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EB Games: USB C Charging Cable Shows Up For Nintendo Switch

Accessories for the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform have already started to appear on EB Games. The first accessory showcased is a USB C charging cable which as those of you with new phones or MacBooks will know are super fast at charging devices. Nintendo has yet to confirm if the platform will use USB C, but according to the listing and the various rumours we’ve heard from respectable outlets it seems as good as confirmed.




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  2. I really hope that the Switch uses USB – C because it really does charge up super fast and if the battery life is about 4 hours, it’d make sense for Nintendo to use Type C to help people just plug in their charger and quickly recharge their system.

  3. This is ~very~ good news.
    If they paid this much attention to making sure their USB port was future-ready, this increases my morale in the switch hardware not being obsolete from the start for once!
    Well played Nintendo!

  4. Can’t USB-C do a helluva lot more than charge a system quickly? Like, can’t it transfer data, like, stupid fast, too? I mean, isn’t that significant for people who might want to connect additional storage to this thing? Yeah, I know. It’s an on the go console, but still. Not everyone plays all of their games all of the time.

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