Nintendo Accounts Now Support Both User IDs And Child Accounts

NeoGAF member Pokemaniac has discovered that there are new settings on the Nintendo Account page after poking around the My Nintendo site. The user reports that there are now sections for User ID which would appear to be a login name and also child accounts. Interestingly, the User ID seems to be able to be changed freely. You can also make up to five child accounts for each Nintendo Account you have. They are described below.

What is an account for a child?

An account for a child is a Nintendo Account that allows users under 13 (and up to 17) years of age to use the Nintendo Account services.



  1. Does this mean you can now properly manage your Nintendo Network ID online instead of forcing yourself to use your system every time? Does this also mean that your NNID is no longer tied to the console’s serial number, starting with the Switch?

    I might be reading too deeply into this, but I hope this is the case. Otherwise,…

    … what the fuck, Nintendo?

    1. ||The solid fact is that High Command accepted a version of my proposal I made more than one year ago about having seperate accounts for warriors and another for Nintendolings…||

      ||I will surely be promoted again in the future because of my undeniable efforts…||

        1. There hasn’t been any word on how that game (FF) is selling. We can guest how is selling. They don’t want to admit is selling bad right?

  2. As someone with an eight year old who was unable to earn my nintendo rewards Im happy to say he’s now able to earn rewards and log on himself freely w/o me using “my” coins to give him my rewards .

  3. “under 13 (and up to 17) years of age”

    So pretty much any child, 17 and under. I don’t get the distinction with 13 and below.

    Good change as I’ll need this soon.

  4. So Nintendo of America is saying that 17 & under are all a bunch of children & there is no distinction between mentality & what each age is more than capable of handling? I hope I’m reading into this wrong. Otherwise, get ready as T for Teen rated games are still going to get a lot of censoring so they can be friendly for a 5 year old to play. :/

  5. So they’re starting to treat children differently from their older, loyal, adult customers? Giving them side accounts to a main ID?

    This is either the start of something very good, or of something very, very bad. Let’s hope it’s the former.

    1. I wish they’d give a distinction between kids under 13 & those 13-17. To put them all in the same bowl is bullshit, too. After all, some of Nintendo’s games are T for Teen games like Zelda & Fire Emblem. We don’t need another censor filled Fire Emblem game like Awakening & Fates made family friendly so little 5 year olds can play it.

      1. Agreed. The last thing I want for the new Zelda is a whole chunk of the game taken out of the NA release because it was deemed inappropriate (a la FE Fates and the waifu petting as well as Soleil’s altered convo- it’s not the same when he just blindfolds her).

        1. Leave it to fucking NoA’s Treehouse to fucking censor shit that shouldn’t have been an issue for a game directed at people 13 & up. Maybe they are hung up on the 13 & 14 ages. If that’s the case, do the same as Australia & move the age to 15+!

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