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RUMOR: A Chinese Producer Making The Nintendo Switch At Foxconn Shared Some Details On The Console

The Nintendo Switch rumor mill continues to churn with yet more people sharing what are supposedly details on the specs of the console. A guy that goes by the nickname of fj8885 states that he is working at Foxconn at Yantai, China, where they are producing Nintendo Switch consoles. Originally, the post was in Chinese. However, the details were translated to English. A new Reddit post went up that contained the details, which says that “according to the address showed up in the app he does send the post from there”, providing some credibility to the producer. What followed was a lengthy post about the console, which provided all the information the producer had to offer. Among the noteworthy parts was info that the console has more power than Xbox One (A73 PASCAL), has no extra power from dock and that it has 1080p screen with Multitouch. As per usual with rumors, any official word from Nintendo will be the deciding factor on just how valid the rumor is. And that official word won’t arrive until January.


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    1. Well, that is true. The dock has no additional power. The only way for this to work is that it has Thunderbolt connection, but the technology too pricey (Intel royalty fees and the actual hardware needed).

      BUT, what the dock can do is, because it is not restrained by battery life, the chip can go full power, and just not care about power consumption, heat and noise (fan spinning faster and all the time).

  1. Nothing New here. We all know the Switch has a beefy GPU… Which is why the tablet has a vent. It means that despite being a tablet, it needs a good cooling system to keep things running.

      1. What do you mean by “true” gpu?

        Or do you just mean that it is a part of the cpu? In that case I still would call it a gpu, because it is.

  2. I don’t think that the Switch will have a 1080p screen on the handheld. Takes too much power and doesn’t add that much on that small of a screen.

    1. On that small of a screen it would be impossible for the human eye to tell the difference between 720 and 1080p.. So yea, your right, I doubt its 1080p.

      1. Oh its not impossible to tell, i think you definitely can. But with battery technology and pricing the way it is, i think the difference isn’t enough to justify the sacrificed battery life.

          1. It matter for how it looks, but not power consumption. Resolution is how many pixels are in a screen. Its the same no matter what the size of the screen is. But a smaller screen, since it has the same number of pixels, would have a higher pixel density, ppi (pixel per inch) so it would look better. So 720p on a 6-7inch screen would look the same as 1080p on a 30-50inch screen. However 1080p on a 6-7inch screen, would look close to 4k on a 50inch screen. So there is a difference but 720p is (i think) the smarter choice while on the handheld, with 1080p when docked since you have that constant stream of power.

        1. Well, yes and no actually, it depends. Not being able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a small screen through the human eye is not something I made up, it’s a fact. When looking at a small screen, or any screen for that matter, the human eye can detect between 250-350 ppi. (ppi= Pixels Per Inch) Anymore than that is a waste. It can still be detected through microscopes, but not the human eye. A large phone with a resolution of 720p has about 300ppi. Right in the sweet spot that is visible to the human eye. The same large phone with a resolution of 1080p has a about 450ppi. Which honestly is a waste. The human eye could not tell the difference if the phones were side by side..

          However, the Switch has a larger screen than your average large phone, albeit not by much. You have to ask yourself this, would 720p on the Switch give it a ppi between 250-350? If the answer is yes, then 1080p would not be noticeable. If 720p on the Switch gave a ppi of less than 250, then perhaps it could be noticeable…. But just barely. In fact it would be so miniscule that there is no way in hell Nintendo would spend the funds for such an insignificant upgrade. I am certain the Switch is 720p. Phones that have 1080p do nothing but help sell the phone. They do not add to the quality of the picture, at least through the human eye.

          1. I can tell the difference between the (about) 720p screen on my Iphone 6 and the 1080p screen on the 6+ and those aren’t as big as the switch. I think that with a 6-7 inch screen you can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. Tho I definitely think it would be in Nintendo’s best interests to stick with 720p for pricing and battery life.

            1. I doubt your noticing the resolution, but you could be I guess. More than likely your noticing something else like more vibrant colors or 3d touch. Resolution is not the only upgrades they give to the screen, but thats always the first thing people think of when they notice improvement.

              Your Iphone 6 at 720p should have a ppi of about 300-350. Scientifically speaking you should not be able to notice an increase in resolution… However none of this is proven, you could very well see a difference..

              1. That numbers are supposed to be about true for an average adult with normale eyesight who holds his phone at an certain expected distance.

                If you hold the screen closer to your eyes -> you need more ppi.

                If your eyes are better than that which is quite possible, especially for young people -> you need more ppi

                And “more ppi” can easily mean “a lot more ppi”.

                Also, looking at the screen on pictures and the trailer, it is probably too big to get the about 300ppi with 720p.

                Personally, I think 720p would be good enough, but most people would almost definitly see the difference with 1080p.

