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Nintendo Rep Claims He “Wouldn’t Be Surprised” If Pokemon Stars For Nintendo Switch Was Coming

Eurogamer reported on Friday that they had heard from their sources that Pokemon Sun & Moon were coming to the Nintendo Switch platform. It makes a lot of sense but we don’t know the launch window for the title. Pokemon Blog spoke to a Nintendo of America representative at a Target event who said that “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true.” He also said that all the “juicy details” regarding the upcoming console’s launch will be showcased during the Nintendo Switch unveiling presentation which takes place on January 12th.


27 thoughts on “Nintendo Rep Claims He “Wouldn’t Be Surprised” If Pokemon Stars For Nintendo Switch Was Coming”

    1. Pokemon is a game you either love or hate. There is rarely any inbetween. Maybe you could do nuzlocks to challenge yourself? If you don’t know what a nuzlock is just look up “Projared Nuzlock” on Youtube. It’s basically a permadeath for your pokrmon when they faint. It’s actually pretty fun and it’s the only way I play the game anymore.

      1. I guess I’m the rare case of inbetween then. I at least like all the games (except X and Y), and I love a few of them (Platinum and Black 2/White 2). I don’t absolutely love the series (as my username and profile picture would suggest), but I do still quite like each game, and I always pick them up just for their sheer addictiveness.

        It’s nowhere near as divisive as Hyrule Warriors, however: that game is truly love it or hate it.

    2. Dude, I was shitting on this game since it was announced, I HATED the whole idea and the whole cringy shit… and then I played the game and I had to eat my own damn words. Give it a try, you might end up liking it too.

      1. It will be like freeing the beast they had caged, surpassing the 3ds limits. I have always thought that Pokemon x and y, and now Sun and Moon, had beautiful graphics but limited resolution and resources. Just watching it run at 60 fps will be delightful.

      1. When ever I hear Pokemon and mmo, I think about it and I just can’t imagine it.
        It just doesn’t seem to fit together at all… At least not in a way that would be fun.

        Well if they manage to do that and it actually does work, I won’t complain.

      2. It would be really difficult to make a good balanced Pokemon MMO. Warcraft is much more simple because you cannot capture and evolve the enemies. It’s all just straight forward. In Pokemon each creature has its own unique stats and move list. I couldn’t even begin to imagine all the work and balancing that would go into such an endeavor. It would take years and years of development and testing, not to mention the cost.

  1. Of course ‘Stars’ is coming to Switch, Nintendo aren’t going to pass up such a massive moneymaking opportunity.

    Furthermore, they have one product line that was practically designed for such an event. Amiibo. If Nintendo release amiibo trading cards/figurines of Pokemon from this title, the world as we know it will implode and all that’s left will be at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.


  2. If the series continues down it’s current path, I’ll forever have to use my Alpha Sapphire version.

    But this shouldn’t be a big surprise, the system should be able to handle a Pokemon game.

  3. Nintendo reps work for a third party who sends them marketing materials and they go out to put them up when told. With the exception of times they get these materials a week beforehand, they know nothing more than the average person on the street about any Nintendo news. In fact, they typically know less than anyone that follows gaming.

    Why is this even a news story? May as well grab a random person on the street and ask them what THEY think; it would be about as informative.

  4. On Pokemon Sun they talk too much on this game. That’s the only thing that is lame.

    Do I really need them to explain
    How to use potions and champagn?

    Its ridiculous and such
    and talking too much.

      1. A post game story related to Cresselia & Darkrai, similar to Rayquaza & Deoxys from OR/AS, where I can end up catching both would be very welcome, so I’m all for a remake of Diamond & Pearl. The real question is… what the hell are they gonna call them!? Crystalline Diamond & Watery Pearl!? lol

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  6. So this is just some theory from some Nintendo of America guy? Well that makes whatever this article says irrelevant since NoA’s CEO is just a yes man with no backbone to voice what the American gamers want to his overlords at NoJ. Instead of the real Reggie, just have his puppet from E3 2015 do all of the public speaking stuff from now on since he’s just a puppet himself, anyway.

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