Modders Are Already Starting To Add New Features To Super Mario Maker 3DS

One of the main criticisms about the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker is the lack of features it has, including many the Wii U version has. Well, modders have already attempted to address that. A new tool has been released that enables players to export and import your 3DS Super Mario Maker levels to and from your SD card. You are also able to convert them to Wii U compatible versions. There’s even progress being made on an online database where you will be able to upload your courses.



    1. Fans always done what Nintendidn’t:

      -Mother 3 English Translation
      -Mother 4
      -Psycho Waluigi
      -Pokemon Uranium
      -Super Mario Star Road
      -Super Mario 64: The Last Impact
      -Project M/Roy and Mewtwo in SSBB
      -So many Fire Emblem game translations
      -Pokemon Type:Wild
      -At least one episode of The Link to the Past
      -Super Mario Bros. Z reboot
      -For the Frog the Bell Tolls English Translation (the game with Sablé Prince)
      -A custom Wi-Fi connection on the DS/Wii after Nintendo shut theirs down.
      -Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii
      -CTGP Revolution

      1. Also the wii emulator known as Dolphin that can add in HD texture packs made by the community for many games!

      2. Not many of those are all that high quality.

        Also, how is Pokemon Uranium something Nintendidn’t? The edgy plot?

        For that matter, how is Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii what Nintendidn’t do? Just because they didn’t make two NSMB games on Wii, that doesn’t make that one something that they didn’t do.

        Pokemon Type Wild? We have Pokken Tournament now, and it’s higher quality than that well animated travesty of a fighting game. You only need to learn 2 combos and you win as Swalot.

        Project M? Really? It was literally to make Brawl into Melee 2. Nintendo made Melee, you can’t consider that what Nintendidn’t just because of Roy and Mewtwo. They don’t feel like Brawl characters in Project M because it isn’t Brawl. It’s just Melee+.

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        1. Whoever you are, Anonymous.

          I hope your mother kills herself for raising such a horrendous child with horrible grammar.

  2. I’m just hoping there will be an option in a future update to send levels to/from the Wii U version if Nintendo is so persistent on not having the online feature.

  3. I wonder if Ninty has updated the 3DS, 2DS, & n3DS to block these mods yet? Can’t have modders making Nintendo look like shit, after all.

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