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Video: Image & Form Talk Briefly About The Nintendo Switch

Indie developer Image & Form have uploaded a video talking about Nintendo’s upcoming Switch platform. However, they have had to be extremely careful about breaking any NDA’s. So what you get is an entertaining video with a few hints regarding what to expect from the platform once it is released in March. One of the things they hint at is that Nintendo has a trick up its sleeve with the console though obviously they can’t elaborate on this. They have also hinted that the Nintendo Switch has a multi-touch screen which hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo but has been heavily rumoured.


    1. Nope. I mean it’s kinda hopeless to think that anyone of these public developers/people will ever say anything relevant.
      It’s a good thing I watched in 2x speed.

  1. I like the answer to the first question especially coming straight from people who will or already in the process of making games on the Switch. Graphics should be respectable compared to rival consoles. With that said graphics are not the most important aspect of a console for me so…….

    1. “respectable compared” Yes. 1080p @ 60 FPS on PS4 vs 720p @ 30 FPS on Switch. People dont buy Xbox One games because only 900p vs 1080p.
      I see only casual, kiddy and first party games till now on switch.

      1. And who says the Switch will be 720p@30fps? The closest thing to a “confirmation” we have is a rumor that says the screen itself will display 720p when undocked, and no mention of the frame rate has been made!

        The console is more than likely to display 1080p@60fps on the big screen, since the Switch would be powered by the dock and wouldn’t need to cut down on battery usage, with 720p@60fps being the norm when undocked to save on battery. And yes, I say 60fps undocked because this is Nintendo we’re talking about, not Ubisoft! Nintendo always tries to make their games run at 60fps at all times, it wouldn’t make sense to allow their machine to lock frame rate at 30 in any circumstance!

        And no, 720p on the go is not a bad resolution. There’s this thing called “Pixel density”, which, long story short, means you can’t tell the difference between a lower and a higher resolution if the screen is too small! It doesn’t mean the console can’t produce graphics equal or superior to XBox One if it runs 720p on the go!

    1. Wow! This video takes me way back! Never understood why they didn’t do something like this down the line or even on the Wii.

      1. Did you know that the gamecube also had the technology built in to be 3D ready and they were working on a deal with Panasonic (or some tv company) to sell 3D compatible tvs with the cube. The decided against it because they were afraid the consumer couldn’t afford such a bundle. Luigi’s Mansion was intended to be in 3D from the beginning, so the 3DS version is a more accurate representation of how the game is supposed to be. Maybe the Switch will finally realize this goal they’ve been striving for since the GCN days.

        1. It’ll make things muuuch more interesting if it does. What I worry about though is that it’ll replace the 3DS, which is something I thought they weren’t trying to do with Switch.

          Still, Splatoon, Metroid (a real Metroid), and F-Zero in 3D… the thought makes me salivate.

          1. It probably just depends on how successful it is. If the Switch is as successful as the DS was then the 3DS will probably go the way of the Gameboy unfortunately.

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