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Video: Here’s The Unboxing For The Brand New Zelda Amiibo

The brand new Legend of Zelda series amiibo come out tomorrow and of course YouTuber NintenDaan has gotten his hands on them already. Daan has produced an unboxing video for all four Legend of Zelda amiibo that are due to be sent out to the public tomorrow and you can check out the glorious figures in the video, below.


    1. It also works with Hyrule Warriors, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Super Mario Maker and Twilight Princess HD. They will be also compatible with Breath of the Wild, if anything the Zelda amiibos have been the most useful so far.

      1. }{ Yes… but for all of those their main uses is just tap for DLC… It was more interesting to have the Smash style implementation where it is like training your own character rather than just being physical DLC… also… their treatment of the Roy amiibo was just painful… }{

        1. Really what other uses could amiibos have? It was a good idea, but glorified dlc is all your ever going to get out of an amiibo. They are basically collectors items at this point.

            1. ||What purpose are is irrelevant, most use them as collectibles anyway…||

  1. Amiibo is BETTER than other dls buy dls for ps or xbox and its over in hour’s.can’t use them in other games. Collectively – physical – it time usefulness, amiibo is best Nintendo idea.

  2. I got Link, the Hero of Time, coming to me soon from Amazon. I should have it either tomorrow or Saturday. I can put him right next to the Wolf Link & Midna amiibo since that Link is most likely Ocarina Link’s son, grandson, or great grandson. 50% chance it’s his grandson, 25% chance it’s his son, & 25% chance it’s his great grandson. Not that we’d probably ever find out anyway.

    1. Got him sooner than expected as he arrived this morning. I thought it wouldn’t get here til the afternoon. I love the 2 day free shipping I get with Amazon Prime! :D

  3. Honestly there really should be some sort of dedicated game for all amiibo in general. After all that is the whole appeal to Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Lego Dimensions. Poor marketing, the abysmal launch shortages, and the lack of a single dedicated purpose is the reason why people are sick/ getting sick of buying/ seeing these things.

  4. I found a pixel Link amiibo at Walmart earlier tonight (December 1st). And just because it wasn’t December 2nd yet, they couldn’t sell it to me. Stupid! Same thing almost happened with the Daisy and Waluigi amiibo. I found those ones 4 days before the expected release date. The checker/cashier almost didn’t allow me to buy them that day. But the manager (or whatever she was) allowed me to. So I had the Daisy and Waluigi amiibo 4 days sooner than most Americans (not counting those who imported). Too bad the same thing didn’t happen with pixel Link. Oh well, I’ll eventually have them all. I always do.

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