Nintendo Reveals Details On How Twilight Princess Was Originally Meant To Be A Wind Waker Sequel

The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts artbook, which is due for release February 2017 in the West, contains an interview with artist Satoru Takizawa that gives an insight into why Twilight Princess was originally meant to be a Wind Waker sequel.

Takizawa explains the various reasons that lead to the decision to create Twilight Princess, including things such as a demand for a more “Ocarina-like game”, and the influence of high-budget live-action fantasy films . You can check out the translated excerpt from the Japanese version of the artbook below:

“Realistic Link came back four years after Wind Waker in Twilight Princess, which was released on GameCube and Wii. The pendulum returned again to the realistic direction, but what kind of circumstances resulted in it?

Takizawa: To tell you the truth, we had begun the initial steps towards creating Wind Waker 2 around that time. However, demand for a more Ocarina-like game was growing by the day. We did our very best with Wind Waker, and put everything we had into it…

Takizawa: However, Wind Waker 2 would have taken place in a more land-based setting, rather than on the sea, so that we could have Link could gallop across the land on a horse. But Link’s proportions in Wind Waker weren’t very well suited for riding on horseback, he was too short, and an adult version of Toon Link did not seem appropriate either. So, while we were stuck on those problems, we became aware of the greater demand for a more realistic, taller Link. High-budget live-action fantasy movies were also huge at the time, so with all things considered, we decided to have at it. I was on board with the project as art director, and started off by bringing [Yusuke] Nakano on to do the design for Link.

So the project began with Mr. Nakano’s Link as the basis?

Takizawa: He had joined after the graphics testing process, when we were trying to figure out the game’s “product-level visual identity”. I think that was the first time we had ever brought him on during that part of development.”




  1. Glad they did so. While I love Wind Waker art style, two games after each other with the same style wouldn’t have made much sense. TP also set the new basis of what Link looks like ex. in Smash

      1. Those games came out at a time when art direction was more or less an impossibility. The similarities are great between many games on even the Nintendo 64, for example Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, simply because the hardware didn’t allow for much else than textured polygons.

        1. I have Four Swords Anniversary Edition on my 3DS through old DSiWare downloads I have. It’s really fun but there’s not many copies out there, so not alot of people to play with

    1. I’m leaning towards Breath of the Wild being this “wind waker 2’s” spiritual successor. The art style, the shared characters, etc. It’s a timely interview as well, don’t you think?

      1. Believe it or not, BotW is supposed to be the original Legend of Zelda’s spiritual successor, in terms of open world.

        1. I see that as well. Honestly, I feel like BotW is a spiritual successor to the whole Zelda franchise, haha. It’s going to be amazing.

          1. BotW will be like Fallout 4 when it releases; intensively increasing the fanbase and simultaneously being a good game. (Although I think we can all agree that Fallout 4 has many flaws, so maybe they’re not that similar.)

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  3. This is depressing. Wind Waker is one of my favorite Zelda games. I’ve always wanted to see a major console sequel to Wind Waker. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks were both ruined by those atrocious touch-screen controls. I’m still hoping for a major console sequel to Wind Waker. Breath Of The Wild looks amazing, but it’s still not Wind Waker.

    1. I’m hurt by your opinion on the DS titles. Don’t you think it would be easier to control link in all directions with the touch screen rather than 4 with the D-Pad? You remember the Super Mario 64 DS fiasco, don’t you?

  4. I have played wind walker but havent had the chance to play TP but honestly as much as i loved wind walker im glad they made TP. it gave us the current art style version of link witch is perfect

    1. The aesthetics for each game are different baring direct sequels. Have you seen Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild? Neither of those art styles resemble Twilight Princess…

      1. I know im just saying that nintnedo basically uses the TP art style for any zelda branding. If you see a costume of link chances are its the TP link

  5. Currently playing Wind Waker with my little daughter and it’s kinda sad that it’s the only Zelda game I can play with her. Twilight Princess would be far too dark. Maybe I can play some sections of Breath of the Wild with her, but Wind Waker had so much character without the need to be critty and dark. Twilight Princess was nothing but an OK fanservice without as much originality. And in terms of a dark tone, Majora’s Mask did a way better job than TP in my opinion.

    1. How old is she?
      My first zelda was Ocarina of time, when I was 8 or 7, I’m 25 now, and I loved it and still love it. Maybe showing her the OT from 3ds would be nice :)

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