot’s proposal.
  • The original project started in 2007, and was abandoned in 2009, at Michel Ancel’s will. They started to work on it again in 2012-2013, and he feels like he still needs three to four years to finish it, but even then he’s not sure.
  • He call it a “fabulous project”. It’s really ambitious, but possible with the actual consoles.
  • He still works on Wild during the afternoon of everyday, and the morning he works on Beyond Good & Evil 2. Both games are open-world.
  • In Wild, the nature is the center of the experience. He talks about how Rockstar perfectly understood it in GTA, with the landscapes, the colors, the rain. He promises an “essential” experience, partly because his studio, Wildsheep, has a limited budget for the game.
  • In BGE2, the heart of the game is the “civilisation”. BGE1 talked about mass manipulation and the medias, but this one will be completely different. It will talk about conspiracy and the human aspect. There will be a lot of surprising characters.
  • He talks about No Man’s Sky, about how they did all they could to hide the models, but people saw them nonetheless.
  • Something extremely important for him is the pace. If we’re moving fast, but the background is large and well-paced, with discovery to make, then we won’t get bored.
  • Right now, they are creating the world of the game. It’s really its heart. Then, they’ll start to work on the narrative side.
  • There’s no release date, both projects are “crazy”, they’ve made significant progression but they still cannot start the communication about them. These are unreasonable projects.
  • He’s a bit scared that if Vivendi buy Ubisoft, they couldn’t finish the game.



  1. ||The Vividons buying the Ubisian Empire? What kind of current illogical nonsense is that?…||

    1. Hate ’em or love ’em, it’s shocking to hear Ubisoft could actually be bought by someone at this current time when the company seems to be doing very well for itself. @.@

    1. Laura Kate Dale insist that it will be an Nintendo Switch exclusive and she’s very credible so most likely it will be

  2. 4 more years since 2012 or since 2016? Because that is a lot of time to wait since that very old E3 trailer…

  3. Ubisoft might get bought by Vivendi!? Holy shit! Is that an actual thing that could happen!? If anything, I’d expect Ubisoft to buy someone else, not be the ones getting bought! @.@

    1. ||These Vividons have tried forcing the Ubisians to submit to their rule on several occassions before…||

      ||Their leaders Yves and his brother stopped them a few times since they took over the Ubisian Empire and they still are…||

  4. I’m hoping it will come out on Switch. Here is the story so far.

    In the city, we play as Jade amid huge buildings, she’s searching for her uncle Pey’j, the latter having been kidnapped. This is a semi-open world game, a bit like in The Last of Us, in which we can observe passersby, cars, evolving independently of our actions. Pey’j is equipped with a GPS chip, but a jammer is implemented by his captors. So we are moving in the city and asking passersby if they’ve seen Pey’j by showing a picture (Jade is always equipped with her camera). A man tells us that he saw him go into a tower nearby. Two choices are available to us, infiltration, as in the first game, or a more brutal approach. The development team stating that NPCs were not yet sufficiently programmed to respond to our actions, we decided to play the infiltration. We borrow the pipes leading to a grid from which we can hear a conversation between two guards. “A big pig was caught, the chief needs us on the 52nd floor.” They leave, allowing us to reach the elevator that is unfortunately out of service. A voice surprises us: “You should never have come here! ” The cables of the elevator are breaking, two possibilities emerge: Forcing the door or open the hatch above. Indeed, as in Heavy Rain for example, each decision has a more or less significant impact on the course of the story. We choose the hatch, which leads to an explosive action scene, at least as powerful as the train scene Uncharted 2 for connoisseurs. In a hurry, we climb fastly to catch the ledge before the second elevator arrives on us. With her staff, Jade grabs the building’s ledge, she’s at 52 floors above the ground. Breathless, she will say only two words “I’m coming. “

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