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Atlus: Nintendo Switch “Is Making For Some Interesting Potential”

Atlus is among the many third-party developers that have already announced support for Nintendo Switch. In a recent interview, company CEO Naoto Hiraoka made a vague but promising comment regarding the upcoming console. Hiraoka also touched on how he thinks Nintendo 3DS users are interested in role-playing games that cater toward a mature audience.

“Our participation as a publisher for the Nintendo Switch has been announced, and while we don’t have any news on that front to share, the device is making for some interesting potential,” he said. “As a third-party publisher for Nintendo’s platform, we have seen that 3DS owners are looking for mature role-playing game experiences, and JRPGs fit right into this genre.”

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    1. Doubt it. The first game flopped harder than any other SMT related game Atlus had ever published.

      They would only be appealing to the minority that bought the game if they think about making a sequel.

      1. the game was not that bad, sure it was interesting, fire emblem idols is what someone at gamexplain called it, sure there was the whole controversial censoring but like i said it wasn’t that bad, it was only bad because people say they want something new and interesting but when that get presented they hate it, its like someone saying that they are upset that their household does not have fruit and when they do that same person get mad that the household has fruit, basically you can’t make people happy for things that make them happy.

        1. Whoever said they wanted anything new with this game?
          What people wanted was very much obvious and has been pointed out many times, you have SRPG FE, you have SRPG DeSu, combining them is as easy as breathing.
          Innovation for the sake of innovation is how you end up with a Wii U.
          And it’s not like #FE was all that innovative, it’s just a watered down Persona, which already is a watered down SMT.

    2. Tokyo Mirage Sessions was more like Paper Mario than Paper Mario Color Splash was. That’s how sad of a state of affairs Paper Mario is in right now. I spent over 165 hours in TMS leveling up 5 of the characters to 99, boosting their stats over 400 so I could beat the final secret dragon boss, and I had an absolute blast with the battle system, being able to pick and choose whichever attacks I wanted, whichever abilities I wanted… you know, the way Paper Mario USED TO BE before Intelligent Systems screwed it up.

      My only gripes with TMS were the weird attack names (Agi instead of Fire, Mazio instead of Thunder, etc.), the short main story (only 6 chapters) and that profile screen glitch that kept crashing the game 80% of the time I wanted to check on my characters stats and attacks outside of battle, which was very annoying. If they fix that stuff for the next game on Switch, I think they’ve got a suitable Paper Mario replacement on their hands.

  1. At least they implied that a SMT V is far from impossibility. But I’m kind of hoping they return to the days where the demons were seen in glorious 3D graphics and not the 2D fights that we already have in the 3DS games. That’s the kind of thing that I missed the most out of the franchise after replaying Nocturne recently.

    As for the implications of a TMS sequel, it’s up in the air really (aside from a certain rumor I’m still skeptical of). Atlus had taken their fair share of losses before, but that game was the biggest one of them all thanks to the budget used on the high quality singing. Coming from someone that found the experience “authentic”, Avex and Atlus would have some good reasons for really expanding the spinoff other than “making up for the sales the original could have done”.

  2. TMS I thought was great I personally am hoping for a sequel or atleast another game with the same Battle System. I love the Grandia 2 type battle system just wish more games had it.

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    1. Just keep doing SMT and DeSu and keep Treehouse away from it.
      Also, what’s the point to a Persona 5 port? By the point in which it could feasibly release most people would already have it for PS3/4.

      1. Treehouse seriously has to go. Or at least keep those fuckers away from any games rated T for Teen & up! They should stick with games that are E for Everyone.

  4. I wish Nintendo would GAF about FPSs and the like… this “RPG All The Things” attitude encourages Sony and Microsoft to laze about and rest on their laurels.

    Then again it would be a mistake to believe that any of these enormous firms would want to actually compete with one another.

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