Igarashi Would Be “Incredibly Honoured” If Asked To Make A Metroid Game

Newly launched gaming publication Glixel has interviewed none other than Koji Igarashi who is the producer behind the Castlevania series. The site asked him why with all his experience has Nintendo never approached him to create a new 2D Metroid title.

So the term ‘IGAvania’ has begun to gain currency, as another way to say ‘Metroidvania.’ I’ve always wondered why Nintendo never teamed up with you and Konami to create a new 2D Metroid.
Nintendo is very careful about protecting their IPs and making any changes to their games. Around the time that I was proving that I could do multiple titles and do them well, Nintendo had shifted to Metroid Prime and they were having success turning their 2D games into 3D. So they probably decided from that point on that Metroid was going to be a 3D game series, and by that rationale, my style of games didn’t really fit their criteria. That would be my guess.

But, let’s say the fans demanded Nintendo team up with you to make a Metroid game, and Nintendo actually approached you to make one, would you do it?
I would be incredibly honored.



      1. ||Not much, but since I’ve had one weak and one fraud weapon in recent times, I don’t want anyone else but the Retro Studios facilities to handle Metroid…||

        1. Eh, I don’t really put developers on a pedestal or think that they can’t be replaced. Unless it’s platinum games ofcourse, since whenever the get a decent budget they put out a game that ends up being my favourite for years.

        2. Studio Names are just the sticker on the label.

          Sadly, probably the biggest reason we’ve not seen another Metroid, or other sci-fi action game from Retro since prime 3 is because many of the key human beings responsible for those games no longer work there.

          PEOPLE are what make great games, not studio names.

          Just look at the once great RARE studios. The name means almost nothing anymore. Their best recent release has been a collection of 10-20 year old games from back when they still had good development teams.

          I’m not sure there is even anyone left at Retro right now that even knows How to make a good Metroid game. The Studio is just a shell.

          Truth be told, so is “Nintendo”. Miyamoto and all the other names we associate with Nintendo right now (too many great people to list) will eventually retire, or take employment elsewhere. Once all of the old guard have stepped down, what will be left is a totally new entity, ‘Nintendo’ in Name only.

          … unless those people have found successors that are ready to step up and be the ‘Miyamotos’ and ‘Iwatas’ of tomorrow, before they do. Only time will tell.

          1. ||Lord Miyamoto has trained an entire legion to replace him, most notable work made by them? Splatoon…||

            ||Retro Studios unlike Rare is ours and we would never trust Metroid to them regardless of who currently works there if they weren’t worth keeping…||

      2. I don’t have anything against him, but last time I checked, he isn’t with Konami anymore. Second, dude still hasn’t made his game after how many years he’s had the funding? And lastly, you want a guy making a Metroid game when he still can’t make his own game? Nah, bruh – pass. Dude needs to focus on his own stuff before he talks about considerations in Metroid.

        Leave Metroid to retro; must of them are part of rare anyways.

          1. He’s been trying to make that game for 3 years, and he got a year pushing on two. You mad bro?!?!? Seems like you’re his biggest fan and dying to play this future-failure on release day.

        1. The time he has taken to make his game is seriously nothing out of the ordinary. So yeah no problem with him making a metroid game in the future.

    1. Federation farce….sure. Fake metroid fans smh. I can’t believe babies are still crying over that despite being a good game
      “It’s not metroid, waah”
      Samus is there
      The space pirates are there
      It’s Metroid.

      Last thing we need is “fans” telling a company what to do only to end up like Sega and Sonic team

      “Sega hired a dude who makes fan games”
      Because Sega doesn’t give a shit about Sonic. They only see him as a money maker, no love for him at all

      1. Oh, piss off. They got NOTHING right with FF. They ridiculous cartoon style was “to make it easier to tell what you were looking at” when Metroid Prime Hunters had no problems at all in that regard on a smaller screen no less, the mechs move painfully slow in both regular missions and Blast Ball, the protagonist the series, who has previously wiped out entire planets of Space Pirates, phazon, and other various threats, is captured by mere grunts as part of the plot (unbelievable), the aiming sucks with motion controls and sucks even more without them so there are no winners there, and half the time in missions, there’s nothing to do but walk forward and hope there’s something to shoot at since there is hardly anything to explore like in every other Metroid game ever.

