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Eurogamer: Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Plans Include Upgrade Program

Eurogamer has lifted the lid on the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console service which will include the following GameCube games: Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros Melee with Animal Crossing currently being tested. The Virtual Console will also include an upgrade program for those that already own Virtual Console titles which will be available for a unspecified discount. The Switch’s Virtual Console is being engineered by (Nintendo European Research and Development) also known as NERD. These people were responsible for the excellent work on the NES Mini.



      1. Those I dont mind, hell, if they had a bigger selection on the eshop I would have more, im talking more about games we bought last gen on the wii. Having to rebuy all those Nes, Snes, and N64 twice now.

        1. Nintendo isn’t saying to sell your Wii U / Wii and buy the Switch with all virtual console games again. It’s up to you buy or not.

          1. Fair point, but with limited space in my media center, keeping my old systems isnt an option. I dont sell them either, i just box them up.

            1. I hope that the fourth time its free since this time is paying. I don’t own the virtual games of 64 still but I am thinking of how others will feel. I hope this upgrade ID let others download free in a future Nintendo console, otherwise this will be insanity! 0_0

  1. I can’t believe they are gonna charge for games we already bought!! Again!! Incredible! Paid like 8 bucks for OOT on Wii, paid another 2 bucks for the Wii U version.. this is too much.

    1. I just don’t understand that kind of reasoning.
      You paid for OOT on the Wii and on the Wii U…
      And you can still play those games on your Wii and Wii U. If you sold those consoles then that is your own mistake.

    2. And $40 for the 3DS version!
      And $60 for the original. I’m sure I’ll end up getting soaked for $150-200 for one game when it’s said and done. D:

    3. The PS4/SONY is charging for “Deluxe” editions of PS3 games. Also, the PS2 games have “two different” versions; one for PS3 & the other for PS4. Look into this. Nintendo’s upgrade from Wii to Wii U has not been that bad.

          1. Please approach your leader and describe the principles of Steam and why it is quite simple really.

            1. ||Unlike the Steambots and their deluded allied, we do not throw away our weaponry to others like they are nothing…||

      1. Not new games that are put on the VC.I meant games that you already own on VC on 3DS or Wii U.Since you already own them on those system(in which case you bought them through the Virtual Console), Nintendo should allow you to download them for free on the Switch.Its an extra incentive for you to upgrade, not to mention that it cuts out the shitty practice of having to buy all the VC games all over again.

  2. It takes time and money to bring over the same VC games you had to the switch. Plus you’re getting an upgrade with the ability to play those VC games you had anywhere outside your home, it’ll be worth the upgrade fee.

      1. “The Switch’s Virtual Console is being engineered by (Nintendo European Research and Development) also known as NERD. These people were responsible for the excellent work on the NES Mini.”
        Yeah alright.

      2. You have to test it to make sure there are no issues with playing or input. You have to find available people that is not on a project to do it. It is not just upload and here it is.

  3. Hallelujah!

    Much love for the GameCube, I just hope they don’t ask more than 10 bucks for the games. GC was an excellent era of gaming, there’s so many game’s i would buy again just to have the ab to play them full through again.

    Cubivore, battalion war’s, Killer 7, Super Mario Sunshine, and Rogue Squadron to name a few.

    1. They probably will. Theyre already asking $10 for n64 games and $20 for Wii games. My guess woyld be that GCN games are going to be prices at $15. Its just a guess though.

            1. Yes and no. When I did buy the Fatal Frame series it was 99 cents when I didnt have ps plus. I bought ps plus this year to try it out, different not sure if I truly like it

    2. I just hook up my gamecube and play them games. I don’t have no game that I would say I wish I could buy it again for any of my systems. I understand options are great and it is great for a lot of people.

  4. Alright I see they’re probably working their way through best selling games first. Which means something like Chibi Robo will never be released on Virtual Console…

    1. That’s sucks hard! I hadn’t accounted for that which means games like path of radiance probably will never appear…sad news indeed :'(

  5. Finally. I remember asking for GameCube virtual console games on every Wii U related Club Nintendo survey back in the day lol. Glad to hear it might finally be happening, even if it is a different console 😂

  6. What do you think the chances of Sonic Adventure 2 being ported to the Switched based on sales?

    Fingers crossed it happens because THAT game I loved to pieces especially the chao options and having to collect the power ups for em to change appearance and get stronger…… why am I feeling sad all of a sudden?

    (wipes tears away and continues)

    Oh and last thing…. am I the only person that wants to have our Mii’s more interactive in the home menus and or games with the option to kit em out like in Miitomo (transfer from Miitomo too)… think Nintendo, £1 here and there for aesthetic changes is a money making machine hint hint!

  7. They have a lot of guts announcing that after that fake NES Classic launch designed to generate free advertisement at the expense of their biggest fans. Huge stores getting single-digit stocks once or twice since the so-called launch date! I’m still waiting for the real launch, so now is not a good time to tell me I’ll have to pay yet again to have my games move over to your next gen console. (Not that that time will ever come.)