                1. Yea, your right, for the average adult human who holds their phone one foot from their face. If you hold it closer you might be able to see a little more but who the hell holds their phone 3 inches from their face? Please don’t buy into the pixel race. It will do nothing but cost consumers more money.

          2. That’s some Apple bullshit, as it varies wildly between people, was inaccurate to begin with, and is totally dependent on how far from your eyers you keep the screen. I have 1080p 5.2″ phone, and I notice the jaggies, on text especially. 1080p should be plenty for moving picture on the small screen, and 720p is probably fine, but the pixels will be noticeable.

            1. Nobody is saying you can’t see jaggies on a 1080p phone. I’m saying it’s hard to tell the difference between 720 and 1080 on a phone. It’s quite easy to tell the difference on an ipad.

    2. Actually, the current gen iPad mini, many Android tablets, and also the Surface Pro all has a 1080p screen and at the same time have a good enough battery (6-10 hours, depending on the tablet that I’m talking about). On top of that, we have the technology to make sure that a 1080p touchscreeen won’t take up so much of it in a short space of time. So it’s doable (as long as the battery itself isn’t weak. Like, Wii U GamePad weak).

      … still, I don’t think the Switch will have a 1080p screen either; 720p is probably good enough for a dedicated gaming console screen (especially if you want to lower the cost).

      1. But none of those are as small as the switch or have as powerful a GPU. But yeah they can do it, i just think it might be expensive. I mean ipads are like 1000$ and this thing is only 250$. Gotta cut costs somewhere.

        1. The iPad mini in a similar size (7.9″). There are a couple of Android tablets that fit that size as well.

          For GPU, we don’t know that yet. We just know it’s a custom Tegra chip, so power is still unknown for a while.

          As for price, the cases of the iPad and Surface (and a few Android tablets) made out of aluminium – expensive and I think iPads are overpriced – whereas the Switch’s case looks like it’s made out of plastic.

              1. Can I see the source for the information that it’s a 6″ tablet? Until there’s official proof, I refuse to believe anything unless someone official from Nintendo confirms it.

                Also, I didn’t even agree to have a 1080p screen in a small tablet size. All I was saying is it’s doable but I don’t think Nintendo would want to do it for the sake of cost.

                Finally, there’s a lot of people that have different eyes from you or me and they can see the pixels clearly on a 1080p screen at 6″. So they would argue that the resolution should be even bigger (… we do have 2K+ sized screens on 4″+ phones, for example).

          1. Thats an inch and a half difference. Also even the Wii U is more powerful than modern iphones and ipads. If this thing is anywhere close to Xbone levels (and it has to be to play Skyrim Remastered) than it blows all of those out of the water. If I remember right (and i spent hours upon hours researching this) the iphone 7+ is roughly 1/6 – 1/7 of the Xbones gpu power.

            1. I never said that the GPU of the Switch was more or less powerful than the iPad or Surface GPUs. All I said was that we don’t know and we can’t just say it’s more powerful until we know exactly what it is and I refuse to assume that it is more powerful until we get official word from either Nintendo, Nvidia, or someone like iFixit.

              As for screen difference, again, I didn’t say it was the same size. I only said it was similar. 1 ½” difference doesn’t account for very much when it comes to small tablet-sized screens.

            2. Again, accounting for the screen size, I’m literally looking at a GamePad screen (6.2″) side-by-side with one of my friend’s iPad mini and, in the grand scheme of things, there’s not too much of a difference apart from the fact that one has a 16:9 aspect ratio (GamePad) while the other one has a 16:10 ratio (iPad). I’m not saying that their both the same size, but what I am saying is that, if the GamePad (assuming it had a powerful enough battery) had a 1080p screen, it would work. As a matter of fact, the Oppo R7 Plus (I know it’s a smartphone but I want a recent example and there were no recent tablets at 6″) has a 1080p screen and yet it’s 6″. Showing proof that it is, in fact, doable. GPU-wise, is another story, but again, I’m not saying anything because I’m not going to want to regret saying something that turned out to be wrong just because I don’t have proof of it.

              Source: (

              But again, I don’t think Nintendo’s going to do it anyway due to costs, so, at least on my end, there’s no point in arguing about it.

  3. Here’s some new information.
    According to my multiple reliable sources, the Nintendo Switch marketing campaign is “going to be legit af” (says my hip uncle from Nintendo, Mike Lazowski).

    Their main advertising slogan is “Don’t be a BITCH, buy a SWITCH!”
    They thought their marketing with the Wii was too family friendly, and wanted to target a more hardcore audience.
    They also considered using “Relationship problems? Buy that bitch a Switch”, but they found it wasn’t as powerful of a message and could be offensive.

