GameStop Giving $50 Extra Trade Credit For Wii U

US retailer GameStop has announced that it will be giving customers an extra $50 in trade-in credit for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. The special offer is valid from today until December 9th and will see your gift card topped up by an extra $50. This means that if you’re planning to sell your Wii U console you could get $175. You can read more about the new trade-in offer, right here.



    1. Someone who has gone from Console to PC. Also the Wii U has flaws here and there. Everyone just buys one to play exclusives.

  1. you know what guys? I came to the conclusion that wii U of mine will worth a lot of money in 10 years time and it would be really stupid to get rid of it. If it was not for my car I would have bought the 10 wii U games I don’t currently own this Christmas. 18 wii U games and a wii U in 10 years would be £1000 worth.

    Saying that I don’t intend to sell my wii U anyway, but the point is that gamestop are clever.

    1. They made nearly 15 million Wii U’s, I doubt they will ever be extremely valuable. However I do think they will maintain their current value for the foreseeable future. Either way I wouldn’t advise selling it.

    1. Yea, no kidding. Plus the Switch will not be backwards compatible so why would anyone want to sell their Wii U? I think the Wii U is the the next Dreamcast. Failed console but a true gem to the people that own one.

    2. I really should take a chance & send in my broken Wii U. Worst case scenario, I lose all of my save data but still get to keep my digital purchases. Then again, if Ninty is doing that fucking upgrade discount bullshit again, I might as well just keep my Wii U til it fully breaks down & Nintendo isn’t doing repairs of it anymore.

  2. I’ll throw in a middle finger to the manager. Just for them.

    Seriously though, what a fucking rip off. Typical of GameStop.

  3. I just can’t believe that people get rid of their game consoles. That’s SO stupid! I don’t think that any sort of hardcore gamer (or collector) would ever get rid of an actual console. If I got rid of one, I’d feel like I lost a vital organ. I’m too darn attached to my games and consoles.

    1. Sadly, if that upgrade rumor is true, we’ll have to pay a discount again to get our shit on Switch. Might as well keep the Wii U if that’s the case. :/

  4. If that upgrade thing on Wii U is gonna be a thing on Switch, I might as well keep my Wii U so I don’t have to pay a fucking discount for my VC. I hate to keep that failure of a system any longer if Switch is on the horizon but I might not have much of a choice in the matter. So much for cross buy being a thing… Ugh!

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