    Once the game is in my account, it should stay there. It was annonying enough paying to move Wii VC games to the short-lived Wii U, please don’t do that again Nintendo.

  8. I don’t really feel like paying for Virtual Console titles a third time. If it’s a deeper discount if you’ve already purchased it twice, I may bite one last time. I need assurance that these games are being bought for an account, not a single system, though.

  9. Seems like Sony and Microsoft have fonally infiltrated and are destroying Nintendo from the outside in. First Club Nintendo turns to digtal rewards we already own and now we have to buy the same games all over again to put them on the Switch. Im happy with my 3DS and WiiU and will probably wait a couple years to see if the Switch continues to get 3rd party support or if Nintendo stops production and releases another console halfway through the cycle.

  10. This is great news. I just hope we get a decent variety of 3rd party gamecube, or some of the obscure ones like someone else said.

    Wasn’t Eternal Darkness technically 1st party???

    That would make me happy enough to consider purchasing a Switch. Maybe the eternal darkness bundled edition!!!

    *sighs* It was a fun daydream.

  11. Finally Smash Bros Melee can be avaliable for virtual console! Hopefully this may mean that we will get other Game Cube games like Final Fantasy Cristal Chronicles and Sonic Adventue DX Director’s Cut.

  12. Hopefully they keep the additions recent VC releases have been getting. Restore points are helpful, and remapping controls is a must for some older games. I’ll never understand why Nintendo thinks playing NES games with a SNES layout’s B and A buttons is comfortable.

  13. I’m pretty sure the reason you have to pay to upgrade your old VC games is so that Nintendo can cover the costs of porting the games to the Switch. This is especially true here as it seems that they hired new people (NERD) to do the porting this time around. If they had let us have the games we bought for free Nintendo would likely make a loss on their VC games as a large portion of people getting the games would likely have bought them already on Wii/WiiU/3DS.

  14. Just remember that Nintendo is trying to bring in NEW potential customers…
    They aren’t gonna throw free games when they can buy them for the first time. Remember that not all of us are gamers…
    But, a BIG BUT!!!… If you have a My Nintendo Account (like myself), we should be at least entitled to have those games we already bought for free.
    It can work out for all of us, but remember this is a bussiness… nothing in life is free…. except when DQ gives free ice cream… then yes it is free :v

  15. Sounds good. & I hope Dreamcast games show up, too (not just the GCN ports). & maybe a Nintendo service will finally get a PSX classic, the 1st IGAvania, SotN. Long overdue considering GBA & DS successfully carried the other 6 ‘metroidvanias’; but alas, Konami…

    But I can still play Luigi’s Mansion, Animal Crossing, & Melee on both my GCN & Wii. I’m always tempted to check out my town after all these years. But I’m still burned out on Smash, Melee being my last game in that franchise. Still have Dark Moon in my back catalog. I never cared for Mario Sunshine.

    I really want Cubivore & Odama, plus several 3rd-party games that I missed like Dr. Muto, I-Ninja, & Vexx (but who has the rights after Acclaim went bankrupt?). & if Capcom vs. SNK 2 makes the service, Switch will provide normal D-pad, unlike the tiny, ill-placed GCN D-pad. & now that THQ Nordic acquired the rights to Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy (also still have), hopefully Switch will offer a familiar but knew Egyptian Zelda game. I’v wanted to alternate between Zelda (both 2D & 3D), Okami, & Sphinx for so long, playing 3 different console-Adventure games w/ out getting too burned out.

    I also hope the Burnout (still have) sequels make it to the service, that they do well, & new, Arcade Racer entries are made for Switch. & if both Baten Kaitos titles (still have) are re-released & do well, Switch would be also be poised to provide a new entry in that franchise.

    But I’m still going to wait on Switch until it can get more exclusives, or @ least some new console-games I want.

    1. Oh yeah, Midway also went bankrupt, so I guess Dr. Muto will fail to make it there.

      Of course, console-gaming is pretty much a thing of the past, which is ironic considering Virtual Console (& indies) helps keep it alive, yet I doubt I’ll find much of what I want there. Buying a console &/or paying monthly fees to play them is too much, especially if stopping my monthly fee means losing those games, or if a company ends their service.

  16. I’m hoping for a release of Skies of Arcadia Legends on the virtual console or maybe an HD version. That game is still a gem. I’ve been watching play though again on youtube. :)

    1. If they release a Skies of Arcadia I would literally become a hermit (again) for a month straight…. like a well trained sniper!!

      Then, I would pray to the big N for an Evolution 2 release.

  17. Please be false. If this is true, cross-buy is most likely not going to be a fucking thing. Enjoy paying around 40-60 bucks again for the Switch ports of games you bought on Wii U digitally, guys.

    Looks like Sony might have one up on Nintendo yet again when it comes to an actual account system. Shame. Was really hoping Nintendo would quit being cheap & greedy with Switch by letting us get our VC we already own on Wii U for free on Switch. *looks at the defending of this upgrade program* What a bunch of suckers.

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