      1. Especially Nintendo of America. After all, these are the guys that got rid of a boob slider in a T rated game when there are dozens of other Teen games that get away with it and censored a support conversation in Fates because a few idiots thought it was some gay conversion crap.

        1. The fact that you took that second part of the comment seriously and used this as a way to vent tells me how sad your life seems to be (regardless of what you say after this). It’s almost like you need to say something bad just to feel good about yourself or something.

          1. Seriously!? Tell me. Were you born an asshole or do you have to work at it? Did I do something to really piss you off or something that you have to attack me every time I respond to you? Let your little grudge go if you do have one against me. Because I’m not gonna hold one against you. Hence why I try & talk to ya when I think we can actually agree on something. Honestly, at this point, I think even if we do agree on something that we both don’t like that you’ll still attack me for daring to vent. If I’m wasting my time and you are gonna continue being a dick towards me, just tell me already so I can ignore you from this moment forward. Otherwise, you’re just wasting both of our time by not saying it up front.

            1. “Were you born an asshole or do you have to work at it?”

              Insults get you nowhere. Besides, I purposely do this in front of certain people on the Internet; I could care less if you have a problem with it. But if you want a proper answer to that question, I worked for it.

              “Did I do something to really piss you off or something that you have to attack me every time I respond to you?”

              No. It’s just fun to respond to you this way. Just you. I just find it funny that you’re so passionately negative about Nintendo, so picking your brain is enjoyable. You want to call me an asshole while at the same time accusing me of calling you a troll (yes, I’m bringing that up again), go ahead; I couldn’t care less.

              “Let your little grudge go if you do have one against me.”

              Your puny existence is not enough for me to hold a grunge against you. And even if it was enough, it’s not worth it anyway, so remove that thought from yourself.

              “Honestly, at this point, I think even if we do agree on something that we both don’t like that you’ll still attack me for daring to vent.”

              Because you are venting. End of story. Your comment didn’t need to be said because what I said was a joke, yet you took it too seriously. But you needed to tell me about NoA and then you go on to repeat what you’ve said before in the past (stuff that I already know about). Like I said to you before, I’m not going to be a shoulder for you to cry on; I’ll just spit in your face.

              “If I’m wasting my time and you are gonna continue being a dick towards me, just tell me already so I can ignore you from this moment forward.”

              I, personally, don’t think you’re wasting your time. If you think you are though, that’s your problem.

              “Otherwise, you’re just wasting both of our time by not saying it up front.”

              The fact that I willingly go to this site and respond to your comments clearly should show that it’s not a waste of my time.

              This is clearly in your head. Stop stressing yourself out and just accept it. Or not; again, I don’t care.

              1. I’d explain why I’m negative towards Nintendo but you made it pretty clear you don’t care since you don’t like the venting. That & it’d probably just be a repeat of what I’ve already said before on here, anyway. And you outright told me you’re being an asshole to me just for the fun of it. So yes, I am wasting my time. No point talking to someone that has already made it up in his little mind that I’m just a whiny baby with a puny, sad existence and will do nothing but attack, ridicule, & laugh at me. Even now, I’m wasting my time. So consider this my last time responding to you.

    1. Let’s just hope it’s not marginally more powerful than XB1, like Wii u had a marginal advantage over the 360

  4. }{ This is the first time ever that I’ve taken any interest in a rumor, just due to it’s actual possibility of credibility, however I would still highly recommend you stop putting these on here, but I know you won’t, because you still get money off the ads regardless of what the content is… }{

    1. I don’t believe they get money from the ads. I have ads on my page and I don’t get a penny. The ads are just so that the blog is free. Also why shouldn’t they report this? If people are viewing it obviously they like the content, and isn’t that the point? I don’t hear anyone else complaining but you. Its legitimate content. its not like its some click-bate bullcrap. Its also very on topic.

        1. I’ve been hear for over a year. And people complain all the time i know. But i meant about these types of rumors. Its mostly a very small amount of viewers (less than 10% probably) that complain about it, and the rest of us don’t.

  5. All I’m saying is if the dock doesn’t boost power to improve gaming quality then why even have a dock? Why not just use a cord to connect the switch to power outlet and video out? If it’s like a wireless headphone dock then man I don’t think it’s gonna be very strong and people are already looking at gaming at 1440p and up (4k). Nintendo likes to be behind in power but they shouldn’t be getting so comfortable falling so far behind. January 12th can’t come fast enough 😣

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  7. Didn’t the ‘report’ says it’s more powerful than the X1 (as in, the Tegra X1 chip that Nvidia make), not the XB1 or Xbox One… I think the ‘article’ is Miss quoting the report.

  8. Stronger than Xbox One? If it’s a typo or misquote, it needs to be fixed. If this thing is actually serious, sure it’s stronger. And Elvis is actually an all powerful alien that faked his death & went back to Jupiter!

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