        Had this not been the only Metroid to come out since Other M five years earlier, or if they said “this is what we have next, another Metroid is in the works, we will show that a little later” I guarantee the backlash would have been drastically lower; not nonexistent, but certainly much less. But they didn’t say that; they said this has been in development for around 7 years and there is nothing else in the Metroid pipeline.

        And I doubt you qualify to call anyone a “fake Metroid fan.” I bet you think that anyone who doesn’t like something in a series is a fake fan of said series. Well it doesn’t work like that. I can like Smash Bros. but loathe the fact that Ice Climbers were cut due to bullshit reasons, doesn’t make me a fake fan. Or I can love Zelda Skyward Sword but despise that it was uncharacteristically linear for a Zelda game, doesn’t make me a fake fan.

        Learn what the word fake means, then try again.

      2. Also, if Federation Farce is so good, then why did it bomb internationally and only sell 5,000 copies in Japan within its first week making it the least successful Metroid yet? Why do most reviewers hate it? Why is it almost as decisive as Other M was?

        Many people don’t and didn’t want this game, and it shows.

      3. Wait, you’re kidding right?

        Sonic Mania exists because SoA understands the fans who love the series. They approached Stealth and Taxman because they’ve both made great fan games and one of them has worked on ports for Sonic 1, CD, and 2.

        This game has nothing to do with Sonic Team. Seriously, it doesn’t. You won’t even find their logo in the trailer. This game is completely made by fans. It’s what we should hope for down the line for all franchises: Fans who understand how to make great games and what made the franchises they love work. Sonic Team has been trying to replicate Classic Sonic for years but this game is something completely different.

        I know your comment wasn’t really about Sonic but I’m just trying to point out that games as a whole would be a lot better if they took the approach Sega as a whole is putting towards Sonic. I mean just look at Aaron Webber, PR and Social Media Manager for Sonic. He’s doing a great job keeping Sonic relevant and fans are engaged. Even Nintendo has started to copy that account with things like “ask toad.”

      4. ||Only I decide who the Metroid loyalists are, you on the other hand are nothing iof relevance at all…||

      5. It’s all a huge circlejerk from Metroid fans

        they are going to boycott the hell out of everything that isnt like prime
        regardless of it being good or not

  1. i would love to see a metroid game made by igarashi, some will say it will be as bad as other m which while the game had a lot of flaws it was not as bad as everyone and their mom claims it was, samus does not say ‘baby’ the whole game, the voice acting for samus was not terrible, it was a melancholy tone which in japan makes more sense but here in ‘murica we think its terrible.

  2. I had always wanted a Super Metroid Remake, but in full 3D a la Prime series…
    Same story and all, but with Prime mechanics.. Idk, it’s just something i would love to play. Or if its like Other M, let me choose where to shoot if we use the Wii remote and nunchuck…
    Don’t start hating on Other M or me.. i actually enjoyed it a bit, not as much as Super Metroid or Prime series though…

    1. I highly doubt there will be any remakes of the 2D Metroid games in Prime style, given that Nintendo seems to prefer keeping the main series style and the Prime style separate from each other.

  3. Some amazing metroid games released on NES and SNES. But then we didn’t get a console Metroid game for the entirety of the N64’s 5 year lifespan.
    Then the glory days of Gamecube and Wii, and then nothing from the Wii U’s lifespan. I’m hoping with this trend, that the Switch will show us how great a Metroid game in 2018 will look.

  4. NOPE.
    The guy who created a game only? Simphonie of the night? and replicate the same formula over and over?
    No, no, and no.
    Specially because he destroied the Belmonts.
    For a fan since the first ever Castlevania, it was pretty sad when this dude messed with the saga.
    Poor Simon….Poor Trevor…
    Now poor Samus if this happens.
    Out of the topic: how I wish Nintendo or another company gets Castlevania rights…(Konami is dead)

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