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Rumour: GameStop To Restock NES Classic Edition Today and Tomorrow

A verified Twitter user @videogamedeals has rumoured that retailer GameStop is set to restock the NES Classic Edition today and tomorrow:

The second Tweet then stated “rumour confirmed” with a picture of two of the consoles:

The NES Classic has been in high demand since release day, and has seen prices for the console on eBay skyrocketing as people try to get their hands on one.

If you’re still looking to purchase, it would be a good time to check out your local GameStop to see if they have them in stock.



14 thoughts on “Rumour: GameStop To Restock NES Classic Edition Today and Tomorrow”

  1. Can anyone tell me what they paid Gamestop for their Classic NES on 11/30/16 and what they paid for their Nintendo brand controllers on 11/30/16 or later.

    We got up early on 11/11/16 t o get a system and luckily we got one for $59.99, but they were out of controllers so we ordered online. They screwed me with that order. I purchased a Nintendo Brand controller, with a picture of a controller that said Nintendo on it, which was promised to ship by 12/12/16, it arrived on 12/31/16 and it was a YOK brand controller. Anyone else have this problem?

    I’m challenging them, first through their customer service number that hung up on me then through the BBB as this is a clear cut case of false advertisement and deceptive business practices.

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