My Nintendo Website Gets A Revamp

If you regularly check the My Nintendo rewards website then you will have noticed that it has been revamped and refreshed today. Things have been tidied up a little in preparation for the launch of Super Mario Run on iOS which will presumably get a lot of people onto the site. You can check out the newly revamped My Nintendo site, right here.



    1. They are probably just doing the new look in readiness for MARIO RUN and redeemable content for it.
      I have Zero hopes of us getting decent rewards.

    2. Actually, they added Flipnote Studio 3D as a reward, which was unobtainable for 4 years until now.

    1. Wish I didn’t buy it when it released on the VC, seeing as I have only played for a few hours anyway.

        1. I just haven’t played enough to really enjoy it, so it sucks that I could have gotten it cheaper now.

          Same thing happened with FE: Fates. Bought the other two as soon as I finished the first one, but barely played them. They were on sale last week…

    2. too bad i bought the trilogy when ninty added it to the eshop at a 50% discount for a week (i think it was a week), i actually was not planning on buying it but that 50% discount spoke to me, it knew i was going to pirate the game and convinced me to pay $10 (plus tax) and i did and boy i would have regretted it if i did not buy it. also i have the originals, prime 2 i paid $20 at gamestop, prime 1 i paid $7 at blockbuster and prime 3 i paid full price at walmart (they were bought between 2004-2007)

  1. This subtle revamp has somehow increased my interest in My Nintendo. I even considered getting one of those discounts. There was a discount offer for a game that I want (HarmoKnight), so I might as well get it for a cheaper price…

    Club Nintendo may have had better prizes than My Nintendo, but My Nintendo is nicer to you when it comes to coins. Club Nintendo didn’t give you any points for accessing the eShop or Miiverse. Remember that!

    1. I wouldn’t say nicer to you when it comes to coins since they expire after a short amount of time. Least with Club Nintendo they lasted for 2 whole years. Or was it 3..?

  2. ||We are preparing several new rewards for the Switch Program…||

  3. I’d love to get those orchestra videos but… I only got 30 platinum coins because the rest I did have expired. And I only got 40 gold coins left as the others expired of those, too. So My Nintendo is still total shit.

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